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JAM Jun 2014
I stand beneath the sun
Clenching teeth just for fun
Leaching bogus conundrums
I get clumsy cause I can't run
I'm not smart, but I'm not dumb
Leave me a piece to eat
Even if it's a crumb

JAM Jun 2014
From time to time , there might be a hiccup in my giddy up, leaving people patiently waiting for what? ... Like they have a plate of pancakes and I'm the last drop of syrup.

Birthday cards.... Anniversary cards... a personal letter...
I feel the pressure
To do better and better

There is no more "xoxo, love Joe"

I have no daughters, I have no sons, but I do have loved ones
Ever since I started to put in verbal/written efforts, I've become bummed

Give people an inch, they take a mile, all the expectancy has started to pile
Like ... you wrote that for him/her, what about mine? with a lame smile...  -J.A.M
JAM May 2014
Well get a load of this lil lady
It was far from a maybe
when I called you my baby, but lately
Since you claim I'm acting shady
I've feel like it's yours and my time we're wasting, even though I was patiently waiting to continue creating
Things were so simple all we had to do was keep behaving
Now I point the finger at you, you point yours at me and it's eachother we're blaming...
JAM May 2014
You see these lines on my face right?

It's probably cause I only sleep three to four hours a night

Wish I had the gift to see, wish I had the gift of sight

Instead I've been given this gift to write

So each day my day starts at midnight

Wish I had the sense to leave when it's time for flight

Instead I've been givin' the choice to fight, I've been givin' the choice of life
JAM May 2014
Soon as you think you just might have things locked down
Is when all of those things break free... this is a good thing

Do you really want a pre decided life based on something
your mind once entertained as "the goal"?

Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions will always change...

There is no finish line, there is no goal.

Whatever you believe in and however you feel about certain things at this moment, will change, and that's a promise.

All you can do is exist... You can, love, hate, laugh, struggle, fight, and even try to fly without wings. In the end your still a human being
JAM Apr 2014
You watch me go out that diner window
As I jump on a bus to go fullfil my goals
You know it's better this way, but your sadness shows
There's no more hopeful hope fors
Or closed doors, this is one big force
A hit to your body, the pain pours out your pores

This seems to be one of those things that couldn't happen in your wildest dreams
Yet you have a tendency to mislead
It makes it hard to breathe

Makes me wanna swing my fists
It's not a lack of intelligence
But I can tell you dont get my gist
Don't worry I'll make this severance swift

JAM Mar 2014
We should and shall recognize the greats
The ones who made barriers break
The men and women who changed the way we think
The influential, the leaders of changing perception
To be like them, we need to both remember and forget them
To understand, but disagree
To move forward and progress
Use the tactics and influence
Use the knowledge and power
Use these tools to attempt to be better
In order to be great ourselves
We must break our own barriers
We must change how people think
We must influence
We shall disagree only because we understand

And we will move forward

We will be better

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