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Apr 9 · 204
I Confess To the Moon
jerelii Apr 9
I confess to the moon
The object that got me fly
On repeat to the sky
I called out my name
If she's still excite,
Of the things she embrace the most
I confess to the moon
Where the stars locate
My heart that beats
The beads to my soul
I confess to the moon
If ever your far away from me
Let me hold your hands
When it's cold
Because of winter and spring
Apr 8 · 281
Another Day
jerelii Apr 8
Another day to make my dreams come true
Sending all the love that may nurture me
And the people I loved
I'm thankful for all the experiences
that I've been through
The lessons in life that taught me
to voice out and to stand up.
With courage in my heart
With practice of moving forward
With attentive eyes
I found my way
To understand each of them.
the natural resources
of mother earth's biggest
influences to me
That is what, it keeps me grounded.
April 8,2021
Mar 16 · 107
jerelii Mar 16
Innovative and directed line
Surmount the hidden image
Of humanity
Mark in the center of society
Carve in a decent manner of time
To which it tose for graded memories
To the moment of being alive
Retrace the forgivable soul
Immense in flesh of the roots
To mind that causes stressful thoughts,
That linger in vain
Life that hold on to life
Surpasses the idea of faith
Desired the true meaning
Of immeasurable words.
Enlightened and highlighted
The healing process
That you need to recover
and divert with water
To touch the sense of the nature.
March 16,2021
Mar 10 · 305
jerelii Mar 10
Staying alive
By bringing goodness
In each other.
Breathe and take
Breathe and live
Breathe and feel
March 10,2021
Feb 19 · 1.5k
jerelii Feb 19
We survive
In the war
Of our mind.
Nov 2020 · 162
Passion 5w
jerelii Nov 2020
Painted with love and art.
5 words
You are the one
Who creates passion
Through love and art

November 10,2020
jerelii Nov 2020
Ignite the light
Ablaze the fire of delight
To which stars could beam from the sky
As the night could walk
In the darkness
It glows
From fireflies that search for wavering sea
It might catch a feeling of despair
Deprived, detach from the noise that you hear from the outside world.
November 9,2020
jerelii Nov 2020
Open your heart
And break the chain
But never discard
The whole place
That you have been.
But open your eyes
To see the beauty of each scars
Before the sun arise,
To testify the new day
That will bring luck to your way.
Love me just like i love me

Novemeber 8,2020
jerelii Nov 2020
Fight for love
For love does change you
For good or better you.
For it has no further explanation
Why you love in the first place.
You just do it
In the right way as possible.
Love you
Love yourself
Take care of your human soul

Nov 2020 · 143
There's Always A Home
jerelii Nov 2020
A home for peace
A home for a promise land
A home for generosity
A home for the missing soul
A home for divine mystery
A home for love
A home for passionate people
A home for a nature lover
A home for the music
A home for happiness.
Oct 2020 · 170
jerelii Oct 2020
Respect your own being
Retain knowledge and teach it to some
Reform your ways of perception
And reborn your mindset with peace.
October 28,2020
Oct 2020 · 814
You are an artist
jerelii Oct 2020
You paint kindness in your words
That tell stories and emotions.
11 words
October 19,2020
Sep 2020 · 371
jerelii Sep 2020
Feel  the  air
Feel  your  breathe
Feel  the  beat  of  your  heart
Feel  the  sound  around  you
Feel  the  music
and  let  it  carry  you.
for you

sept 27,2020
Jun 2020 · 264
The Art of Love
jerelii Jun 2020
Beauty reflects in the art of love
Be it or not
It nourishes moment of life
It reflects personality and identity
In the way it will come
In the way it will speak
In the way it will move
By the presence of perspective self.
Show yourself up
and take care of it, all of it
that it will help you heal and recover
from the trauma ,from all the bad experiences
that it will turn out as growth
not pain but growth.
Can someone give a title for this one?

