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JAM Nov 2013
Ripped... Ripped in half
****... I'm split, split down the middle cause of my past
Up a creek without a paddle, rocks ahead, about to crash
Wild horse, no saddle, how long is this rough ride gonna last?

Quit, quit! Your lying, aint no use trying
The fuse is lit and I can't afford the time Ive been buying
My pillow is wet from sweat not crying
It's a huge dent not a tiny ding, now I know the trouble the future brings

Ok, ok... Maybe I can handle it
Got a short fuse, but I can last like a lantern wick
But all the abuse has got me melting like candle stick

The fire's so hot, the fireplace mantle caught
Two hot wires put together to create a shock
Electricity is what I sought, but a small spark was all I got

So now... Now I eliminate, differentiate
Strategically place
The positives, I made from the double negatives left on my plate
Get what I'm sayin' , are my words starting to resonate?
JAM Nov 2013
Why the hell do you care what I look like, I aint a ******* model
Im not employed by some type of boy toy brothel
Realize, Im quiet, but deafening, I go full throttle
Like a hit to your head with a glass bottle
YOLO?, **** that.. Im livin' like ten lives, thats my "motto"

Nah, ***** that, I have more bravado
So I'm gonna call it a "code", instead of "motto"
Just for sport
I get in raw mode, burn the lead in this pencil til' it's hollow
Go ahead sing your sorrow, but dont nobody really care if you wake up tomorrow

Like a comedian on stage gettin' boo'd
I'm about to start losing my cool, about to start gettin' rude
My mental median is the only thing saving you

Steadily, I'm knockin' out these scenarios alphabetically
Or was it numerically? Probably...
Nope... It's a science, call it chemistry
Putting together these words is my ability
And I know **** well I do it brilliantly

JAM Jun 2013
An Explanation With A Payback Worth A Playback

First off let me apologize for being me
Ya see I never really been all that good at intimacy Subconsciously I try to do things romantically
Just for you, cause you my flower that grew from the concrete
But consequently

I'm still selfish I can't help it
Doin' my best to be selfless but they still calling me helpless

It says "not worth it"
Where the name goes on my birth certificate
How's that for picture perfect

So.. how do I compare to the rest?
I'll do my best
To treat you like a princess

Also visualize you as a queen
And realize at times you'll need to spread your wings

All we do is live and die
So I do my best and try to materialize my
I'll bleed before I cry
I fell from the sky
Cause I cut the puppet strings

With that said
Let's head to my or your bed
Or the kitchen table if that's what you want instead

Now let me see those lips pout
Arch your back and stick your *** out

Whether you been good or naughty
I'm gonna do what I do and wear out your body...

JAM Jul 2013
It seems like magic, the way we used to have it

No responsibilities, unaware of all our capabilities

The world was so much more mysterious

The second hand ticks away and the minutes that follow make up 86400 seconds in the day

Hours pass, days go by
Memories last and until the day we die

We try our best to stay strong, do whatever we have to, to hold on

To the things we love

Lines in our faces get a little bit clearer
Every time we take a good look in the mirror

Is the person you see, who you want to be?
Or are you living for someone else, not just physically, but mentaly?

Dig deep inside, rip out what you don't like
Throw it on the ground, step on it, cut it up with a knife

This is what tears away at your heart, this is whats eats away at your conscious, this is what makes you do all the things you don't really have to ...

The way we used to have it, wasn't really magic

It was pure, now that we are polluted we will spend eternity searching for a cure

At least a mystery will still remain...
Is this all just a big game?**

JAM Jun 2013
I've tried to put it down, but it seems this pen is glued to my hand,
No pulse, no heartbeat, similar to the Tin-Man, but I do my best to look alive when I can
At the end of each day I'm still tryin' to figure out who I am,
All this contemplation leads to a lot of frustration and I become a frustrated man

How much can one loss cost when there's no ocean to drown in or swim across? For now, I'll forget about it and just drown in my thoughts

Joseph, Joe, Jo-ey,
or how about just Mr. lone-ly
Call me what you want, but
you'll never really know-me

I'm on an over populated planet,
yet I still feel alone with no home and I can't stand it
Why am I always so cold, tough, bold , maybe you can help me understand my role

It's like amnesia in my brain, still tryin' to write and read my own name after losing my favorite game
So for now just call me anonymous, cause I kept fallin' after I thought I hit bottom so I guess I'm just bottomless,
None the less I must confess, I cheated death, while gambling with my life as I was penniless

Truth be told, I sold my soul and I'm growing old,
So I remain standing alone in the pouring rain, hoping one day it will wash away all my sin stains

Of course I strayed the course and I'm all sorts of original, this world is elliptical,
I'd rather be a corpse than be typical...

JAM Jun 2013
In the hospital with broken collar bone 2 broken ribs and staples in my head, was gonna take a break from writing, but I couldn't help it, I knew I shouldn't have logged in! Any ways here's a short one for my present mind state.

