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6d · 39
kaycog 6d
a building primarily constructed
for ornamental beauty
how foolish
suggesting purpose but lacking
structurally sound
a majestic feat
built on rubble
and looked upon
with longing
time wasted
on folly
Sep 2 · 29
Salt stained canvas
kaycog Sep 2
My face becomes a watercolor
the patterns swirl
with your every word
kaycog Aug 28
Because it was there and so was I
perhaps an open book
Growing up I never had dreams
I didn’t realize they could be small
That dreams could be a room full of books I’ve read cover to cover
It was always how life
could change course
upon meeting another
Not the decisions
The little ways I diversify life
With new pleasantries
I write down the dreams
Watch them add up
To a full and meaningful life
Aug 22 · 23
kaycog Aug 22
they didn't have a name for me
the moment it seemed
I started to belong
was the same instance
I began to reminisce
and like a jab
nothing has changed
my state remains
everything that once was
suddenly starts to matter
maybe its time to unravel
move slowly and you'll flow right on through
kaycog Aug 10
It’s not about prioritizing
It’s giving more
Going over
Maximizing every minute
It’s all important
Aug 10 · 26
A dead end
kaycog Aug 10
I turned right
And she was left
But we grew up
Down the same cul de sac
kaycog Aug 9
A catalyst for change.
Spared by
romanticized what if's
and shadow selves
who pass bets on
I am a cause
by the razor thin wire
I walk.
Aug 5 · 355
My hands need answers
kaycog Aug 5
Here lie secrets
Barely out of reach
All the things
Out there with no
Words to speak
Show me
A child’s game
love only knows
What I’ll never tell
And ever will
A world
Full of mysteries
Line thrills
And take me
by my words
Never realize the things
I can’t escape; I live
No chance but to walk
On forward into
forever stays
closed at night
But when the sun comes back
I’ll rise to my death
Because believe me
Secrets never keep
Aug 4 · 71
kaycog Aug 4
Turbulent cumulus find a free form
Mostly my mood, clarity mist
And match your atmosphere
To the internal ecosystem within
The most magical thing
A natural world has to offer
Aug 2 · 48
kaycog Aug 2
Crystal eyes
When water swells
from tear duct wells
Spring in cyan blue
Grey remnants of the last
Few black mournings
lost in ash, tarnished
kaycog Jul 29
Your forever
ends today
and starts tomorrow
Some kind of love
Jul 29 · 616
Heat storms
kaycog Jul 29
For once in my life
not knowing
has become more comforting
than worrying
Jul 13 · 79
Me [10w]
kaycog Jul 13
They all found love
Just wait until I find myself
kaycog Jul 13
I don't know how it got so late but
it doesn't even matter
now, sleepless
golden hour lasts
longer than an afternoon
I'm just me
a solitary state
I must have drifted off
across the starry overpass
far from where I belong
My body ages faster than I do
I'll close my eyes
sleep tomorrow
Jul 13 · 135
Not enough steps
kaycog Jul 13
I used to measure my day in minutes
but much like the months
they pass--obsolete
and now I only use feet
Jul 4 · 315
kaycog Jul 4
I am here and now
Forever wishing you’d stop
Chasing tomorrow
Jun 30 · 38
Muffled company
kaycog Jun 30
Covet the whispers
they seep through the walls
who she talks to
Bear secrets
not for me
Only shadow selves
and glimmers
of shining stars
stuck on dimmers
Covet the whispers
Jun 25 · 33
kaycog Jun 25
You wouldn't say yes
because things were
"Only temporary"
But that’s a sad excuse
for staying in something
so permanent
Jun 24 · 82
kaycog Jun 24
tell me how we go
say it is self destruction
I'll take you with me
Jun 21 · 90
kaycog Jun 21
I wish he would hold me
and not just my body
I want stability
Not to be felt
But understood entirely
Jun 21 · 41
kaycog Jun 21
I hold my breath
counting off
as laden eyelids fall prey
behind enemy lines
my psyche hides
complacent to
lend an ear
alert to the whisper
of biting truth
so subtle I barely feel it prickle
but it is there
Jun 20 · 28
kaycog Jun 20
chimes jingle in the breeze
melancholic motion
going through
wind pipes
the bottles sing
eerie sea glass filters
build up wafts
a warmer thrum
of restless air
Jun 13 · 42
echo chamber effect
kaycog Jun 13
I’d poison my own heart
If only to see you smile
while watching it happen
Jun 12 · 46
copy that
kaycog Jun 12
I once kept a cage for my words
they were living things
now I spit them out
like lofty paper airplanes
thoughts amok
flung aimlessly into drywall
inanimate anticipation
sputter and flicker
Jun 11 · 65
kaycog Jun 11
he said it was yellow
let me paint my walls
view life
through golden bands
I'll be yellow.
Jun 11 · 320
kaycog Jun 11
not enough
nothing, everything
maybe too much matters
I get lost somewhere in between
trapped inside
a suspended state of tension
know me, slowly
softly sway
float through
a warm glow
frozen solid
soul to core
Jun 10 · 71
Origami Boundaries
kaycog Jun 10
Take crayons to the corners of my world
Tell me what I am
Expand my edges
See what I become
I have never felt so small
Let me move you
I’ll show you where to put the lines
Jun 8 · 41
kaycog Jun 8
memories leave an impression lasting
longer than the ones who made them
I carry years worth of dead-weight
a state of mind
prepackaged into something
far from beautiful
talented at shape-shifting objects
I can drop nouns
boxes, things, people
perhaps my being
Jun 1 · 43
On escaping
kaycog Jun 1
She tells me we wouldn't have known any better
if we had stayed
our hearts would have known nothing greater
imaginations longed for nothing more
and aspirations happily contained within
the boundaries of our existence
ocean and the mountains
two hours in either direction
we could have never left
yet now my bones ache with a secret sense
and I feel at home in my older skin
only after tasting the freedom of the unknown
May 29 · 198
It’s a stretch
kaycog May 29
My limbs form Jacob’s ladder
The first rungs
seam to fold and bend
I wish they could fix me with silk ribbons
Life is stacked
They can’t all be wrong
I would fall
Another notch
Wring and worn out
May 27 · 66
thunder clouds
kaycog May 27
your authority--
power to command the storm!
is my only aim
May 22 · 62
kaycog May 22
its you, its you
its always you
why can't it ever be something else?
someone else
but you
and for never
Is it love? Is it loss? Believe me, I don't know.
May 20 · 54
I am here
kaycog May 20
hello ebb
mystic waves with
a rhythmic crash
off sandy shore
spring forth
bubble and oxygen orbs
foam and burst
gurgle up
toward the crest
little silver sliver
spoon in mouth
maybe this will tip the scale
a numbness captivation
from sensory deprivation
hum bliss
barely on board
I am here
May 12 · 80
in the now
kaycog May 12
a single moment
and suddenly I am here
perhaps all at once
May 11 · 34
hazardous box #4
kaycog May 11
its a heaviness
like muscles tight after
sixty minutes of cardio
inside my lungs
removed from the heart
but empty
in an cavernous space
large enough
to echo through the void
the accelerating thud
that holds me in its claws
clenching then releasing
me into nothing
I am pieces
my soul
longs for an occupant
and beams
like a neon
sign that flickers
Mar 31 · 89
cabin fever
kaycog Mar 31
the sun erupted from the skyline
spat sunbeams into the valley

