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  Aug 2014 Jonathan
Ann M Johnson
The toughest scars to heal are concealed on the inside
Jonathan Aug 2014
Words aren’t heard
They are digested.
Food for thought
And currently I’m starving
Jonathan Aug 2014
Love, is... terrifying.

It’s like a neurological virus spread by smiles and laughter

It can make you feel light as a cloud

Then send you falling back to earth, knocking all of the precious air you would use to apologize.

For all the mistakes you finally realize you made.

For all the reasons they would never have stayed.

There is no cure.

It is just you and me. And a place beyond the trees.

Somewhere we can go to be just us.

Leave the world behind, let them make a fuss.

Spend our days never phasing, and all our nights stargazing.


We may be small, but the love we have to give is infinite.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but your smile is worth a thousand worlds.

So let it come to no surprise that it lights up mine.

Eliminating, the hidden sadness behind “I’m Fine”

When our time comes to an end, it won’t be land I hit.

I will fall into the ocean, while a wave drags me under.

The shadow of our time will sink like a ball and chain

And no matter

Of buts

Of what if’s

Of could have’s

Will make it float back to the surface.

Sometimes letting go, is the only way to arise, and see the beauty of the horizon.
Spoken Word
Jonathan Aug 2014
My veins are a maze of roads
Are rushing through.
My heroine,
That keeps the blood flowing
That keeps the heart beating
That keeps the mind dreaming

You are my drug
I'll pull you close. I need my fix.
  Aug 2014 Jonathan
Devon Lane
We are not children,
Yet we're still not fully grown.
****, how our finger tips can wonder.
They've traced freckles
we never knew existed–
explored galaxies within
the palms of our hands.
I understand,
that sometimes you won't;
I'm still making
mistakes of my own.
I've learned there is no I in Team,
but there  is a U in Us.
I don't want to be a part of an Us
without you.
The adventure we
accept as love is infinite,
much like the universe.
Jonathan Jun 2014
Darkness is the absence of light
Hate is the absence of love.

                                      *problem solved
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