I'm wearing these broken bones like an outfit as I soak up the rain

Can I outlast the pain without narcotics flooding my veins?

All it would take is letting the chemicals swim to my brains

To get me thinking I've found some sort of hidden treasure in this temporary and false pleasure

It has taken quite some time to cleanse my mind of the dirt and grime

Left over from bathing in the tarpits

So I think I'll just suffer and continue to use my words to hit my targets

JAM May 2013
Let me ask you this... Are you aware

Hell exists, and it's actually cold there

My entire life I been shovelin' ****
and peekin' out the window
But if all I did was lean and sit
It would be impossible to win, so...

I'm always thinkin' of somethin' clever to say
Often my bones feel like they will crumble like chalk, but I will never decay

She told me her daughters meant the most to her
As she continues to use they just become ghosts to her

So much ambition
Sad she can't make a decision
Live or die?
Can you make a river cry?
Hell no, lets be honest between you and I

I got your back
But I gotta keep my strength to myself, I can't make up for what you lack

So as I sit here with the weight of the world on my back
I can't help but think of you and how your world turned from bright to black... - J.A.M
JAM May 2014
You see these lines on my face right?

It's probably cause I only sleep three to four hours a night

Wish I had the gift to see, wish I had the gift of sight

Instead I've been given this gift to write

So each day my day starts at midnight

Wish I had the sense to leave when it's time for flight

Instead I've been givin' the choice to fight, I've been givin' the choice of life
JAM Jul 2013
Hearts get cold
Hearts get hot
Some hearts get sold whether they want to be or not

Hearts can make
Hearts can break
Some hearts will just bleed out creating a blood lake

Hearts beat
Hearts weep
Some hearts are another's we want to keep

Hearts can't speak
Hearts will never say
Some hearts can be molded in many ways
I hold a heart in my hand and it's made of clay...

JAM Aug 2014
Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing
But a bad thing could be a good dream
Let the wind blow and let the heat release
Pressure on the seam needs to be relieved, so let the stitches rip and throw away the pet peeves
Grant a breathe to whats left and let it breathe

Give up a little bit, give a kick to your troubles kid and just walk this earth with intent to live

Some... Someone once told me
Some... Someone once showed me
One... Once upon a time
Someone told me
Not to pay attention to time and just live boldly

Give a lil' bit and get a lot more
Hear the clock click as the ship hits the shore
Now your livin'
Now... What more could you ask for?

Stress may get the best of the best
And the luckiest may become unlucky and be quickly laid to rest

Just continue to stay stationed
In a venue where your complacent
As life falls into a crevice adjacent...
JAM May 2014
Soon as you think you just might have things locked down
Is when all of those things break free... this is a good thing

Do you really want a pre decided life based on something
your mind once entertained as "the goal"?

Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions will always change...

There is no finish line, there is no goal.

Whatever you believe in and however you feel about certain things at this moment, will change, and that's a promise.

All you can do is exist... You can, love, hate, laugh, struggle, fight, and even try to fly without wings. In the end your still a human being
JAM Aug 2013
I felt complete yet, I started with an incomplete set

Long before we met...

I had a dream I sketched your silohette

I do my best to lay these thoughts to rest, but it's all insignificance

My hearts on a quest, put your ear up close and hear it beat out my chest

Like an editor puts an article into play

I'm gonna hunt you down, I'm the predator, your the prey

JAM Jan 2014
You might never understand why I walk around with clenched fists not open hands
Cause the unplanned always happens and ***** up my original plans

Maybe if I was rock hard tough I couldn't
Be bent
Concrete enough to be
But these are all just thoughts to

Another extra expense, still lookin' though my cracked lens, I dont need your 2 cents
Do I even make sense? Can you understand the irrelevance or you still on the fence?
Here I am
Still clenching my fists waiting in suspense

JAM May 2013
Was in my old neighborhood yesterday went out with a friend and ran into someone... Emily Marie

Emily Marie and her one CC
Knows I'm not the same me, but wont let me be

She says she knows I'll never forget her
Possibly, but I **** sure wish I never met her

Used to be livin' it up, a life sweeter than honey
Now bruised and probably givin' it up for money

I watch young girls I know fall and fall again
All I can do is offer my advice and be a friend
I don't mean to be cold as ice or offend

Show people your not singing the same song
Stop acting like a girl if you wants to be treated like a lady
You know right from wrong, a pearl is ruff before it is smooth and ready

For some reason after saying something like this to ladies it's like they come on stronger
Darlin' you need to go take care of your babies
you shouldn't be in this bar any longer

EM -"we had something Joe!"
J.A.M- "Had..."

You need to leave me alone Emily Marie
Get back home, focus on your family tree...

