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Jan 2011
There are things in this life,
that I live for every day.
Things in this life in which,
I lose myself in every way.

Your eyes, your hands,
the way you hold me just so.
They way you kiss my lips,
as I'm wishing you would never go.

The way the clouds in the sky,
looking so fluffy one afternoon.
Then suddenly, they take a turn,
and there's no sight of even the moon.

The way the music flows,
softly in my ears.
As I sit and listen with you,
and it drowns out my fears.

You, you're beautiful to me,
and if only you could see.
How strong you really are,
how amazing you can be.

You give me butterflies,
and it's truely amazing now.
How the world can be collapsing beneath,
but you're with me anyhow.

We're so afraid of change, and yet,
it's so prominent in our lives.
Things fall apart, things fall together,
things left like destructed coal mines.

Life can fall apart,
and our world can be in ruins.
But this is the road to transformation,
let us let it begin.
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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