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Sep 19 · 56
Innocent Sep 19
My love is free
No vines, twines, lines or keys
It simply lays there on my sleeve
Reaching out in all directions
In search of the ethereal tree
Happiness, pleasure and peace
Tagged forever in it’s crease
May 4 · 458
Innocent May 4
My heart begins to thaw
Like the mist on the river draw
Butterflies wings create a stir in the air
Whispering, so, do you dare?

Dare I run along the ridge of the moon and fly above the stars
Where the rain drops carry the musical notes of your guitar
Dare I open my heart wide, let the love in.
Apparently, It is the original sin

Dare you

You do know

I am inevitable
Apr 5 · 147
Innocent Apr 5
We talk about our soul
How we are looking for the perfect magmatic pole
Sparks that makes us whole

Our bodies are simply the vessel, it houses our butterflies, our lies, our dreams and our devilish gleam

Is it possible to have a soulmate?
That person who makes you blush by simply giving you “that” look
That person who you want to play with, laugh with, go on adventures with and of course, have wild crazy *** with

Our ever after person who recognizes our soul from afar.
That one person in the world who knows you better than anyone else..... instinctively
Your inspiration, your joy, the smile you show the world

My ever after, that person, the one whom your soul connects with on a level so deep that it is completely unexplainable, until experienced.

My soul, your soul, our soul
Dec 2018 · 168
Innocent Dec 2018
Why is it when you are gone that I feel this emptiness from within?
Is this what it felt like for that man of tin?
Sep 2018 · 1.8k
To be.
Innocent Sep 2018
All is alive with rebirth.
The heat from the golden globe in the sky dries the
Water droplets glistening from the wings of the dragonfly.
Souls are transferring along the silk of the spiders creation.
Ah, reincarnation.

Love, survival , desire, it all binds us.
Superfluous, or not.
It is our goal, we seek, have sought, is it all for naught?

Soulmates, instinctively recognize the other.
Calmness engulfs the energy,  draining any memory.
Freedom to be.
Aug 2018 · 107
Innocent Aug 2018
your muse
your inspiration, your voice
no longer your choice
left out in the cold
the fidget wasteland of a lonely song
time to let go of the wrong
spread your wings and say so long
Jun 2018 · 242
Innocent Jun 2018
The soft circle lifts its head to the rising sun as the moon waves goodbye
The hot ball of glorious nourishment releases its magical powers bathing those below in its glory
Jun 2018 · 524
Innocent Jun 2018
The road was wet from the morning rain.
Rain as sweet smelling as the flowers they fed.
Fed up with the world around her, she dreamed of being free.
Free, they say, is liberating.
Liberated from the chains that bind and fasten tightly.
Tightly she grips the ropes.
Ropes thrown to the sky capturing the stars.
Stars colliding gushing millions of gamma rays.
Rays that light the evening roads.
Roads wet from the morning rain.
Feb 2018 · 140
Innocent Feb 2018
You soothe my mind
Like no other of your kind.
My body floats as my burdens disappear.
With calming thoughts we embark to a time where Lily’s talked and rivers chimed
We spread our wings, flying  to where the
grass dances to the notes on the the wind.
You are my space between the sheets
You are my love
You are my heart
Oct 2017 · 172
Innocent Oct 2017
The sky darkens
Lightning streaks across the sky
The dragons takes a breath
As the sorcerer scans the horizon for death

She dances on her own
Spinning around, with no fear
She doesn’t feel them standing near

The dandelions and dragonflies came alive
Under the spell of the full moon
Leaving very little room for the girl

But the doom and gloom still remain
With a fearsome blow, the sorcerer goes
Flying on the back of the dragon
Aiming for the girl frolicking in her glow

Green eyes lock upon the flying death star
And with a flick of her hand
She sent them all to helland
My take on the Harvey Weinstein scandal
Jul 2017 · 238
Innocent Jul 2017
I come from the city of a thousand planets
Covered in a dark grey mineral  called stannite
My orbit spirals, loops and dances
Creating hypnotic trances

The proletariats , march on,  one by one
Colonizing, constructing, creating around the sun
Plebeians flock on mass to marvel
Its castle with glass and marble

Sparkling water flows from the heavens
Unleashing its powerful Armageddon
Returning to the unholy seven.