Apr 2020 · 188
Value Time
jerelii Apr 2020
With deep sense
Apr 2020 · 178
The Voice
jerelii Apr 2020
to the voice that I’m hearing now
please hear me
hear me when i speak,
hear my prayers
when i am feeling down.
hear me when no one else is there
but there’s them.
the clouds,
when i look up above.
the sun
when it all shine or not.
the stars
when it blink in the eye
the moon
when it whispers my name
to cry.
and the rain
when i poured out my love.

time travels in no particular days or weeks
but there’s something
inside of that little voice
that tells me

to be patient in time
and to do the right thing
to move forward
and try
to what you can do
for the passion and dreams

and i believe
that you can make it,
you can.
April 22,2020
Apr 2020 · 337
the joy
jerelii Apr 2020
you bring joy in this earthly hour of time
spreading love and light.
kindness that you pour out of your soul.
making and creating the longing taste of hope and faith.
you are as beautiful as a flower bees.
a sun and a star that combines in day and night
nourishing to flourish the spirit of one's maze body.
eternal of it's youth to color a smile in your eyes.
and paying to shine
and as bright as the rainbow sky.
April 20,2020
Mar 2020 · 216
jerelii Mar 2020
Listen to the sound of your heart. Pouring it when you needed to cry out loud. Listen to your mind when it get heats, that is the passion that circling you in. Listen to your soul, it evaluates your body to embrace the flaws that picked you up when you got lost in translation. And listen before anything else.
March 26,2020
Mar 2020 · 147
jerelii Mar 2020
Stop what you are doing today and pause for a moment of silence. Now, reflect on your thoughts on how you will do good things, reflect with a beautiful sunshine up above and pause for what you are grateful for. Pause for what you can change for better. Reflect on your actions and review on it.
march 18,2020
Jan 2020 · 240
To Find Your Love
jerelii Jan 2020
To find your love,
you must be keep up
of what you love.
Doing the part
of what makes you jump
into life
and knowing
who you truly are.
thoughts about what love means

Jan 2020 · 126
jerelii Jan 2020
Mighty chords of piano
compose myself
with delightful days
of cherry blossom youth.
as if;
thy favor is into you
as if i shalt save my soft voice.
In the green creature forest
that i bestowed upon,
Imagine me in this
sort of fairy tales.
oh, dearest sunny morning dew,
bless me with joy in the rain
that i shall feel inside my body.
Rasp and crispy living things,
partly show me the entire
that lives in a symphony one,
as if im the galaxy
in your eyes
and your the stars
in my sight
tell me oh tell me,
to surrender me
with you,
in heaven alike.
I was inspired to write
this one because of a series
called Anne with an E

Jan 2020 · 83
jerelii Jan 2020
see the gaze and
the eyes of a
shooting star,
where we borrowed
our times.

collapsed we want it
by the written notes,
anew to the holy ones.

we laugh, we cry
in the inside
moment of truth.
copyright 2020
Jan 2020 · 291
Not Perfect
jerelii Jan 2020
I come across to life
that it doesn’t need to be perfect at all.
It’s mistake and error
that made us beautiful
in every kind of way.
January 11,2020
First poetry in 2020

Dec 2019 · 177
jerelii Dec 2019
Whisper your dreams to me
As long as it is kept
Inside my heart
You'll always have my back,
Whatever it takes.
December 18,2019
jerelii Dec 2019
You have to state your personality first.
You have to lift yourself up so that you can gain confidence.
You have to trust yourself that you can make it.
You have to set a timeline in your daily routine like observing things out, like researching about how to be a better person.
You have to learn to explore and discover your potentials.
Because you have a lot of potentials inside of you.
You only need to take sometime to think or reflect
Nov 2019 · 143
Earthly Hour
jerelii Nov 2019
Wake up by the sea
As I watched the coconut trees
persuade in a magical romantic moon and dust
short poem
Nov 5, 2019
Nov 2019 · 138
Friday Morning
jerelii Nov 2019
Let's celebrate awareness
Of love and hope
Finding what's best for us.
In court of beauty
Let's begin to be cautious
Of our nature.
Nov 3,2019
Nov 2019 · 130
Autumn Love
jerelii Nov 2019
Clover of leaf in life
Bestowed to care to show
One's taste of santan
And the sweet caramel
Of the autumn leaves.
Nov 2,19
Nov 2019 · 211
jerelii Nov 2019
I'm trying to get back all of my emotions
That kept my locket heart.
hear me. Oh hear me
upon the days where i met
Contracting beyond
Those times of my begets of love

Lingering inside of each
Creation, internalize me.
Nov 2,19
Oct 2019 · 210
Look At It
jerelii Oct 2019
There's one thing on your mind
Being overthinking is good in your health.
You can be creative in such way
You can multitask things you want
To achieve.
You can look at things differently
And try to accompany it in your life.
And apply it in your daily basis

Oct 2019 · 218
jerelii Oct 2019
Society that leads to a journey
Of one's great mind and will.
Society that needs to have self-reliance and
Act upon your age and attitude that needs
To change for a better economy and community
In one's place.
You have to be at your best first
And foremost.
Oct 22, 2019
Oct 2019 · 145
jerelii Oct 2019
Ready to play one's life
Of the nature spring and tide.
The life gives hope and seashell
The initiative way of thanksgiving.
Subside in the platonic voice of your
Emblers way of thinking.
Your way of thinking that supports
Your membrane.
Will of your fortune mind.