- J.A.M
JAM Dec 2013
Every wich way a switch blade cuts
The divets of the wounds give me a rush
Just enough too make me blush
Like...*******! can you really tell I like it that much?
Give me a bucket full of blood and a paint brush
I'll paint these walls, while you build a dutch
Never ever, lean on me cause I'm not a crutch
JAM Jun 2013
Inspiration gives birth to motivation and motivation inspires dedication, it's up to us to see the relation

They say patience is a virtue, but can you really be patient if there is no guaranteed future for you? Explanations are due, so we can all figure out the truth. How about life is a virtue..
stay true no matter what you gotta do.

Mainstream magazines sell dreams to pre-teens, tellin' em' how to think tellin' em' how to be,
wait til' they turn 18 and have to look for a job opening
so if we can't see..

Past a visual, we'll never get any real residual, life is physical, not some rehearsed insurance commercial

It hits hard, can trap you like an animal behind bars, discriminate against you and leave scars, we should pay attention to who we are..

So we can look past,
things that don't last

Find something concrete,
so no mistake can break us, no matter how incomplete

If you dig deep within' you,
you can live, keep and reap gifts givin' to you

We all have them, but it's up to us to reach out and grab em'

Don't ever think you know everything, we all have things to teach each other, every minute,
every hour, every day,  in every way...

JAM May 2013
I'm playin' with fire, know I'm gonna get burned
I'm playin' with fire, know I'm gonna get hurt
I was playin' with fire so I got burnt

How come she don't want me like the other girls do?
They look at me while I stare at you

The scars on my back look like a thousand heart attacks
Thats because they are, each time you stuck the knife in
My heart turned a little more black

Now all I got is this ice box where my soul used to be
It's locked up and I hope I never find the key
I'd like the cold of the pain to remain a part of me

JAM Jul 2014
Not spoiled or rotten, but I might be rotting
Cause I'm everything you never wanted, but you got me
Turning the page... as the page flipped you metaphorically shot me

A quick shift of the hips, as you puckered a kiss, you needed to turn the page so you licked, your thumb and your fingertip then gave it a flick

Tell me, tell, tell, tell me... What you thought I was
Tell me, tell, tell, tell me... Everything you want cause
I'm right here... Right, right here my dear.

The way this was written is so descriptive you might as well have a prescription of your own incentives, but instead you dismissed it for a place in the fake heavens with the rest of those *******

JAM May 2013
The air I breathe leaves me gently
and the writing down my sleeve is elementary
So school is in, school is out
you will learn a lesson without a doubt
Be who you are and be proud
sing out loud
send words into the air to rest upon a cloud
Summer is hot, night is long
before the day is gone I'll be right or wrong
Take my love as a token of my devotion
it stays consistent like waves in the ocean
Spare my heart and let it remain
so when I depart you'll remember my name.

JAM May 2013
You will never know it
Cause I will never show it

I can never point my affection
In your direction
For my own, but mostly your protection

And it breaks my heart
As thoughts of you and I break apart

It was nice to think of
It was even better to dream of,
but now it just floats down a stream of,
your tears, your fears, the darkness under unlit chandeliers

So I will never show it
So you will never know it

How I truly feel...

I know beautiful places we could have gone
I would have written you the most beautiful songs,
but I'm no faker
I'm a heart breaker
and a mistake maker

I won't speak to extensively
I'll just leave it at this, your sensitivity
Could never handle my intensity

So I will never show how I truly feel
So you will never know how I truly feel
Cause your heart I could never break or steal

JAM May 2013
You could learn a lot from me,
matter of fact you could learn a lot from everybody

That's why I don't take peoples advice or opinions for granted,
I just chop em' up like onions and throw em' in my salad.

I use my own recipe to make the best of me

So with that said, I'll forever remain a student,
even though I'm sometimes truant,

Even though I'm sometimes tardy ***' I stayed up too late after last nights party,
but I maintain an average A,
all night and all through the day.
Take it as advice. Inspect it, dissect it,
or come up with your own recipe and perfect it ...

JAM May 2013
No no, this ain't one of those catchy love songs,
that get stuck in your head and play on the radio all day long
It's about life and meaning
all the way to the end from the beginning
and how the world keeps spinning,
when you fall down, whether your a happy or sad clown, nobody is gonna do it for you, you gotta get yourself off the ground

What makes it all okay, is that I wake up alive everyday
I like nice weather, but I won't ever complain, don't matter if it's sunshine or rain and what makes it even better is that when I fall apart I know I can put myself back together. Yeah I'll put me back together

I know sometimes you get angry, there will always be nights when you can't sleep
When it's bright you want it shady and things you've lost you wish you could keep
Just remember last September
when you were a number one contender for going on the worst ******
Don't forget the roads you've been down since,
keep kissin' toads girl, you'll find your prince

What makes it all okay,
is that you wake up alive everyday
So you don't complain about how sometimes you feel pain
and what makes it even better is that as long as you know you feel, you know you can heal. Yeah, you can heal

