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3.2k · Aug 2014
Innocent Aug 2014
Found too late.                        
You already have a mate.
Our eyes meet from across the street.  
Instinctively knowing we were meant to meet.                                    
You feel entirely whole, healed and intact.                                        
You cross, closing the divide.
Both of you knowing this cannot be denied.    
Right there in the middle of the road.
You touch and the air explodes.  
Eyes locked, all life's experiences communicated.
A soft smile, a nod and a goodbye.      
Another time another July.
2.4k · May 2016
Innocent May 2016
She lay beneath the soft cotton of the universe.
Hands bound by the silk of the vines.
Her green eyes flutter like the wings on a butterfly.

Anticipating his touch, she shivers with excitement.

Beg, he whispers in her ear.

I am your master,  your king.

Please, please.

I am your servant, your captive.

Take me upon the web of your lair as my will no longer belongs to me.
I obey and submit to you, for you will watch over my soul.
I will do this with joy and happiness.
2.0k · Nov 2014
Set free
Innocent Nov 2014
If it's to be
It's up to me

Everything in me wants to flee
To the top of the tress
Where I can live and be free

Connect with nature
Be a baker, teacher or a Sergeant major
Rule the kingdom
With baby Lincoln and a trio of fearsome pilgrims

Swing from branch to beach
The sand, the water and the sea
Is this where I'm meant to be
Siting under a coconut tree drinking Chablis

Sunning with sea creatures
Feeling like a cheater
The heat and the sun
Making this a home run

Knowing it's where I'm meant to be
Me and all my heart is set free
1.8k · Sep 2018
To be.
Innocent Sep 2018
All is alive with rebirth.
The heat from the golden globe in the sky dries the
Water droplets glistening from the wings of the dragonfly.
Souls are transferring along the silk of the spiders creation.
Ah, reincarnation.

Love, survival , desire, it all binds us.
Superfluous, or not.
It is our goal, we seek, have sought, is it all for naught?

Soulmates, instinctively recognize the other.
Calmness engulfs the energy,  draining any memory.
Freedom to be.
1.7k · Aug 2014
summer days
Innocent Aug 2014
Alarm ringing
Pitter patter of little feet
Orange juice, aroma of coffee, burnt toast and butter
Pigtails, sundresses, baseball cap and shorts

Children playing, water splashing
Scraped knees and band-aids
Smell of fresh cut grass and lavender
Warm summer breeze
Picnic lunches and napping in hammocks

Mothers calling, children running
Hot dogs and hamburgers
Corn on the cob, watermelon
In and out in a half hour

Tag, kick the can, hide and seek
Fire flies and mason jars  
S'mores,  camp fires, scary stories
Sunset, red sky at night.

Bubble bath and baby powder    
Onesies, quiet time
Bedtime reading and nightly prayers
Warm bed and sweet dreams
1.3k · Jul 2015
Innocent Jul 2015
The water glisten like crystal
As dragonflies dance to the music of the surf
A symphony of sound emanates from this quiet section on earth
Adam lays in the shadow of the coconut tree, listening
A splash in the distance distracts his attention
Eve emerges from the sweet blue water
Her basket full of fish
Swinging her hips in a coquetish way
Adam catches his breath
Her beauty confusing his senses
Leaving him defenseless
Its time, whipers the serpent
Taste the fruit she so wantonly offers
1.1k · Sep 2014
Innocent Sep 2014
When we first met                          
I knew we were meant to be a set  
A pair, a duo, a duplet    
Chemistry and energy  is our aura
Looking styling in our fedoras

Flirting and singing, sending off sparks of true blue                    
Our meeting a real coup,  straight out of a mystery by  Nancy Drew                        
You add peace and subtract sorrow  
My head as clear as the sky on top of Mount Kilimanjaro
I will love you until there is no tomorrow

You are my friend, my partner, my life
I don't want any disagreement or strife
Just fun, entertainment and rife

Always and forever.
1.1k · Dec 2014
The List
Innocent Dec 2014
He woke well before dawn
Pulling his husky body from the warm comforts of his bed
Today is the day, hard decisions need to be made
He settles in, whisky on the rocks, and his trusted amigo, Henry the  Hummingbird
The list is long, so he checks it twice
There was Jinxxed for Life,  Mina Steele and Richard Barnes.
Lexi Smith and can't forget Wolfspirit with his beautiful lyric
S Creeker and the enchanted soul of Ember Eravescent
News blaring from the radio temporarily distracting him from the task at hand
Just Melz and Wordvango
Whatever happened to the Samantha's, Joseph's and the Vicki's.
Blue eyes dancing reflecting "R" crinkling at the humour of Hank Helman
They've all been naughty for sure
Nice, that would be such a bore
Cheers to the world of poetry and all its glory
1.1k · Jan 2016
Innocent Jan 2016
he eyes his prize with simple lies
the heat, the sweet deceit
his body aches with anticipation of the take
its golden color his beholder
chips to seals his lips
white, silver, gold
all he want is a sliver to sooth his soul
a glass, ice and a fresh slice
trago, don julio and cabo wabo
worth the whoa
don't know but here we go
# tequila
1.1k · Dec 2014
I hung my head
Innocent Dec 2014
I hung my head, I hung my head
I looked down and all I saw was red

