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Isabelle Dec 2016
I am an icy cold lake
and you are a curious boy
who dares to test the waters again

you dip your toes in

and no it isn't long that you're there
but it's enough to make a ripple.
Isabelle Dec 2016
It started when you said listen I can't really deal with any more ****
right now
but I just wanted to talk
I said since when did I change from lover to girlfriend to friend
to ****.

It could have ended when you said you disgust me, I hate you
no, not then
because I may have been dirt, just scraps to you

But at least I was something.
Isabelle Dec 2016
Why am I here?
I've thought about death more than people who are dead now
I've imagined driving my car into a tree
I've imagined sinking beneath the water
But not fighting to catch a breath
So why am I here?

I've thought about living and happiness
But joy is a foreign concept to me

My anxious mind searches for reasons in everything
But ceases to find a purpose for my own existence
Isabelle Oct 2013
I love the way you look at me and then smile at the ground.
I love the way you speak to me, you hardly make a sound.
I love the way you laugh at me when I can barely talk.
All the beer and alcohol I can barely walk.
Oh I love the little things you do.
I love all the little things about you.
I love the way you walk with me
always slowing down.
I love the way you say my name
I love the way it sounds.
I love the way you look at me
And then smile at the ground.
I love the way you kiss my lips
And then look to see who saw
I love the way you grab my hips
Never letting go.
I love the way you get upset,
At all the bad things in our way.
I love the way you cheer me up,
When I've had a ****** day
I love the sound of your jealous words,
When I'm talking to a guy
But darling don't you worry
I'm never leaving you.
I love these things
All these little things about you.
I took my poem The Way and edited it and made it happier and longer. Please comment which one you like better because I'm still unsure.
This poem just represents how when you truly love a guy it isn't just about the appearance it's all the little things you do and how you fall in love with everything about them, the good and the bad.
Copyright 2013 © Isabelle Tietbohl
Isabelle Sep 2013
The death was self inflicted.
I'm ending it tonight she said.
It flew over all our heads.
We dismissed her words
as she prepared to leave this world.
When her final minutes passed
We sat, we read, and we gasped.
As if we had no clue.
What she was about to do.
I'm ending it tonight she said.
Self inflicted.
I just want to be dead she said.
But we said unrealistic.
My childhood friend just committed suicide. She was posting online about how depressed she was and how she wished herself dead. But no one noticed or believed it. Her death could have been prevented.

Suicide help loss depression

Copyright © 2013 Isabelle
Isabelle Jul 2013
What is change?
Well people change,
But dreams can fade away,
Or new wishes can be made.
Where to start,
How about today?
New ideas are explained.
But plans are delayed.
That's change?
Feelings are displayed.
Rejection is portrayed.
That's change?
If you want to change the world
You must start with yourself.
If you're doing nothing then
You're a book on a empty shelf.
You've been thinking, not speaking.
But there's children who aren't eating
You've been bitter and whining,
But the forests they are dying
You've been stubborn and upset
But the trash is making a mess.
Sit down and observe.
The things we've done to a beautiful world.
Is it fair?
You sit mighty in your chair.
All that money and power.
The environments you devour
And that's change!?
Are you satisfied?
Killing innocent lives.
The resources are depleting
But it's you, up on top, we're believing.
Voices are unheard.
But you sit,
You watch,
The crumbling world.
But that one word,
Can move a generation
Can fix the nation
It's change.
Change the way we live
So we can live longer,
So we can be stronger.
A few simple steps,
And it starts with yourself.
Believe that you can help
**To change
Went on a volunteer trip to Costa rica and came back as a new person. We cannot keep over developing countries when the ocean animals and the peoples safety rely on the resources we're destroying. Please make small adjustments in your life to help change
Change pollution save help destroy
Copyright © 2013 Isabelle Tietbohl
Isabelle Jul 2013
Would I wish it on them?
If I had any friends
love to defend
My smiles are pretend
Get used to it
I know the real problem,
There's no bother solving.
And when I am alone,
When I'm sitting by the phone
Just waiting.
I am dreaming.
I'm not sleeping,
I'm dreaming of leaving.
I'm not grieving.
There are things to fix
And I'm used to it.
There are places to go
And go there alone.
I enjoy the empty bliss,
I'm used to it.
Love happiness sadness friends
Copyright © 2013 Isabelle Tietbohl
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