They both know that in a relationship there's a lot of give and less take
It's been twenty years
He still never lets his patience slip, without her he couldn't live, this love is anything but fake
She makes it clear she's always gonna be down to ride, she's there day after day
She's the one who will always stick by his side, even when they're old and gray
Everyday they let the other know they still feel the same way

What makes it all okay, is that they wake up side by side everyday
So they won't be bothered by the weather or ever complain,
don't matter if it's sunshine or rain
Either way to them it's bliss, they both feel life can't get any better than this
and every time they see a shooting star they know they've granted the others wish

Thank you W.B & D.B, your inspiration is priceless

JAM Jun 2013
Why does everything that makes sense
Get hung up on a fence?
And every thing that doesn't gets emergency delivery In an ambulance
So I'll just throw down lightning bolts like Zues while I'm in this booth
They tell me not to lie, but they can't handle the truth

A sinister minister lookin' for a simple cure
You can have my lady, cause she's just a lady and I don't call her baby, but maybe if it gets hot out you can give her back when I need it shady, cause she's a shady women she's a crazy lady

I'm kickin' down, tokin' up
Sipping down the fifth of jack in my cup
One night stands, smeared numbers on my hands, this wasn't my plan, but I'm takin' advantage while I can
Fall in lust for a perky bust, I can go forever before I bust
It's a must for me to leave you on the bus cause love won't get you into nothin' but a fuss
I know you feel like you trust, but I'm a rolling stone not your boss and don't you know the saying " a rolling stone gathers no moss"?

Why does everything that makes sense
Get hung up on a fence?
And every thing that doesn't gets emergency delivery In an ambulance
So I'll just throw down lightning bolts like Zues while I'm in this booth
They tell me not to lie, but they can't handle the truth

Strikingly frightening creating electricity with simplicity like lightning
And if you ain't heard this, it's worthless for me to be a wordsmith, you and your absurdness can go jump out a birds nest
Stay down when you hit the ground, go pound for pound
Or get on my level and go toe to toe with the devil
I'm hot as a tea kettle

Put me back on the stove,
watch me rise from the flame
and blossom like a rose!

Why does everything that makes sense
Get hung up on a fence?
And every thing that doesn't gets emergency delivery In an ambulance
So I'll just throw down lightning bolts like Zues while I'm in this booth
They tell me not to lie, but they can't handle the truth

JAM Dec 2013
What exactly do you want from me?
A frontal lobe lebotomy ?
Maybe a probe into the heart of me?

Every so called simple piece
Is more than just lines in a wrinkled sheet
Define what you wanna keep
Then add time to the quantum leap

How much time should I spend?
Shall I unwind or start to mend?
Just help me understand so I can comprehend...

JAM May 2013
I watched the the print go from smooth lines to drips

Trying to focus, but I can't help watch the clock as it chimes and ticks

The floor was freshly waxed so I was bound to slip

How many more times could one fall in pits?

It was starting to feel like I was being rained on by bricks

Dug myself out of that ****

Ain't it clear I found my niche?

You still on the fence? What more I gotta do to convince?

I'm Gonna dice and mince

Words with some of the best

But from now on and ever since

Just cause I left the nest

They wanna slice me open cause I'm not like the rest

Just to make sure a heart beats inside my chest

JAM May 2013
If the title got your attention enough to click and take the time to read it, at least leave your feedback....

I guess I can only speak for myself though, but any poem I read, I at least give my opinion. Isn't that what we are all seeking on here? If not, why not just leave it in your notebook???
JAM Nov 2013
Bow to the strings
Three clicks of the drumsticks
Then the bass chord rings
The singer sings
The notes carry on with wings

Give flight to this music
Lock it in your sights then use it
Wrong the right, but dont abuse it
Day or night, just stay true kid

Whether your roped or cuffed
These stores are gonna open up
Break free from your half filled cup
Over flow your own, yeah fill it up
No matter how full you feel it'll never be enough

Even if your rich, even if your clock clicks and your bell rings
You'll never get sick of the rot this rich brings
Keepin your chick just to help sell things,
stable you are not,
your hopeless,
Your beat, your melting
Now you feel the heat that this hell brings

JAM Nov 2013
If you got murdered today
Your family would probably hurt and pray
Shovel dirt on your grave
...possibly pay the debts you have'nt paid

Hopefully you've made a name
Hopefully you've played the game
Hopefully you've weighed the guilt and the shame

Now I don't hope, now I know you'll stake your claim

In between then and now
I'll sew tight the seem on your vow
Realize and redeem question marks you left after the word "how" ??

Click clack kerrrr Pow!

Every once in a while
Shivelry can punish a child

But give em' hope, give em' a rope

So verbal delivery can tame the wild
Call it "misery" call it "style"

This ain't "hot" so evidentley its mild.....?

