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kainat rasheed Feb 2018
i was becoming a blind ...I did not want to see anything
I was becoming a dumb  ... I did not want to speak anything,
i was becoming a deaf .... i did not want to hear anything

some were having eyes... who were looking carefully
some were having ears.... who were listening deeply
some were having tongues ... who were speaking very loudly

There were many people on the road but
i was the only traveler
There was noise in me too
a voice of " hide me please "
I could even see if I could see it
It was just my eyes...Who stopped me
I put the hands on the ears
I ran so fast
kainat rasheed Nov 2017
Their hands were not mixed when they left
Why did they go, even not told  that?
It looks like they are just coming to return
They even not shattered the lamp
Maybe they should be meet but  bet is to search
they did not erased their foot steps
Every time they left me in  anxiety
When will they return? they never told
they  did not left me of any mean
And they did not even get  me mixed in the dust
when they left
kainat rasheed Nov 2017
Do you know
You do not even remember it at all
The first moment ..... where tomorrow the creater
Mold my clay
Strange was the rough soil ... no reflection was bright
No fearture was clear
But what happened then?
Then creater ...carve for your heart ...
Then he gave beats to your heart clay
Those beats were witness  to... start of the journey  
Journey? ... what kind of journey was that ......?

Clay of thirst ,Wearing the mask of prayers , climbing from this street to that
Holding the palms of  wind  burning  the clouds

My Creator your image is incomplete .... my part of meditation
is necessary.
I know ... you heard all this story there
Love carve you . ....before me
I  heared that artist gave you the mirror and then asked you .... that any difference there ?
There is a difference ... ??
Your lips moved ....... you  Just said "Ahad"
He smiled. Shuffle the ***** soil
And on the other side of your heart he grown it like a seed  

That was the moment of my creation.
Then you tell me  this story
Without whom my character is alone in this story
are   you complete   without me.
Or ... like me .......... "incomplete".......
kainat rasheed Nov 2017
7 o clock
passing through river indus
look out there
from the windows of bus
golden sun moving on the water
against the cool breeze run
every thing is going out my way
beautiful morning
silent and bare
the breeze is so busy it don't miss a tree
the indus highway is in its own sweet will

every eye was happy
the bell rang
first once , then twice then thrice
what happened
there is bomb in the university
what type of joke it is ?
its true !
what ?
first my heart freezes
i was trying to hold my soul
there was  a explosion in my heart
i asked myself
who you are?
really muslim ?
with strong faith ?
i was convincing myself yes you are a muslim
i have a deed of creed
my heart was tossed up
in the middle it burned me

are you alright ?
yes i am
that sun and wind become the point of fear
my voice was turning back to me in echos
in the huge traffic
blue buses
were grave for us

tell me who the hell is doing this
who is he to die me today
i curse to him in the worst places of hell

hey friend why are you going inside
stop please
for the sake of GOD lets go back home
because i came to read !
yes but
but many will cry ?
but then they will be silent !
come on
reject the call of terror
he is heart less man ?
what can he do with our lives !!
come on
tell him
we don't fear from him
he is the soul less hell

and we go
where the death stands

but thing i had seen today
everyone also passed through terror

see me i am alive
GOD saved me

lets go on the top of highway today
i had also captured the picture of death  today
it was a irritating ring
which was
repeatedly asking me "who are you "
                                        " what do you do "

today the winds are blowing better then ever
come to read
kainat rasheed Nov 2017
She is  a girl
She is lily of the valley
She is delicacy of the fields
Come close to her
She is moving gradually in the wind
There is slight noise around her  ........

Hey  !!! move slowly
Reduce your speed she will be scared
. she will be fade .

Come closer to her
Listen she is reducing her voice
Hidding something  
She is scary of us
The wind is  blowing faster
She is fighting
And she is trying so harder

Listen ...
She is not leting us to know her
The noise arises
Again wind blows
There she bents
Come closer
She will be scared
The air blows again
Its hard to bear
She stopes

Its so fragile
Her fragrance is going so far
There every secret opens
All has been revealed
Her fumes goes in everyone breaths
She died there
She was a girl
kainat rasheed Nov 2017
HE SAID: "Who's knocking at my door?"
Said I: "Your humble servant!"
Said He: "What business have you got?"
Said I: "I came to greet You!"
Said He: "How long are you to push?"
Said I: "Until You'll call me!"
Said He: "How long are you to boil?"
Said I: "Till resurrection!"
I claimed I was a lover true
and I took may oaths
That for the sake of love I lost
my kingdom and my wealth!
He said: "You make a claim - the judge
needs witness for your cause!"
Said I: "My witness is my tears,
my proof my yellow face!"
Said He: "The witness is corrupt,
your eye is wet and ill!"
Said I: "No, by Your eminence:
My eye is sinless clear!"
He said: "And what do you intend?"
Said I: "Just faithful friendships!"
Said He: "What do you want from me?"
Said I: "Your grace abundant!"
Said He: "Who travelled here with you?"
Said I: "Your dream and phantom!"
Said He: "And what led you to me?"
Said I: "Your goblet's fragrance!"
Said He: "What is most pleasant, say?"
Said I: "The ruler's presence!"
Said He: "What did you see there, friend?"
Said I: "A hundred wonders!"
Said He: "Why is it empty now?"
Said I: "From fear of brigands!"
Said He: "The brigand, who is that?"
Said I: "IT is the blaming!"
Said He: "And where is safety then?"
Said: "In renunciation."
Said He: "Renunciation? That's ... ?"
Said I: "The path to safety!"
Said He: "And where is danger, then?"
Said I: "In Your love's quarters!"
Said He: "And how do you fare there?"
Said I: "Steadfast and happy."
I tested you and tested you,
but it availed to nothing -
Who tests the one who was once tried,
he will repent forever!
Be silent! If I'd utter here
the secrets fine he told me,
You would go out all of yourself,
no door nor roof could hold you!
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