I walk along the outer rim of the atmosphere
Reveling in the beauty of the frontier
I hung my head, I hung my head

I lay me down in a feather bed
I saw the brilliance of the sunrise
Dew drops on the wings of a dragonfly
I hung my head, I hung my head

I taste the sugar of lead
The poisonous white solid used to **** the mighty Mohamed
I hung my head, I hung my head

I see the children and the underfed
And I wonder

I hung my head, I hung my head
Artist: Sting
It inspired me simply cause I love the song and they way Sting writes
1.1k · Nov 2014
Innocent Nov 2014
Are you lonesome
Do you miss me
Like a moth
To the light
Your smile
Shows me the way
To you
It was all child's play
I feel so foolish
I fell for your words
Like an actor
In a theatre
For the absurd
So easily replaced
Somebody new
To take my place
Always knew
The time would come
Just wish.....
965 · Nov 2014
Innocent Nov 2014
Peppermint Palace and Lollipop Heaven
Beautiful and breathtaking as Aurora Borealis
Fairy Princess doing the nasty with the Bridge Trolls
Everybody watching them from the fish bowl
Love, throws you around like a Raggedy Ann
Making believe you're happy but falling apart like Peter Pan
Magical land, imaginary friends
Transcend,  and resent
Emerald necklace dangling from the Ice Empress
Life is a roller coaster ride
Enjoy like Jekyll and Hyde
Forever crossing the Great Divide
881 · May 2015
Innocent May 2015
She sits
Outwardly calm and cool
Flahes from her past  forcing long repressed emotions to bubble and escape
A tear trickles down her cheek

Decisions made
Consequences and regrets
Uncontrollable but livable
Except for the child

Thirty-five years of self punishment
One decision made from fear
Changing her life

He found her
855 · Nov 2014
Innocent Nov 2014
Your smile lights up my world
The sweetness of a hummingbird
Leaving me weak and unnerved

Those eyes, blue as the sea and sky
Breathtaking in your tux and bow tie
Lost in the night of Shanghai

Indulge me, ****** me, encourage me
Lead me down the path of audaciousness
Raising hell, leaving nothing but a shell
Waking to the sound of church bells
In my own private cell

Nothing looks familiar but everything looks the same
And there you stand, fair game
Looking at me, lost in the emerald of my eyes and the innocence of my  smile

Love me, hug me, kiss me.
850 · Nov 2015
Club membership
Innocent Nov 2015
The word itself is dreadful
It has no synonym, only a definition
It has a color, black
It has words
Grief, tears, loneliness, poverty,  panic, guilt and anger

Experts abound
Describing feelings
Reciting the most recent stages of grief like a rosary
With the promise that time will heal

Only she feels  ignorant, confused and incompetent
Widowhood a club that no one elects to join
828 · Apr 2016
Innocent Apr 2016
My life changed that September day
A day that started like all others
A day that left me alone 

A day where I had to call  911
The memory burned in my mind 
But a day I can't really remember
A day I pleaded with anyone and  everyone