Your not on fire, but 911 is what you dialed

Beginning to end, aint no trend like this worth your wild

Sit back...


Your alive... Smile

- J.A.M
JAM Nov 2013
I hope you dont think
My lack of consistence makes me weak
Cause if I stink
Persistence has a smell and I ******' wreak
Stuck in my speach,
Cause "I dont give a ****" is hard to teach

So each week,
that goes by the life inside,gets weak

So life I find,
sometimes is outta reach

But... Time passes,
the days get longer and longer

Lookin' for answers in a pile of ashes,
as the resistance gets stronger

It's time to unwind, but I end up crashin',
cause I wandered

Keep it sublime, let the clock move slow like molasses,
while I ponder

JAM Jun 2013
I know a lot of people on this site are against certain types of writing's so I'm just gonna warn you before you scroll, this is *****. Not trying to offend anyone, but these are the thoughts of an extremely ****** being (me). I'm a very complex individual and have many sides. I'm actually having to pursue another site, cause it's so plain here. Someone said to me in a message, "I'm tired of reading about love and nature" haha, me to. Let's get some diversity going people!

I'm gonna enforce ******'s like it's the law
Lets get a lil raw
Marks you left on my back lookin' like I got scratched by a tiger paw,

We can go for a ride and I'll show you somethin' I been writing to this new beat
You get impressed and feel chills all the way down to ya feet
Shortly after that I can see me and you gettin' down on the bench seat

Of my '49 chevy truck
We anything but typical and that's just how we like to ****
Runnin' amuck in a world full of blind luck

My biggest turn on is the juices I get you to leak
I'm gonna get my burn on and turn up the heat
When I'm done you'll barely be able to speak
Your gonna need to recover baby, just go straight to

JAM May 2013
Don't you know I can see right through you my dear
If you were a window you couldn't be more clear
Your afraid to love again and trust me, I understand your fear

All I seek is your friendship at this point in time
There are things you need to figure out in your life
and there are things I need to figure out in mine

I would never try to start something over night
just want you to think of me when the time is right,
but right now my future is the only thing locked in my sight

Things that make so much sense only happen once in a lifetime
Life moves fast, but I won't leave you behind
So please don't waste to much time with the battles in your mind

I'm not about lust, this world is filled with beautiful women, attraction is a given, I'm about love and trust

Even though I might be sensual and extremely ******,
I'm what you call an intellectual

The key to my heart is through my mind, you gotta have brains
so show me your the kind and not just another lame

For now I'll give you my friendship and loyalty
Keep your head on straight and maybe one day I'll give you my love and show you whats it's like to be treated like royalty

The word "unique" didn't exist until you were born and showed the dictionary it forgot the "e"
You could possibly be, INSIDE and OUT the most beautiful thing in this world to me...

JAM Aug 2013
Jack and Jill were two mentally ill verbally armed cannibals
Doing there best to switch their diet to farm animals

They found this rough, like eating crackers with cotton mouth, this task proved to be little more than tough
They promised each other no more cadavers, but a month after this, they called each others bluff

Jack ended up addicted to crack, dope, and smack
Cause the supply of bodies was beginning to lack, spinning more off track
He began to look at Jill more like a tasty snack

Jill took the pharmaceutical cryptic approach
A pill could **** her flesh craving will and keep her from feeling like a post apocalyptic roach
She too was starting to drool and think of Jack like a snack bar,
and couldn't help but remember her first taste when she bit the arm of that high school track star

One night when Jack was asleep, Jill began to slowly creep
Into his room she crept as he slept stuck the knife in and drained the blood from his neck
Jack was gonna be her tastiest snack yet

Jill always seems to forget
Jack is always playing games and putting her to the test
She ends up paying, for Jack knew their growing hunger would soon cause a mess

Jack stepped out of the closet

Jill pulled back the covers to see she just killed her own niece
Jack said "Haven't you ever seen "Hannibal?". "If your gonna be a cannibal, you gotta be smarter than Clarice".

JAM Jul 2013
It's as if time lost is time spent even though we never spent a cent,
never really lived in the moment of it as it came and went

Sometimes the hill feels a little bit too steep
Makes you feel defeat before you've actually been beat
Not everyone is here to compete and all some people live for is the breeze after the heat

Perhaps you'll wanna collapse
Just thinking about mistakes you've made in the past,
but they're all just memories, you decide to let them live on and last

For any thing you learn
During your stay here during your turn
Think of it as priceless, don't just let the thoughts fade and burn
Prices have been paid, this mind state is something you've earned

This is me talking to you, this is you talking to me, this is me talking to both of you, this is both of us talking to you, this is us talking to us.

JAM Jul 2013
Seems like you had to wait for my injury to consider me a liability
Now you see that I'm no longer in agony

I'm not in arms reach

You'll never have in your arms the lengths
Something to over power my strength

Do you wanna get high?
Look into my eyes and search for a reason why...