and scorched trees with amber, auburn, alloy orange
a grounded autumn rainbow

quiet fog exhaled over a placid lake
and bordered the wall of an angry tree line

crinkled leaves floated downward leaving branches
bare as dead limbs outstretched in praise

mountain spine laid in jagged ribbons
once ****** from Earth’s chiseled core

cut into the horizon’s curvature
larger than life, and twice as wide
Mar 13 · 46
In Tandem
kaycog Mar 13
As a rock in circulation, longing for self-revelation
In equilibrium with a world
Of green hues and ethereal blues
A smattering of milky way white
Clouding my perspective
Your presence,
a late yellow sun with a warm hello
I only see darkness
Certainly, light radiates from somewhere
The moon, surface deep with dents and craters, I
a lackluster comparison to thermodynamic creation
The energy you spawn, I merely respond
Our existence in tandem
The age of the earth
Yet I revolve
and you evolve
Changing, shifting
day to night, new beginnings
A hazy sunrise and fresh dew mornings
Birthed as night gives way
Perhaps, a therapeutic realization
But stars still exist
As a hundred billion crises  
Screaming from their unnamed existence
longing to be as original as the moon
Saturn after all, has 62
Mar 5 · 48
in essence
kaycog Mar 5
Smear the lines of temporary beginnings
I’m unsure where to start
My journey goes on and on and on
but yet
I’m unsure where I start
Feb 29 · 86
Mid afternoon
kaycog Feb 29
My room contains two windows
but light only pours in through one
Feb 29 · 64
kaycog Feb 29
look down on everything intangible
"its a good thing you're pretty"

ones who love me don't know me
still unloved by those who do
kaycog Feb 20
if I could inject this feeling into my veins
rather than half-hearted attempts made in vain

waiting for its grip to take hold
on the other end of the phone

instead the buzzing silence
he asks me to hold

hold on, waiting
he hung up

I'm hung up
Jan 18 · 40
kaycog Jan 18
the way he said "we"
made me think that I
could be something more
kaycog Dec 2019
the boy sat in the grass
stars of old talked down to him
whispering into the night
"your existence is necessary"
palms pressing into the earth
he looked back up into the void and pleaded
"but is my purpose futile?"
a polite protest
the stars twinkled in response
Dec 2019 · 113
kaycog Dec 2019
You waste time soul searching for answers
But mine just craves meaning
Dec 2019 · 69
pleasant hearth
kaycog Dec 2019
the fire knows his place
warmly embraced by a cage nine circles deep
though yellow heat is tamed by a switch, fire's coals will keep
burning before a glass covered face
kaycog Dec 2019
criticize for wandering in circles
yet sprint into dead ends
Dec 2019 · 61
Days, weeks, unknown
kaycog Dec 2019
the distance grew
caused me to stop writing to you
and start writing about you
God forbid a day I ever write for you
Dec 2019 · 69
kaycog Dec 2019
it was strange the way he looked at me
close enough you'd think he were in love
but I don't know much about that
he couldn't fool me
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