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Glow Dec 2020
When happiness is denied, anger is supplied
When justice is forsaken, the lawful will awaken
When truth is despised, the shunned will rise
When life is shorn, a revolution is born
When liberty dies
War cries
Glow Oct 2020
We are more than dust
And yet, we bury our heads in the sand all the same
Glow Aug 2020
Lavender and lilac skies
Will never be as sweet
As the sparkle in your eyes
Or the roses in your cheeks
Glow Jun 2020
The cherry blossom
Floats with ease
Carried softly
By the breeze
Gracefully lands
Upon the ground
And fades away
Without a sound
Glow Apr 2020
Paper stars on a painted sky
Plastic moon on twine
Glassy eyes watch a waxen sunset
Pretending all is fine
Glow Nov 2019
Even in the most turbulent moments
You are there
A solid foundation
Ever present
Ever strong
And I am
Ever grateful
Glow Oct 2019
Underneath all this paper
Wrapped up in all this string
We're all just damaged goods
Hiding underneath a pretty bow
So handle with care
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