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JunoGreek Jun 13
how can something
be empty
yet heavy
at the same time?
JunoGreek Jun 6
save me from the cruelest
save me from the dark
help me ease the tension
from the trials and confusion
help me, please, I ask you
save me from my mind.
JunoGreek May 31
Oh how my heart aches
Longing for something
Something I didn't have
So deeply craving
For wishes to come true
When will it be
I hope it won't take long
But I guess for now
I will be dreaming
Imagining the possibilities
Of me and you.
Well its my pop up poem thread on twitter. Written on 25th of Nov, 2018.
JunoGreek May 30
I couldn't put to words what I felt.
Frustrated, dysfunctional, staring at distance mostly.
Maybe I am tired from the cycle, the routine.
I didn't know how it came to this.
Some days it tries to hide under bright smiles and tremendous laughing.
Some nights it even lays with me to sleep.
JunoGreek May 5
The abyss of blackness, never ending and hollow
The unkown
The deafening silence
Only God knows whats in the dark.
The eyes lurking in the shadows
The slow heavy breaths
The stillness of time
Only God knows whats in the dark.
The endless possibilities
The unimaginable
The dimness of thoughts
Only God knows whats in the dark.
When the light is consumed
Slowly being ingested
Becoming somber,
Only God knows whats in the dark.

— The End —