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Aug 2014
I fall in love with my ideas at night
Call upon smiles and tears my of life
Its all ups and downs, lefts and rights
Grippin' this beer doesn't helps me keep up the fight

I sever my truths and lies,
So no need to use a disguise, but some will never know who and who's  not on their side,
It's A Matrix type surprise

You'd think so much expierence
Would leave me fearless, but the world is deaf and nobody hears this

Drip, drip, drop.
Is it blood or rain, no one can explain their plot
So I sing, sing, sing along cause it wont be long until I'm skippin rocks in a pond
Wishing I could light my own fires and drop my own bombs
Few can relate to the way my thoughts detonate so they try to separate reality from fiction with great debates
Makes me feel awkward as ****, like I been stuffed in a locker and im stuck, but I could shift this ****, if I just had a proper clucth
So...good luck... tryin to relate *******, i got more miles on me than interstate truckers
I help the devil sell dreams to crippled human beings that know what it means
To need to feed cause we feign to bleed
On my nightstand lie a couple of things, 2 sticks of lung disease, 1 magazine and 1 pic of a dead human being
Written by
     ---, ---, Kaila George, Peach and Poetic T
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