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Tears of sadness
I watched you fall
no hope no dreams
no moonlight gleams
you lost it all
but the pain

You hear no one call
no whisper of your name
in the shadows mist
of your hearts dying flame
that's left with a broken kiss

Fears of loneliness
inside the darkness
the light you once saw
you no longer see
beyond the sorrow of misery

Caged inside the agony
that you can't break free
of years of emptiness
that you wandered alone
forgetting all you've ever known
but the memories still remain
Spiritwind ©2016
If I had just one thing left to do
before I would have to die
baby it would be only to love you
and if there was only one thing left to try
you know I never would of let you just walk by
if there was only one thing left to see
it would only have to be your beauty
and if I only had one thing to hear
it would be you whispering in my ear
if I had just only one fantasy
it would be you in my dreams forever
that I'm holding on so tenderly
it would be our dreams together
and if I only had one thing to give
it would be every breath you gave me to live
Spiritwind ©2016
We may sometimes fall
but still give it our all
when we don't see a end
we may not see things clearly
when it never comes so easily
still we ride the storm on
like a Warrior standing tall
until those troubles are gone
we may not always see
what is waiting up ahead for us
or just how rough that road could be
still we ride the storm on
like a Warrior in the wind
with prayer and trust
Spiritwind ©2016
I know that place
where you like to hide
I know your secrets well
I see behind those eyes
though you won't never tell

Your smile it only lies
something's missing you can't replace
there's a hole deep inside
where only ghost appear

I know all you fear
a shadows illusion with no face
I know I've seen you here
in the dark of your own mind
where you tried to leave it behind

I heard your cries
while you stood on the other side
falling far away from Grace
I know that pain you feel
caught up in what seems only real
Spiritwind ©2016
I look deep inside of me
but it's not who I see
behind those eyes
I see through his soul
somebody in another disguise
cold as another memory dies
I feel I am just another
just taking for the other
I'm going down
trying to stay above the low
I keep holding on
to keep from losing control
slipping trying not to let go
just another already gone
while I watch the wheels go around
Spiritwind ©2016
Go to sleep my Angel blue
may Heaven watch over you
and when you wake
my love will be there for you to take
hush now and close your eyes
and for you I will sing a lullaby
into a lovers dream of paradise
let the night quietly fade
into what we have and made
and let a lovers dream touch the sky
down on you and I
Spiritwind ©2016
I'll keep moving on
yeah I'll keep breaking dawn
with each day that passes already done
I'll just keep looking on
and forget the past already gone
there's nothing more to look back upon
so I'll just keep moving on
yeah I'll keep breaking dawn
and start another day new
I'll just keep pushing through
until I'll find that place for me
where my Spirits wild and free
on that road where I'll reach my destiny
so I'll just keep moving on
yeah and I'll be breaking dawn
even when that river is wide and long
I'll follow where my dreams are my reality
that in my heart sings that song
and I'll just keep shining on
where the soul shines bright
yeah and I'll just keep breaking dawn
until I reach that burning light
that keeps on shining for me
Spiritwind ©2016
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