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Aug 2014
Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing
But a bad thing could be a good dream
Let the wind blow and let the heat release
Pressure on the seam needs to be relieved, so let the stitches rip and throw away the pet peeves
Grant a breathe to whats left and let it breathe

Give up a little bit, give a kick to your troubles kid and just walk this earth with intent to live

Some... Someone once told me
Some... Someone once showed me
One... Once upon a time
Someone told me
Not to pay attention to time and just live boldly

Give a lil' bit and get a lot more
Hear the clock click as the ship hits the shore
Now your livin'
Now... What more could you ask for?

Stress may get the best of the best
And the luckiest may become unlucky and be quickly laid to rest

Just continue to stay stationed
In a venue where your complacent
As life falls into a crevice adjacent...
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