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Jacob May 2016
Countless thoughts of you,
The moments we had, flew -
Away, looking out the window -
The view we shared, now's a limbo.

I'm doing well,
Often my mind dwell on the past,
You and me, meant to last,
I was wrong.
Thinking about you all along.

Hope you're well.
Jacob May 2016
Writing sadness on paper's white,

Empty canvas and endless graphite,

Heartbreaks whom to mend?

Dawn awakes, my love, penned.
Jacob May 2016
When she cries, tears never meant to be shown,

Fiddles with wishbone at one corner,

The dark night in armor afraid of needles,

Horror murmurs gentle,

Dressed in black willow petal,

Flowing tears caress
Jacob Dec 2015
We were smooth like butter kisses
no longer
My lips curled in disdain
for your luscious lips
A distaste for fond memories
of us, now bittersweet
It no longer matters
since the butter is burnt
Jacob Nov 2015
She listens on
to the melody void of octaves
A phantom grasping under uncertainty
Reality handed her a flaming torch
Her dress billows in the breeze
as she burns herself free
disarrayed by flames.
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