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Joan Pacinabo Apr 2014
Oh, Lady I do understand.
With all that I am,
To love someone like me is wrong.
Even if our heart's singing a song,
A song called love and affection.
It's condemned in your religion,
And you are very religious person.

Just go away from me,
I will set you free,
And I hope and pray,
That you'll find him and be happy.

If only reincarnation is true,
I wish my soul will enter to a man's flesh.
The day I die, I will find you.
I will bring the love for you still fresh.

It won't go stale...
Because my love for you is like a legend story,
It is not a Tale.
Forever... it's you and me, Lady.
A Lesbian Poetry
Joan Pacinabo Apr 2014
I've got love as high as the stars,
And strong as the Sun.
I've got love as deep as the Trench,
And pure as the air in the highlands.

As the time goes by so fast,
It got wasted and turn into dust.
My love is like a water that went dry in the well,
A dramatic change of weather.

Now that summer is near,
Love in my heart grows.
From a seed that goes along with the wind,
I don't love you anymore as a friend.

If you only open up your eyes that been blinded,
On loving someone who didn't love you the way you do.
Open your heart's door and let me enter,
Let me stay inside as long as you wanted me to.

Just give me a chance,
This time it will be perfect.
I will return your love much more than your feeling...
I will keep the love sparks and flickering,
Not just today but all the coming morning.
Joan Pacinabo Apr 2014
She gave her all to him,
Her heart, body, soul and dream.
How many times she caught him lied,
But when he reasoned, all the doubts died.

Her heart's melted when he said "I love you"
All the fights and misunderstandings were gone.
But he keep on doing this whenever he wants to,
When he's angry, he said the words that hurts you to the bone.
You know this is not right,
But you got blinded by your love's light.

If only I can dictate your heart,
I want it to push him out.
So you can make a brand new start,
If only you'll be OK by belting a shout.

You don't deserved all these heartaches and pain.
Why he's treating you this way, I'm aching.
He didn't realized how lucky he was to got you,
If I were him, I will show your real value.

As a friend to you, can you please hear me?
Leave some love for yourself,
It's just not meant to be.
Don't give up hope, cos it's not too late.
Joan Pacinabo Apr 2014
Dedicated to: Corrine B.

I fully understand what you feel,
We're the same, kinda martyr.
Our love story is like a film on a reel,
Our heartache's can't be filter.

I heard your voice over the phone,
You cried while you told me your problem.
My heart's aching absorbing your voice tone,
I think of my own situation and I'm overwhelmed.

I visualize your face wet in blood,
For many nights you cried so hard.
Someday...I will pray to God.
We found ourselves inlove.

I will catch your heart, next time.
When he break it again, you're mine.
I will let you reign inside,
I want to offer you love that will never subside.
Joan Pacinabo Apr 2014
C- Can you hear my heart calling your name?
O- Only you, that I've been thinking of...
R- Remembering the words that you said,
R- Rewinding our exchange of conversation while lying on my bed.
I- I'm still worried but you promised me...
N- Now I wish and pray,
E- Every little thing as days gone by...will be OK.
Dedicated to Corrine B. - I like her and she's so special to me.

— The End —