Please wake up

A day overcome with sorrow 
A day when I  first experienced helplessness


Today is a new beginning
Today I discover a new me
Today I start to breathe
795 · Aug 2015
Innocent Aug 2015
I'm here, right in front if you
Been waiting in the queue
In my fish net stockings and Jimmy Choo's
You look right through me
So sophisticated, so bourgeoisie
An imposter in fancy duds
Filled with ice cold blood
Nothing matters, nothing, so self absorbed
I hurt, I feel pain, I hemorrhage
Look up, embrace the dream
Take your head out of the guillotine
Love, live, enjoy
Pick me, in my fancy shoes, beautiful,  pristine
777 · Jul 2014
The key
Innocent Jul 2014
She wears it around her neck on a chain. Safe in the only home it's known, smug between her *******.
A key to her first diary, where she wrote about her hopes and her dreams. About her love for the boy down the street and about how she lost her virginity and cried for a week.        
A key to her trousseau, holding warmth from the blankets and linens,  practicality from the dishware,  love from  the Shakespeare poems and long awaited hope from the yellowing lace.  
A key to her first home, with the white picket fence and the swing set in the back. Where her children would grow up, where laughter would ring and loneliness would echo in the halls                
A key to her favorite jewelry box, with the diamond earrings and macaroni necklace.  The discarded ring that she had to ask for and that never quite fit  
He knows the key is there, he's seen it for 3 decades.  He knows the devastation that is in store if he uses it.
Its the key to open her heart.
768 · Aug 2015
Innocent Aug 2015
If I could fly
I'd want to soar in the sky
To spread my hands and feel the wind passing by
I would hover over the mountains and trees
And float in the summer breeze
I'd introduce myself to the boy on the moon
Creating a fragrance from dunes
Sail along the mantel of the earth
Transitioning through a spiritual rebirth
In the end my particals will scatter and blend with the atmosphere
759 · Feb 2015
Innocent Feb 2015
The sun glistens
And the ice on the trees shine
While the church bells send a haunting chime
Lost in the glory of the apmasphere
She wraps her arms tighter around herself sensing he was near
She knows the end is ineviable
And unquestionable
These are the risk you take as a spy
You know, being the bad guy
She slips behind the building hoping for a moment of reflection
Believing in reincarnation
Another day and another time we will be reunited
Our love song rewritten
The gunefire echos off the wall of the building
Feeling the sharp pain piercing
Never lettings go of the one piece of hope for another tomorrow
749 · Feb 2015
Innocent Feb 2015
Dear mother of mine
You have done it again
You have  crossed the line
You believe you've been kind
But this is part of your grand design

Holier-than-thou you pretend to be
A sinner your false persona hides
Judgement day will be your demise
With all your lies it shouldn't come as a surprise

Asking for forgiveness
Is your ace up your sleeve
But only if your believe

When it's time to say goodbye
Heaven is where you will think you'll reside
But we know where you will lie
749 · Sep 2015
what moves you
Innocent Sep 2015
the feel of sun on your face
the sweet smell of autumn

the music of the heart
the breeze off the ocean

love of your family
the joy of solitude

the way your man places his hand in the small of your back
how he looks at you from across the room

a surprise phone call from a long lost friend
a night out with the girls

the first time your child says mamma
your grand babies giggles

a big win at the office
small step forward

whatever it is that moves you
cherish it.
720 · Aug 2015
Innocent Aug 2015
I miss us
I miss the way your heart sang  me a love song when I laid my head upon your chest
How our bodies instinctively recognize each other
I miss the way you held me at night and how our hands had to remain connected
I miss the way your smile could make me blush
How you held my face when we kissed
I miss the way your face would light up when you played  your guitar
How  you
took time to learn my favorite songs
I miss us

Now it's  complicated
719 · Sep 2014
Innocent Sep 2014
Every day all day
All I think about is getting laid
Perhaps I should look at getting paid
But I'm afraid
My human parents had me spaid
704 · Nov 2015
Innocent Nov 2015
They tell me you've died
I want to think it's a lie
Are you walking along the clouds
Feeling lost amongst the crowd 
Are the moon and the stars  now your friends
Does  the morning sun lead to a dead end
Tell me, is it true
Do you feel like it's a deja vous
Can we believe all the reviews
Which God is the bona fide deal
Buddha, Jehovah, Shiva or Allah?
I suppose we all have our Achille heel

Everything ends in a black hole

My heart is strangled and I can't breathe
Everything is entangled and I don't know how to proceed
694 · Jan 2015
Innocent Jan 2015
I am a moth to your flame
                 But if it's all the same
         I wish that you would refrain

                   I'm all out of love
To many times have I been disposed of
        Even though we fit like a glove

                     What's next
                  I'm so perplexed
                      But babe
           I'm a moth to your flame
683 · Feb 2017
Life as we see it
Innocent Feb 2017
Go gently into the night
Fight against the secrets of sleep
Peak into the abyss
Find your release in the dreams that await
Fantasy and fiction
Or simply the subconscious
Is this reality,
Our true self,
The essence of our being?
Alarm bells
The spell has been broken
We cast our eyes over and take stock of things as they are

