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Apr 2015
I can't wait to get off that plane
Kiss you, watch your face turn red and
Let the endorphins flood your brain

It's sad to know three days later I'll be gone
Not sure of when I'll return again

Too good to be true could fit this situation, but there's nothing "too good" about it

The lackluster notion of how much is just wants floating around in our hearts turns me to stone and I keep reaching for something to give me some type of leverage on reality

So much of me is magnetized to you, yet so much of me has no clue

What it's really gonna take to make this real, what it's really gonna take to make or break our ordeal

I'll let it run it's course, but I can't act surprised
When everything I want drowns in the blink of your eyes

Nothing ever gets in my way if I really want something, but your not just "some thing"
Your human, you have your own wants, your own needs, you have a heart, and you have feelings

I'm gonna do my best to make my chest a place where you can frequently lay your head to rest


I want nothing from you, but if you want you can be everything to me

Now if this wasn't ******* corny enough, than I don't know what is....
Unfortunately I love you to death and I'm just "thinking out loud"

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