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  Sep 2016 Jaleeza Burns
Trust shouldn't be our problem.
Because Love is not love without Trust.
Jaleeza Burns Jul 2016
100 sleepless nights
2400 hours with you on my mind
Not a second goes by without me thinking of you
Because I love you,
I love everything about you
But the question is why can’t I love myself the same why I love you
Jaleeza Burns Jul 2016
Black looks like a dark room were the truth comes out, quiet and alone
The taste of the bitter smack of reality, painful and cold
Black feels like a sharp pain of your heart breaking by the one you love
Smells like the smoke of the last cigarettes that slowly choking you’re your lungs,
after you take your last drag
Black sounds like a car trying to stop before the deadly car crash happened
that killed two teenagers
The hurt and the pain that filed his daughter’s eyes after he left her standing
in the rain for the 2nd time
Black is like the sky before the storm hits home, rainy and dark
Like running away from any type of happiness that comes your way
Black hinds inside the word trust,
but your trust has been broken some many time that you don't know what it means
The fear you have when your mom says” he is coming over”
Black is the little bit of hope you have when things start to get better
but never does
The cry for help that you want from your parents that never comes,
how loud do I have to scream before they can hear me
Black is the ashes from the fire that happened that ruin everything
that was so perfect at one point
But after all without the black that darkens your problems
the light will be too bright to see them

— The End —