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Katy Jun 2018
Good bye! Awful love, goodbye!
You vile ******, annoying fly
I’ve had it with your awful lies
Be gone, forever, our love is dry

Your vile thoughts ***** my brain
The happy hum that replaced your name
Lowly, you sit in despair, for shame!
You awful love, your name is in vain

Goodbye! You awful love indeed;
So lucky was I to be your need
So silly to think I’d follow your lead
Goodbye awful love, don’t remember me.
Katy Jun 2018


i'm drunk and your art was never interesting
Katy Jun 2018
_happy dumb i let you hurt me
so lucky am i, to be so deserving
so lucky am i, to have you ****** me
thank you, thank you for being so
mean to me

happy dumb i’ll be yours for eternity
thank you, my love, for being so mean
to me _
a note on not knowing why you ever loved him

— The End —