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Oakley Barnes Oct 2019
imma buff bby i can dance like a man
Oakley Barnes Sep 2019
From one place to another
Another one behind
For them to keep you

You are worth far more than what they tell you
They don't see the diamonds in your eyes
All they see is the smile you use
To hide your hurt
Let me take your tired hands
Hold them in mine
And tell you it's ok

It is so hard to believe
Believe me
My words are true
This will pass
The hurt will end
The crying will stop

Your words are sweet honey
It is too sweet for their bitterness
They dislike your courage
To keep going
To keep thriving

You, little plant
Will keep GROWING
Your vines will reach tall
Your leaves will soak up the sun
And you will
For my dear friend, you've already read this but I hope you like it ☺
Oakley Barnes Sep 2019
things have changed
it ***** seeing you this way
i could write a million poems
about why im sorry for what i did
but they would never be enough

i could graze my fingertips
upon the small of your back
but you'd never turn around
to see who touched you
so delicately

i could go to the city square
scream your name
like a prophesy
but you'd never come to my side

this is about a boy who, no matter what happens, ALWAYS expects me to be there for him. And of course, whenever i need him, he's gone..
Oakley Barnes May 2019
The faded yellow light pours in from the window
      I'm still trying to sleep
                     I go to close the blinds
           But something catches my attention
                                                  On the computer
                              An email from you
              I leap away from the window and rush to my computer
                      One simple email
                                          "Good morning baby"
                          That's all it takes
To make my heart spiral
                    Out of my chest and into the sky
                                          Oh how I wish you were closer!
then he got too close...
Oakley Barnes Apr 2019
We were only kids
You held my hand
We slept under the night sky
Listening to star shopping
Everything was so perfect
We were happy
So happy
Happy happy happy
What changed?
We go to different schools
but why aren't you answering your phone?
Pick up!
Please, i need you
umm i havent been active sorry
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