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Karan Gambhir Apr 2018
Where your clothes doesn't define your character
Where you are safe to roam around at night
Where a girl child is looked upon as a child
Where you are not judged based upon your ****** orientation
Where a **** does not become a political propaganda
Where you are not divided by religious biases
Where your skin color does not matter
That kind of world is an ideal world
Where there is respect for every individual
Karan Gambhir Feb 2018
Smile to crush the Fear
Fear that always surrounds you

Smile to let go of the pain
Pain that sometimes hurt you

Smile to make people believe in you
People that undermines you

Smile for what you achieved
And Achievements that are yet to come

For  your smile can spread happiness
And happiness showers smiles
Karan Gambhir Jan 2018
I fall
I learn
I stand up back
I fall again but to learn something new
Falling makes me learn
Falling makes me profound
Falling give me the important takeaways
Karan Gambhir Jan 2018
People come People go
Time flies away
But memories never leave you
They are here to stay

Memories of joy
Memories of sorrow
Memories of love
Memories of hate
They remind you who you were
They remind you what you became

Love may fade
Friendship may fade
But memories never fade away
People may go away
But memories are here to stay
Karan Gambhir Oct 2017
In this world full of chaos
I try to find solace
I try to find peace

In a place
Where there are foxes everywhere but no sheeps
I try to find a soul who is same as me

In this world of  fake smiles and cunning minds
I try to find someone divine
Someone with a sacred soul and a beautiful mind

— The End —