The proletariats march on, one by one
Jun 2017 · 277
The velvet glove
Innocent Jun 2017
The world sees the playful orange in you.
But your soul feels  the weight that is due

Passion hot as red
Look at all the places it has lead
But ending always in dread

Pills, potions and tonics
But are they your true hedonic

Blue so warm and inviting
But act you continue rewriting

Stripped of all your shells
Open your mouth and yell

Romance and love , to hard to get
But you grab for that allusive net

The first women in your life
But she caused you so such trife

So many you have loved
But none fit like that velvet glove
Feb 2017 · 615
You Me
Innocent Feb 2017
You  Me
A cosmic pair
Magnetic forces in the night
We are not married
We are not dating
We are involved
We are in tune
We create an aura of orange
Vitality, excitement and stamina
Our electricity fuels the sky
Another day
Me  You
Not  yet found
Feb 2017 · 683
Life as we see it
Innocent Feb 2017
Go gently into the night
Fight against the secrets of sleep
Peak into the abyss
Find your release in the dreams that await
Fantasy and fiction
Or simply the subconscious
Is this reality,
Our true self,
The essence of our being?
Alarm bells
The spell has been broken
We cast our eyes over and take stock of things as they are

A perceived existence
Jan 2017 · 211
My story
Innocent Jan 2017
We all have a story
Mine started in the back of a Delorey
My mother , a good Catholic by most accounts
Definitely needed help on her dismounts

Sent  away
Cast aside
All but forgotten

I lived my life from house to house
Never once a home true home

Another path; at last arrived
Leaving all behind
Time to stamp the world
With a twirl and a swirl

My child, life's Earthshine
Born under the crescent moon
Hair soft as sun
Her giggle infections and a smile that can make you weep

She will be the first and last words on the pages of my life
My story
Jan 2017 · 658
Innocent Jan 2017
Music notes dance along the colours of the Northern Lights
The sky waltzing into the night
The moon, the stars, our compass guide
Love, life, laughter all collide
In the morning the sun will shine
Brides dry their eyes, laying aside their tapestry
Breathlessly saying goodbye to their chastity
Nov 2016 · 503
Innocent Nov 2016
Tattered wings and a tarnished  halo
But no one really knows
Working her wears strictly for the dough

Wondering blindly holding on tightly

The dream, the nightmare
The whole in her soul

Covered with batman bandaids
Knowing all along it was man made

Broken to the bone with a heart of stone
Oct 2016 · 553
Innocent Oct 2016
The ****** snow covers the sins of fall
Sprawled are the ungainly wings of a broken angel
Their unfaithful souls stain the air with cries
Goodbyes are left for the lonely
Sep 2016 · 250
Sweet Dreams
Innocent Sep 2016
Twinkle twinkle little star
Your story played out by the celestial guitars
Up above the world so high
Jeweled colors of the butterfly
When the blazing sun has gone
And the  duck has turned into  a swan
You show your little light
So the children can dance with delight
Twinkle twinkle
Aug 2016 · 242
Pink and Blue
Innocent Aug 2016
His love for him was like friendship on fire
It pulsed through his veins
Balancing him on a high wire

Pink and blue
Wearing the wrong hue
Religion and politics state their case
Leaving the world in disgrace

Black or white
Who can say what is wrong and what is right

To be so lucky to find your mate
Who cares if you got to the party late
Aug 2016 · 217
The family jacket
Innocent Aug 2016
He left for work everyday in his khaki's and sweater
But she knew better
Feeling the rage of his leather
Bare foot and pregnant
Everything looked perfect and pleasant
The family jacket was the talk of the neighborhood
Henry and Hank their fathers son's 
Grace, her heart, her moon, her sun.
The daughter from another
Her one and only true love.
He pretends he doesn't know
Taking out his anger
Blow by blow
The family jacket
Oh how he adored her
So beautiful his sweet little
The family jacket is a creole saying for another man's child
Jul 2016 · 343
All she wanted
Innocent Jul 2016
All she wanted was to be loved
Loved unconditionally
Unconditional and safe
Safe from the things that go bump in the night
Night dreams wrapped in cotton
Cotton soft and warm
Warm embrace of strong arms
Arms that keep her  secure
Secure in the love she always wanted
Jul 2016 · 436
Innocent Jul 2016
Do we choose to love
Or is that choice made from above
Do the stars and moon have to align
Or is it simply by design
Do elfs sprinkle us with fairies dust
Or do our phermones collide and  combust
Do we instinctively recognize our soul mates
Or do we have date 100 mistakes

We can not demand love
We can not command love
We can stage seduction
We can mount a courtship
Illusions dancing together
But not love 

Love is a force of nature
Jul 2016 · 305
Innocent Jul 2016
Baby songbird
Sadly unheard
Sprinkling  her tunes
Along the dunes

The flowers, the tress and the honeybees
Whisper to her in the breeze
Little songbird
Come share your love
Let it fly on the wings of a dove

Populate use with fragrant
colors  of joy
Purple, yellow, silver and gold
Nothing left inside but a single note to hold

