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 Apr 2015 JAM
Mark Lecuona
Give them what they want
Or make them want what you have to give
A pretty face makes you stupid
She knows it, that's why she acts that way
It doesn't matter why they feel the way they do
You fell for it, you deny it, but we know better
Nothing older than you can be questioned
You just have to decide what it is you wish to believe
It's better to take pictures of flowers in the spring
Than endure someone who can't understand your mind
It's not about getting there from here
It's about making there what here is all about
A transformed mind has forgotten his childhood
And must say no to his mother and mean it
If you ever decide you can be faithful
Then you are the luckiest man in the world
 Jul 2014 JAM
Petal pie
(Never underestimate the power
Of the gift of giving a flower)

You can't fail her 
with a bright dahlia
With it's perfect symmetry
Caress her nose
With the scent of a rose
And a cup of Earl grey tea

Make a daisy chain
For her flowing mane
And rub her tired  toes
Treat your filly
To a glorious lily
And a day of sweet repose

Surprise her at the station
With a bunch of carnations 
And hold her hand for a while 
Make things swell
In a field of bluebells
That'll surely bring a smile 

Get down on one knee
With some lovely peonies
And look deeply into her eyes
The sight of an iris
Could fill her with such bliss
If you take her by surprise 

You could please her 
With some pink freesias  
And a well planted kiss
If the romance slips
Choose some bright tulips
The thought won't go amiss!
Just wishful thinking really! Haha! As you can probably tell I love flowers and I thought of this when sitting opposite a man with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
 Jun 2014 JAM
 Jun 2014 JAM
All my dreams fell down
Like the stars i wished upon.
 Jun 2014 JAM
Amour Risqué
 Jun 2014 JAM
Regrets are nonexistent reflections
Of possibilities
That were never actually possible

They say that hell is an eternity
Of fire and damnation
But at 4 AM
When sleep eludes my advances,
It only sounds like the description of my own mind

Life is temptation,
Temptation beckons coyly
With the promise of heaven often
And I've got nothing
But a come-hither smile
And fragments of fragile lace left

The best you'll ever be able to do is look

I am much too far from redemption
But consequences,
Fail to prevent your inevitable fall

Seldom have I ever felt remorse for my lack of "grace"

© 2014 Peach
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