I am like I am...    and he is like he is

There are laws I defy
Words I can't define and plenty of reasons I can't explain why

Sadly the resemblance
Barely compares to the relevance
If you pay attention to the details, you'll realize an elegance...

A plan, something laid out to withstand
Any accusation of any man
This is power
This is something I hold in my hand.......

JAM Mar 2014
I wish I could distain this pain that I feel right now
Take and break the picture frame of this dark cloud
Change or rename my own name right now

Just to escape for a minute, to be free instead of stuck in it
Tired of the chase to win it, sick of the race to the finish
My free flight to live... is nobody's business

I ask with manners and say please
But still get thrown to handlers with ease
Cause peoples standards change like the breeze

Why would you ask if I'm upset when you clearly know I am
Why would you interupt while I'm attempting to do all I can

It's either I hang on for the ride or step to the side
I have no ego, no pride, I'm just trying to live my life

JAM Jul 2013
Your always quick to tell me to get down, eat the pavement and stay down, but when I need you your no where to be found

Where were you last night when those ******* ran up on my grass
Guns drawn wearing ski-masks

Your quick to stop me when you see a minor mistake
Telling me run in's with you must be my fate
I had to take it upon my self and educate

Now I know exactly what you can and can't do
I have a powerful person in my corner and you realized it soon as I handed their business card to you

Call an audible on your play
The next time you wanna drag me away ***** up my day and tell me what I can and can't say

Rethink your plan before you ******* this intelligent man

I know people that will chop you up and send you home in a box
For a couple hundred dollars new shoes and a pair of socks

Some are good, some are bad, but mostly you all just make me mad... So **** cops!
JAM Jun 2013

Not too sure what you see in me
A reflection of your own soul maybe
Maybe it's just a phase maybe your just crazy

I'm a whiskey drinkin' dude
I frequently cop an attitude, don't mean to be rude
I just want you to know about the man you've decided to pursue

I have an extremely negligent intelligence
Could do the hardest things with my eyes closed, but can never find the relevance

If this don't work, I'm sure I was meant to be alone
It's all good, I got my music and I use it and get in the zone
Writin' solo, livin' by myself in this empty home

Not sure what I did to deserve your attention
Not to mention I think more of you than a noble prize invention
It's **** the world when you wrap your legs around my body and your thighs get to clenchin'
If your not feelin' this baby you must be getting bad reception


Just a, 1st verse, I try not to put whole songs on here cause it's a poetry website... I do it for my friends on here cause I appreciate they're feedback and they say they like what I write.
JAM Feb 2014
It ain't alwayls all good     in hollywood
I think you got the lights and cameras     misunderstood

Your either rich and famous or your broke and nameless

If you find treasure there, make sure and claim it

I would if I could    but I'm sinking on a ship just off shore
All from doin no good     and takin' a sniff of somethin' too pure

Everything in between is just ways to the mean
And every other thing just might seem, like a golden light beam
Givin' me the light thats green,    but it's the red light I shoulda seen
Now I'm at a crime scene    lookin' at a body as its soul leaves
watch them clasp for that last breath then I feel deaths cold breeze
I realize I should've stayed at the party
At Corey's
maybe even had someone hide my car keys

Now the police
Are gonna check    My blood alcohol content
There gonna search my car next,  
find the pills,powders and forged checks
What can I do now      except.....
Run! ....  Run! Run!
3 min later I'm hidin' in a   tree fort
K -9 scratchin at the   tree bark
Cop lights shining through the two   by fours
Head for the hills head for the forest

Its all the bad decisions that brought me here
The thoughts in my head and words in my ear
Escaping capture doesnt mean I'm in the clear
I'm probably gonna spend the entire next year

Trying to shoulder the bolder
That already ran me over
Shouldn't have let those ashes smolder
cause the heat just made things colder
Keepin up the run just to be run over
Theres no beat or instrumental to be sung over

Clearly you've run into you .... Into you, into yourself
Oh ****! Me runnin' in to me my own worst enemy
How shall I now procede, I cant move I can't speak , what the **** is wrong with my two feet?

Who knows....

I still Would   Never, never, never

I would never change a thing! I could never change a thing!
I wont rearrange extract or change a ******* thing
I will never change a thing! I could never change a thing!
Not one thing in my life
I'll still die laughing
Even if I die tonight

I will continue
To misuse
Abuse the excuse
Just to refuse
The fact that I even tried to make an excuse

I called it a reason cause I was reaching
Fell to short to excede my own region
Vultures in the sky watchin' me lie half alive still bleedin'

I don't know if I'm gonna make it past this one
Either shes about to sing or the fat lady already sung
Everything I had tied together has come undone
Under one thunder proof roof in a thunderstorm

But I can't complain, I love the drama, I love the rain
I love the electricity of the lightning makin' this blood pump through my veins

That's why
I would never change a thing! I could never change a thing!
I wont rearrange extract or change a ******* thing
I will never change a thing! I could never change a thing!
Not one thing in my life
I'll still die laughing
Even if I die tonight

Ok, okay
Next test, the next step, the best relief of stress
Except this is not a passable test
But the only way to move on is to accept
The fact that I might be a devil's reject
I take a moment let myself level and reflect

Ok, Got it....