Sing pretty bird sing
for all to behold
Not sure where it went
So reposting
Jun 2016 · 239
Color of music
Innocent Jun 2016
He suspected he was unique
Maybe even a bit of a freak
The colors of music
From the old jukebox in the den
His only friend
Morning, noon and night
Recite, recite, recite
May 2016 · 657
Innocent May 2016
She closes her eyes to block out the sadness
Everywhere there is red
intense passion
false courage
Encouraging impulsiveness
Evoking deep emotional and spiritual connotations.
in her dreams
Is she lacking energy.
feeling tired or lethargic.

the color of danger


****** impulses and urges.
Perhaps it's  time for her to stop and think about her  actions

Open her eyes and see the beauty of red
warm and positive
exciting emotions 
take action.
spirit and leadership qualities
Overcome the shyness and remove the sadness
May 2016 · 2.4k
Innocent May 2016
She lay beneath the soft cotton of the universe.
Hands bound by the silk of the vines.
Her green eyes flutter like the wings on a butterfly.

Anticipating his touch, she shivers with excitement.

Beg, he whispers in her ear.

I am your master,  your king.

Please, please.

I am your servant, your captive.

Take me upon the web of your lair as my will no longer belongs to me.
I obey and submit to you, for you will watch over my soul.
I will do this with joy and happiness.
Apr 2016 · 581
Blue Bird
Innocent Apr 2016
Little blue bird sitting in the tree
Why are you staring at me ?
Take flight and be carefree
While I sit and have some chablis
Drunk on wine, dressed as a dandelion
Man's worst enemy, and mom's first bouquet
Given to her on Easter day
I sit at the window with the  bars
Nothing to look at but the stars
 Bright lights like lanterns in the night
They shoot ,they fall
I make my call
Star light star bright
May I have the wish I wish tonight
Hey there little blue bird sitting in the tree
Why did you stop staring at me?
Apr 2016 · 828
Innocent Apr 2016
My life changed that September day
A day that started like all others
A day that left me alone 

A day where I had to call  911
The memory burned in my mind 
But a day I can't really remember
A day I pleaded with anyone and  everyone

Please wake up

A day overcome with sorrow 
A day when I  first experienced helplessness


Today is a new beginning
Today I discover a new me
Today I start to breathe
Feb 2016 · 605
Blue Door
Innocent Feb 2016
The yellow house with the blue door
Nobody goes there anymore
The widow sits alone
Lost in her own hailstone
The house thirst for its former days
Laughter it's daily calls
Trucks, blocks and dolls
Scattered throughout the halls

The sign is on the lawn
The widow is long gone
The yellow house with the blue door
Feb 2016 · 328
Innocent Feb 2016
To quote David Cassidy

I think I love you
Jan 2016 · 1.1k
Innocent Jan 2016
he eyes his prize with simple lies
the heat, the sweet deceit
his body aches with anticipation of the take
its golden color his beholder
chips to seals his lips
white, silver, gold
all he want is a sliver to sooth his soul
a glass, ice and a fresh slice
trago, don julio and cabo wabo
worth the whoa
don't know but here we go
# tequila
Jan 2016 · 333
Innocent Jan 2016
He's alone
How did this happen?
I guess underneath he's always known  
He's an ***
Jan 2016 · 261
Sands of time
Innocent Jan 2016
It's been 973 days
Days filled with adventure, laughter, joy and passion  
Passion, new experiences shared,  taking us to new heights
Heights sending her crashing
Crashing waves surrounded by silence
Silence, no explication, no story
Story, the same old story
Story of forbidden love
 Love as ancient as time
Time has come and gone
Jan 2016 · 329
Innocent Jan 2016
          the roots  of our  heart
crickets and bee's
        the rythmic  stridulations of Mozart
             our  own  lullaby
Dec 2015 · 494
wish upon a star
Innocent Dec 2015
I love the stars
their beauty echoes like  the soft notes of your guitar
every star we see asks us to believe
a falling star, a shooting star or a bursting supernovae
they are our Casanova
Nov 2015 · 704
Innocent Nov 2015
They tell me you've died
I want to think it's a lie
Are you walking along the clouds
Feeling lost amongst the crowd 
Are the moon and the stars  now your friends
Does  the morning sun lead to a dead end
Tell me, is it true
Do you feel like it's a deja vous
Can we believe all the reviews
Which God is the bona fide deal
Buddha, Jehovah, Shiva or Allah?
I suppose we all have our Achille heel

Everything ends in a black hole

My heart is strangled and I can't breathe
Everything is entangled and I don't know how to proceed
Nov 2015 · 850
Club membership
Innocent Nov 2015
The word itself is dreadful
It has no synonym, only a definition
It has a color, black
It has words
Grief, tears, loneliness, poverty,  panic, guilt and anger

