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Marie 3d
she was born a half formed thing
holes in her soul
not enough effort left over
to raise her better
in her gasping wet breaths
she tried to be smaller
but only swallowed more
becoming lovers with her failure
missing the eyes and ears to know
she reached for an absent future
only learning later
she was made in the perfect shape
of their shame
Marie May 10
her words make her feel like an imposter
the past makes her feel like a spectator
when he asks her how the family is doing
she wonders if she looks pretty enough
if it will ever be able to cover it all up
he doesn't bother to ask any further
and she gets her answer
Marie Apr 24
you think it's cruel
how quickly I forgot
about you
and when I remember
to think of it
I think so too
if no one stays
it's a lifetime of
Object Impermanence
baked in by nature
but nurtured by others
including you
Marie Nov 2023
the shape of it shifts as we hold on to it, like water
it  f
                          throu­gh our f i n g e r s
while we blink it's shine from our eyes.
Marie Oct 2023
I've been made like poison;
Carefully measured,
Sweet and sour flavored.
Marie Oct 2023
You           (stutter
                   like there's something more to say)

I                (move
                   like there's somewhere else to go)
Marie Oct 2023
when did all this time
become about passing mine
turns out
5 years and 3 months
isn't all that much
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