I have....

No jack,no bean stalk, no golden eggs
Just me, my talk, my walk on both my legs
No tricks, no gimmicks, no magician with cards already positioned
I will attempt to fix but not relinquish the hand I've been given
Cause no matter what this mother ******' world keeps spinnin'

And I'll say it again...

I would never change a thing! I could never change a thing!
I wont rearrange extract or change a ******* thing
I will never change a thing! I could never change a thing!
Not one thing in my life
I'll still die laughing
Even if I die tonight
JAM Jul 2013
A smug fascination with sub classification has left her alone in a parallel realm right above desolation

She walks alone and mumbles to her self
Trips, stumbles onto a past life she had placed on a shelf

Spending most of life slumbered
Lending her soul to demons, this widowed wife became out numbered

Every day she would watch the orange sun drown in the ocean just off the coast
Used to love all her friends, they would get together after accomplishments, boast, brag, and toast
But, being all alone was when she felt alive the most

Persistence has lent an idea of where she would spend her remaining days
Her existence was spent on the hunt for a precise place

An illiterate hypocrite under the spell of a hypnotist searching for something that doesn't exist
Now an illegitimate exhibitionist only wanting another hit,
Don't ask for truth cause it's something she'll never admit

JAM Jul 2013
My Meditation

I'm drunk on the 101, hopin' I don't see a cop before I see the sun
Always dancing to the beat of my own drum, but hey, I'm havin' fun!

I'm just a young man,
doing my best not to fall back into the trash can

That I came from, that made me tote a gun and steal for a financial fund cause that wasn't fun

I can be a little explicit, but it's my life and that's just how I live it,
I'd rather die chokin' on a biscuit before I'm fed *******

Exquisite and unique it's not my car or my outfit, it's the way I speak
Learned a lot of lessons so I got a lot to teach
Not one to preach, but your gonna feel me if I'm within reach

Painting an optimistic yet unrealistic picture play of a pessimistic set in an idealistic way

No, not me, just someone I see,

So I refrain from being critical I just stay literal, I just play the criminal,
and try to use my words to deliver a message that's subliminal

Maybe I should worry about just me,
Maybe I should stop writing and just be
Maybe I would if I could, but I can't so it must mean

I'm meant to do this...

JAM Jun 2013
I'm lookin' for an entry point
I'm lookin' for a vein
I'm lookin' for a tangible way
To send these chemicals to my brain

I can't really explain...

She knows it, I know it
****.. everybody knows it and I even show it

Something happened and something was triggered
I now am captain, it must be destiny I figured
Gettin' bigger and bigger, like the hole to your grave and I'm the digger

This is her life, my life, our life
This is your night, my night, our night

I know these might be words to just a silly beat,
Your thoughts freeze and others can't really compete
You feel it and know this poetry's deep
You steal it and know it's something you wanna keep, press play and just let the words repeat

I seldom see double,
but always been the type to welcome trouble
As I re-write my self from my own bubble

Got a split lip and a splinter in my hip, was tryin' not to fall but I slipped...
I skipped the most important step, so my direction got flipped and even if I get bad service I'll still tip

I do it for the small short living moments
Don't let time pass you by, find your calling and own it

This is her life, my life, our life
This is your night, my night, our night

JAM Apr 2015
I can't wait to get off that plane
Kiss you, watch your face turn red and
Let the endorphins flood your brain

It's sad to know three days later I'll be gone
Not sure of when I'll return again

Too good to be true could fit this situation, but there's nothing "too good" about it

The lackluster notion of how much is just wants floating around in our hearts turns me to stone and I keep reaching for something to give me some type of leverage on reality

So much of me is magnetized to you, yet so much of me has no clue

What it's really gonna take to make this real, what it's really gonna take to make or break our ordeal

I'll let it run it's course, but I can't act surprised
When everything I want drowns in the blink of your eyes

Nothing ever gets in my way if I really want something, but your not just "some thing"
Your human, you have your own wants, your own needs, you have a heart, and you have feelings

I'm gonna do my best to make my chest a place where you can frequently lay your head to rest


I want nothing from you, but if you want you can be everything to me

Now if this wasn't ******* corny enough, than I don't know what is....
Unfortunately I love you to death and I'm just "thinking out loud"

JAM Jun 2013
Each time I write a rhyme
The redesigned lines
In my undefined mind start to shine
Even if I was blind I could still see the light's lime
I would say this is my time

But I don't own a watch
So I'll never know when the countdown stops
Just keep goin' forever, pretend I'm still runnin' from the cops
Strong in my stance, gonna bust like a balloon and pop
Now that I have the chance I'm just gonna dance and dance in this ballroom til' I drop

Praying someone can respect this sinner
I dip my finger in life's river and gradually test it
Playing the role of a winner
All while remaining casually majestic...

