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inflamedveins Aug 2014
Dead tress cast shadows
Ghosts of the once living thing
They sway in dark grey
inflamedveins May 2014
i am trying to be somebody i am not
but i am happy
inflamedveins May 2014
This is not the tired sleep can fix

This is not the demotivation inspiration can cure

Not my purpose, not my please
just a sore and timeless tease
that wakes me up in the deepest of hours
and shakes my bones
when i most desperately need peace
inflamedveins May 2014
I am no *** minded
hormone raged
oily greasy mess
of a boy

I'm both a lover and a ******
A sinner and a sack of redundant words

My harm is to myself
so why take the cross?
inflamedveins May 2014
If i was her lover
I would have poetic *** in the ocean
reciting poetry to her
while I **** her

If i was her lover
She would be the mermaid of the ocean
Whom I am jealous to touch
and while I am here wading
wanting to make sweet love with its bride

If only I was her lover
I would whisper passions in her ear
like waves whispering on the shores
of her children

The water of the sea, he chokes me
surrounds me
but i am having poetic *** in the sea
with she

and i say to her, my lover
"i met a mermaid out in the sea
she came to me and poetic *** she needs
i grabbed her heart
and laid inside her
see i'm still a man who wants pleasure
and poetry together
i'm jealous of her lover
yet i'm having poetic *** with her
in the ocean"

My love moans
let's me own
her majestic bones
and her ravaged soul
is radiating
with every ******
beckoning passion
in this historic sensation
so intense
so loud
so real and unreal

and in her throes i hear
water logging in my ear
this moment here
of me ******* my lover
in the sea
i guess that's why they call it
******* poetry.
A girl and I were having an engaging conversation about running in the woods and diving into the nearby lake. She says she would run naked in the woods; it will be easier for her to win the race that way(i think that's cheating)
and so i got big ***** and i imagined how it would be, to scream poetry out in the sea, while having amazing *** with her.
so this is the baby of a *****.
inflamedveins May 2014
A dogs vision
two partial colors
both their names
black and white
are its sight

behold the dog
mans trusting and loyal friend
always seeing you
black and white
humans have the spectrum
in their eyes
witnessing the blood
in a ******
but closing their mouth
admiring the greens
in a field
but is too daft to see
the blues and the yellows

here everything is
black and white
nothing tainted with hue
or marked by tone

my poems are red
see guidelines are red
but the rest is
*black and white
inflamedveins Jan 2014
above this skull of cracks and calcium
is the transcending spiral to climb
to climb

this psychedelic reunion
with the blurring of sides
leaving a tunnel vision
of blinding light

black behind closed eyelids
colors within a soul
keys to the afterlife
or after shock
or after wave
i have left this physical plane

transcending into a vortex
of pure light and floating ceilings
a distorted reality unfolds

nevertheless a reality much real
and so full of life
this becomes my home
i am *transcending
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