A perceived existence
683 · Nov 2014
Innocent Nov 2014
she wanders the halls
searching unsatisfactory
amongst the coterie
no where to be found
surrounded by the drunk
and the profound
hesitation with sadness
realization with brokenness
left with nothing
but empty promises
she should have know
promises are always broken
683 · Jul 2014
The man in the white suit
Innocent Jul 2014
He sits, he listens, he watches
As the children play. 1,2 buckle my shoe.
They are completely unaware of the man in the white suit.
He whispers, tell me something funny
Laughter explodes and is caught by the breeze of a warm summer day
3, 4 shut the door, as he whispers, tell me something sweet
A young boy steal his first kiss
5, 6 pick up sticks, as he whispers, tell me anything.                                        
Children's voices raise as they play, completely unaware of the man in the white suit as he sits and listens and               watches.
658 · Jan 2017
Innocent Jan 2017
Music notes dance along the colours of the Northern Lights
The sky waltzing into the night
The moon, the stars, our compass guide
Love, life, laughter all collide
In the morning the sun will shine
Brides dry their eyes, laying aside their tapestry
Breathlessly saying goodbye to their chastity
657 · May 2016
Innocent May 2016
She closes her eyes to block out the sadness
Everywhere there is red
intense passion
false courage
Encouraging impulsiveness
Evoking deep emotional and spiritual connotations.
in her dreams
Is she lacking energy.
feeling tired or lethargic.

the color of danger


****** impulses and urges.
Perhaps it's  time for her to stop and think about her  actions

Open her eyes and see the beauty of red
warm and positive
exciting emotions 
take action.
spirit and leadership qualities
Overcome the shyness and remove the sadness
620 · Nov 2014
Innocent Nov 2014
Unique images, ideas  and emotions
All kinds of notions
They are frightening and exciting
Magical, adventurous and  ******.
Taken so casual
Completely uncontrollable
But oh so enjoyable

Day dreaming or night dreams
No matter what the theme
An escape from reality
To a place where morality doesn't exist

A cigar smoking **** star
Or a multi million dollar secret agent
Imagination sets the pace

Here, in my room slightly displaced
Can't seem to fight the rat race
Sadness spreading like a toxin in my bloodstream
I close my eyes in anticipation of the next dream
619 · Oct 2014
Innocent Oct 2014
I know you saw me
So why do you pretend you didn't

I know you get my texts
So why don't you respond

I know I keep you calm
So why do you resist

I know I make you laugh
So why do you cry

I know you said no strings
So why tie me up so tight

I know you love me
So why do you deny

I know
Why don't you
615 · Feb 2017
You Me
Innocent Feb 2017
You  Me
A cosmic pair
Magnetic forces in the night
We are not married
We are not dating
We are involved
We are in tune
We create an aura of orange
Vitality, excitement and stamina
Our electricity fuels the sky
Another day
Me  You
Not  yet found
605 · Feb 2016
Blue Door
Innocent Feb 2016
The yellow house with the blue door
Nobody goes there anymore
The widow sits alone
Lost in her own hailstone
The house thirst for its former days
Laughter it's daily calls
Trucks, blocks and dolls
Scattered throughout the halls

The sign is on the lawn
The widow is long gone
The yellow house with the blue door
595 · Oct 2014
Innocent Oct 2014
Angels in the sky
They tell no lies
Angels in the night
Have inner light

No one to protect her
No angels for the lost
Between two world
Nowhere to cross

Wandering with no escape
Good or evil, a changing shape
Draw to the man in the cape
Motioning to the landscape

Choices to be made
Hopefully coming with aid
All debts have been paid
Praying she hasn't been played

Turning to the left, turning to the right
Into the hazy night with a sense of delight
Realizing one angel that was not quite white
Her guardian angel, her chance for a rewrite
585 · Nov 2014
Pretty things
Innocent Nov 2014
I always liked nice things
Didn't understand why, just knew I wanted to live like princesses or kings
I realized at a young age that no one was gonna get them for me but me
Started babysitting children as many as three
Got a retail job at sixteen
Figured out quickly life was just a smoke screen
Been working ever since
Thought I'd found my prince
I tried so hard to believe
But I was deceived
At twenty two decided to go back to post secondary school .
I worked two jobs,  and lived on my own.
Ventured out to the combat zone
Have drive and ambition
Things that are admired in men but
Feared and condemned in women
I now live in a beautiful home,  drive a luxury vechile and have a high paying job
After all these years I still like the finer things in life
But I have realized the one and only thing I have ever wanted was to belong
585 · May 2015
Innocent May 2015
Can you hear me
Can you see me
I am flying
I am smiling

We traveled through the universe
On our magic carpet
Weaving a taspstry of tales
Leaving explosions of urban myths in our wake

Can you feel me
Can you touch
I am trying
I am dying

We've fallen down the rabbit hole
The heat stirs our souls
Our destination still unknown
Strangers in this foreign time zone