JAM Jul 2015
Some of us just wanna live
Some of them just wanna die

We'll do things they never did
They do things we'd never try

They look for beauty like it's been hid
We look for beauty in the holders eye

Most of them will have some kids
Most of us will stay kids flying kites

I just wanna be
You just want me to never leave

I just wanna plant this seed
You want me cause I'm what you need

- J.A.M
JAM May 2013
There are times we don't see things
even though they are as simple as they are,
even when they're right in front of us
we don't see, hear, or smell them right under our nose
let alone from a far.

Be patient and take your time if you need to,
it can be as hard as you make it or as easy as you want it
like an open book to read through.

So while your busy livin',
runnin' around cashin' checks at banks
don't forget to stop and say thanks
to all those that have givin'.

JAM Jan 2014
Branches break, the earthshakes
But not from earthquakes or big shifting plates
Its the mistake you made
That made your foundation break
That put ripples in this once calm lake
So... Now
See here, before you see there
Be heard if you cant actually be there
Now that your factually aware, you should see clear
That your still
miss, miss, missin' the point
Still tryin' to avoid coming to terms with your void
Your an adult now, no more toys
Make sure your words are properly deployed
So hate that developes can be destroyed
It was..
We make decisions that we know are regretable
Were gonna have to eat whether or not the food's edible
But you can always break the mold and throw out the stencil
Just look at my ways of creating gold with the tip of my pencil

JAM May 2013
Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Brandon the boy in the bubble and Doctor Wise...

The boy in the bubble
Never wanted any trouble

People said "your too fragile you'll get cancer"
So he would just make believe, pretend he was a cool agile panther
People said "your body will crumble like wood flooring rots"
So he would pretend, staying humble that he could fly over the jungle with soaring hawks

Aisles of adventures were all he sought
" I'll be in this bubble til I'm wearin' dentures", so he thought...

His doctor would come every other day
Just to make sure everything was okay
He went by Dr. "W" first initial J

One random paralyzed tuesday
Brandon sat in his sterilized room lettin' blues play
The doctor came to repeat the check up
Brandon was the same from shoulders to feet and neat from the neck up
The doctor asked "Son why are you in this bubble?"
Brandon said "The people told me the air could **** me and the sun would be worst trouble"
The doctor told Brandon "the world is a mysterious place in our galaxy, but you'll never know for yourself until you go face the challenge B"

The doctor lifted the window wide open and let in the breeze
As the fresh air hit his face, Brandon didn't so much as sneeze

Brandon - "Wow doc you must save thousands of lives"

Dr. W - "Not really, I just tell people this; Everybody lives, everybody smiles, everybody cries, everybody dies and


JAM May 2013
I want you to say my name every time you ***

If it's what you want I won't stop until I see the sun

I know you only give it to those that deserve it

I can tell cause you make it extra hot when you serve it

Now your drippin' like a river runs, you scream my name again

I pull your hair and smack your *** just like you ask

Your bloods boiling and your heart starts to bake

I'm an unselfish lover so I don't stop til' I feel your thighs clench and shake

JAM Mar 2014
We should and shall recognize the greats
The ones who made barriers break
The men and women who changed the way we think
The influential, the leaders of changing perception
To be like them, we need to both remember and forget them
To understand, but disagree
To move forward and progress
Use the tactics and influence
Use the knowledge and power
Use these tools to attempt to be better
In order to be great ourselves
We must break our own barriers
We must change how people think
We must influence
We shall disagree only because we understand

And we will move forward

We will be better

JAM Jul 2013
I'm beggin', begging... really really beggin' you... not to test me
My words are infectious and I have so many tricks up my sleeve

So many different techniques to make you fold
Tired of the possibilities you hang in front of me... ****'s gettin' old

And I'm sure, Oh I'm so sure you thought you had the lead,
but when you looked up all you saw was the back of me

Just watch how well I don't give a ****

What? You need an example, well here's a sample, nah better yet... a handful

I kissed you, you kissed me, I left you, you chased me
Trust, it's not how I wanted it to be
But I can't be locked in a box just cause you get lonely

People need air, people need their own time even when there's none to spare

An affectionate perfectionist, checking me in with a check list
It could only go on for so long before I would start to not give a ****

So now you wanna threaten me about tellin' people how you got the best of me
Keep it... You got the best of 5%, you never even saw the rest of me

The slander and random banter is really startin' to **** me off though

The last thing you want is to ***** with me, trust me your not ready
Embarrassment you'll bare if I open my mouth has no remedy

So... I'm beggin', begging... really really beggin' you... not to test me

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