Experts abound
Describing feelings
Reciting the most recent stages of grief like a rosary
With the promise that time will heal

Only she feels  ignorant, confused and incompetent
Widowhood a club that no one elects to join
Sep 2015 · 575
Innocent Sep 2015
I'm here alone
not new for me
nows it's completely different
Sep 2015 · 749
what moves you
Innocent Sep 2015
the feel of sun on your face
the sweet smell of autumn

the music of the heart
the breeze off the ocean

love of your family
the joy of solitude

the way your man places his hand in the small of your back
how he looks at you from across the room

a surprise phone call from a long lost friend
a night out with the girls

the first time your child says mamma
your grand babies giggles

a big win at the office
small step forward

whatever it is that moves you
cherish it.
Sep 2015 · 456
My Blue Eye Boy
Innocent Sep 2015
Your sweet face lights up my life
Life as joyous as the summer breeze
Breeze whispering the name in my heart
Heart beating to the rythym of the night
Night dreams filled with sugar and spice
Spice is what you bring to light 
Light is the ultimate being
Sep 2015 · 442
Innocent Sep 2015
I'm feeling kind of caught
Am I happy or not
Am I better or worse
After saying the verse
I do
My friend asked me to post her first poem
Aug 2015 · 795
Innocent Aug 2015
I'm here, right in front if you
Been waiting in the queue
In my fish net stockings and Jimmy Choo's
You look right through me
So sophisticated, so bourgeoisie
An imposter in fancy duds
Filled with ice cold blood
Nothing matters, nothing, so self absorbed
I hurt, I feel pain, I hemorrhage
Look up, embrace the dream
Take your head out of the guillotine
Love, live, enjoy
Pick me, in my fancy shoes, beautiful,  pristine
Aug 2015 · 720
Innocent Aug 2015
I miss us
I miss the way your heart sang  me a love song when I laid my head upon your chest
How our bodies instinctively recognize each other
I miss the way you held me at night and how our hands had to remain connected
I miss the way your smile could make me blush
How you held my face when we kissed
I miss the way your face would light up when you played  your guitar
How  you
took time to learn my favorite songs
I miss us

Now it's  complicated
Aug 2015 · 488
Innocent Aug 2015
I need to know
Should I stay or should I go?
I need to know
Am I still your Beau?
I need to know
Was I a Jane Doe?
I need to know
Was I another notch on your bow ?
I need to know
Are things status quo ?
I need to know
Should I be getting my ducks in a row?
I need to know
Are we on a high or a low ?
I need to know
Are all systems a go?
Should I just go with the flow
Aug 2015 · 768
Innocent Aug 2015
If I could fly
I'd want to soar in the sky
To spread my hands and feel the wind passing by
I would hover over the mountains and trees
And float in the summer breeze
I'd introduce myself to the boy on the moon
Creating a fragrance from dunes
Sail along the mantel of the earth
Transitioning through a spiritual rebirth
In the end my particals will scatter and blend with the atmosphere
Jul 2015 · 1.3k
Innocent Jul 2015
The water glisten like crystal
As dragonflies dance to the music of the surf
A symphony of sound emanates from this quiet section on earth
Adam lays in the shadow of the coconut tree, listening
A splash in the distance distracts his attention
Eve emerges from the sweet blue water
Her basket full of fish
Swinging her hips in a coquetish way
Adam catches his breath
Her beauty confusing his senses
Leaving him defenseless
Its time, whipers the serpent
Taste the fruit she so wantonly offers
Jul 2015 · 559
Innocent Jul 2015
She sits alone in her room
Restricted, feeling like a tomb

Longing to belong

Her heart  beats a lonely tune
Consume by the unfolding nature of life 

Her soul crumbles opening another crack in the lullabies

People are not meant to live in isolation

Just close your eyes
Jun 2015 · 464
take flight
Innocent Jun 2015
I wish I could write
My head spins but I see no light
All I want to do is take flight

To soar  over mountains and swim in a lake

I want to live my life on a diet of Pepsi and chocolate cake
To feel like a hummingbird and the beauty of the magnetic midnight

I sit and loose myself in the allusion of
Gabriel Buchman's painting, Golden Life. But words continue to elude me

I continue to try and try
Jun 2015 · 410
girls will be girls
Innocent Jun 2015
Love should feel like you're floating on a cloud of blue
Or is that just a bunch of Hullabaloo
We are brain washed to believe
Is it worth the time to be pursued

Cinderella, sleeping beauty and all the gang
Who's the fairest in the land
Us girls learned it first hand
Sitting on the laps of our grande dames

Fantasy was taught to be real
Illusion turns out to be a raw  deal
We are a new breed
Applauded and encouraged to succeed
Put away those fairy tales
And say hello to the 21st  century female
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