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Jan 2011
There's a girl I know,
and from the outside looking in.
She's got it all,
a job, a family and friends.

Her eyes pop,
her body with curves.
Some days she feels,
like she's on top of the world.

But did you know she falls,
and when she's alone, she cries.
In such a great life,
there isn't happiness to find.

She has all she wanted,
but still feels she's missing.
Something very important,
and no one is listening.

She loses herself,
in music each day.
As she floats to a world,
oh so far away.

But she can't figure out,
just what it is that's gone.
And she doesn't quite know,
just what is wrong.

But as the music grasps her,
and the lyrics unfold.
She thinks of a place,
as she hides from the cold.

A place so far,
very far away.
You go and be gone,
just any random day.

And she wants to go,
to leave this place.
To meet new people,
learn a new face.

Maybe that's what she needs,
is to just get a way.
For a week or two,
more than just a day.

Because something is missing,
you can see it in her face.
She needs to find something,
to get out of this place...
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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