Oct 22,2019
Oct 2019 · 91
How to Love
jerelii Oct 2019
Gain self-confidence
And you'll begin to
Attract things out.
Give love and space
For love.
Ingredients to love:
- prepare to fall out the line
-ready to play hard
-willing to engage to fall

Oct. 21,2019
Oct 2019 · 187
How to Be Attractive
jerelii Oct 2019
Be the best of you
As much as you are willing to engage and develop
One's self.
You are willing to get many ideas
Or becoming a researcher in your life.
Always willing to listen
Always willing to learn anything.
And always be a fighter of go-to-go target
In your self.
Oct. 21,2019
Oct 2019 · 970
youthful days
jerelii Oct 2019
Oh young sweet child
Oh dear your love is overflowing
Oh youthful days
Oh clear your heart and soul.
Oct 2019 · 82
jerelii Oct 2019
I am powerful
I am an honor and owner of my life.
I am knowledgeable
I am wisdom
I am courageous
I am who I am.
Oct 2019 · 61
Thoughts Sprinkled
jerelii Oct 2019
The total amount of my feed
Get into my nerves
Fighting for the hero,
Of my life
Sep 2019 · 139
The Land
jerelii Sep 2019
the land of promise is my own land of truth. There’s a lot of good people.
le pays de promesse est mon propre pays de vérité.  Il y a beaucoup de bonnes personnes.
Sep 2019 · 48
Thoughts #3
jerelii Sep 2019
The vision of state in humanity
occurs in the right time to come.
nothing seems impossible to say
but neither way we are born to be free
Sep 2019 · 146
jerelii Sep 2019
you made of dust
sparkled through all the time
the future of the 21st century
Sept 25,19
Sep 2019 · 89
jerelii Sep 2019
Human race

Ruled by


Love of Prosperity
Sept 25,19
Sep 2019 · 98
Center of Attraction
jerelii Sep 2019
She is beauty of collaborated smile.
She possessed a lot
She is inevatable.
She has a lot of potentials.
She dreams
She is likeable.
Sept 25,19
Sep 2019 · 289
jerelii Sep 2019
. Become

the best part

of yourself.
Sept 25,19
Sep 2019 · 80
jerelii Sep 2019
Art  the balance  life
Of connectabe search.
Making the most of it
Adjust your lense of your eyes.
Sept 25,19
Sep 2019 · 105
jerelii Sep 2019
La nuit vient après qu'elle se soit réconciliée.  ses péchés qui lui ont donné.  Pendant les moments où elle a quitté ses bras droits.  À la cage elle murmura et murmura pour elle-même, ne doutons pas.  Croire à la meilleure partie
Sep 2019 · 196
jerelii Sep 2019
The night comes after she reconciled. her sins that bestowed her. During the times where she left her right arms. At the cage she murmured and whispered to herself don't doubt. Believe at the best part
Sep 2019 · 71
Business Matter
jerelii Sep 2019
How will you sold out of your
Agriculture. Business that matter
In one hundred days of acute development. Fashion in centuries
Of negotiation.  The christify of the embrace heart.
Insights of wonder.
Sep 2019 · 204
jerelii Sep 2019
An absence of determination
punctuated by semicolon
Drop into the water field.
Sep 2019 · 89
Love Letter To You
jerelii Sep 2019
I wanted to tell you
How I miss the times where we kissed
On the air.
Believing the world of new age
Satisfied me oh my love for you
Is stronger than anyone else
We called love in the same place
We grew our hands holding together
Softly we whisper our names.
Love we call.
September 23, 2019
Sep 2019 · 110
Across The Nature
jerelii Sep 2019
Tell me your fanatic,lunatic
Eyes that spoke in tears.
Achieving the peripheral atmosphere of landscape
Moonshine, breathe in the natural calamity.
Of eagle wings that soar fly
High and huge mountains
Like a forest dinosaur flowers.
Plant that trench the bleeding soil.
September 23, 2019
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