Can you hold me
Can you love me
I am sinking
I am disappearing

We have come to the end of the earth
Buried in death, lies and rebirth
So long to the fairytales and lullabies
581 · Apr 2016
Blue Bird
Innocent Apr 2016
Little blue bird sitting in the tree
Why are you staring at me ?
Take flight and be carefree
While I sit and have some chablis
Drunk on wine, dressed as a dandelion
Man's worst enemy, and mom's first bouquet
Given to her on Easter day
I sit at the window with the  bars
Nothing to look at but the stars
 Bright lights like lanterns in the night
They shoot ,they fall
I make my call
Star light star bright
May I have the wish I wish tonight
Hey there little blue bird sitting in the tree
Why did you stop staring at me?
577 · Jul 2014
Innocent Jul 2014
Hello, are you there?
Why do I feel so all alone when I can still feel you, smell you?
Every day I'm asked,  how are you?  You know with that sad. ".R "    
Can they not see the haze that surrounds me?
Your haze.          
When I go to bed at night I can feel you, my body recognizing your touch, I shiver, sending goosebumps  down my spine.
Your scent emanates from my pillow, lulling me into a false sense of security
How long has it been?
A day, a week, a month, a year.        
Time has no boundaries.      
You're not a figment of my imagination.
I know you're there,  you promised you would never leave me.  
You promised.
I miss you.
Please find a way to come back to me
575 · Sep 2015
Innocent Sep 2015
I'm here alone
not new for me
nows it's completely different
559 · Jul 2015
Innocent Jul 2015
She sits alone in her room
Restricted, feeling like a tomb

Longing to belong

Her heart  beats a lonely tune
Consume by the unfolding nature of life 

Her soul crumbles opening another crack in the lullabies

People are not meant to live in isolation

Just close your eyes
553 · Oct 2016
Innocent Oct 2016
The ****** snow covers the sins of fall
Sprawled are the ungainly wings of a broken angel
Their unfaithful souls stain the air with cries
Goodbyes are left for the lonely
550 · Jan 2015
Innocent Jan 2015
It's hard to accept that we are
          not in control of what our heart feels


        We are solely responsible for our               action

Knowledge of the hearts wants can be used to manipulated and destroy

                        play safe
538 · Sep 2014
28 days
Innocent Sep 2014
Dreams filled with knights in shining armour
Her cheeks flushed, she lets out a soft groan
As she realizes she's woken up alone

A princess roaming aimlessly
Her wings broken and tattered
Can you see my strength even though I am weak
She wants to be special and unique

She stretches,  everything hurts
Loneliness causing such intense pain
That nothing seems to be the same but his old shirt

All around her the walls are white
This being her twelfth night
How many more must she endure
Or is this just a slight detour

Watching the stars knowing that they will answer her plea
16 more days and she will be set free
 A life without wings, princess and kings
529 · Jun 2014
What if
Innocent Jun 2014
What if I never left Montreal?
Would this be in French
What if I married the first man who asked?                            
Would I have children or grandchildren
What if I went to university when I originally planned?
Would I have a different career
What if I had said no?                      
Would I have remained pure              
What if I had been born first?
Would I be loved more
What if I had been born a man?
Would I be more successful
What if I'd never been born?
524 · Jun 2018
Innocent Jun 2018
The road was wet from the morning rain.
Rain as sweet smelling as the flowers they fed.
Fed up with the world around her, she dreamed of being free.
Free, they say, is liberating.
Liberated from the chains that bind and fasten tightly.
Tightly she grips the ropes.
Ropes thrown to the sky capturing the stars.
Stars colliding gushing millions of gamma rays.
Rays that light the evening roads.
Roads wet from the morning rain.
516 · Apr 2015
Innocent Apr 2015
I lay in bed
My heart as heavy as lead
Breathe , in and out
Tomorrow will come, there is no doubt

Brokenness, soulfulness, woefulness

Today, the sun has risen
Such a contradiction
Darkness  surrounding
Leaving the story unwritten

Ferociousness, outspokeness, emotionless

Yesterday, looking for a do over
Constantly looking over ones shoulder
Trying to remember
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
515 · Dec 2014
Christmas Wish
Innocent Dec 2014
All I want for Christmas is


I miss you
509 · Dec 2014
plain jane
Innocent Dec 2014
Want to be extrodinary
               Not ordinary
Want to be the one with the brain
           Not some plain Jane
Wrap me up and tie me down
Last seen fleeing in a wedding gown
          Confused, where to go
Break the string to the puppet show
Want to be me
                  Not one of three
Want to dance
            Not be dismissed at first glance
Break free and run wild
Dare to break the rules
              Play pool and be a fool
Continental shelf in of oneself,  remember yourself
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