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Gabriel Dorian Nov 2015
I had been a wandering soul 'til I met you,
    Love has hearkened;
       You captivated my soul
Gabriel Dorian Nov 2015
Rest your head on my shoulders, love me forever more. I am yours to keep--- now until the end of time.
Gabriel Dorian Nov 2015
I am a leaf; for even I--- have fallen for you.
Gabriel Dorian May 2015
Would you ask me to take you back?
Gabriel Dorian May 2015
Tell me that you are happy right now, tell me that you are. If not, then it was a mistake parting ways.
Gabriel Dorian May 2015
I only write when I am falling in love
Or on the height of its adversary
But this time I write
As I pick myslef from chaos
To rebuild who I am
And continue living.
Gabriel Dorian Apr 2015
As I walked these halls filled with so much memory,
I reminisce the glory of the days gone by,
I sit by a pavement where our hearts once lingered,
And I looked to the stars where our hopes were kindled

The sun was scorching its heat that summer day,
You came like a blowing winter on a hot day,
Then I found myself seating next to a stranger,
You felt so different, someone I’ve never seen

You didn’t say a word yet I felt so uplifted,
You knew me before I uttered a single word,
You heard what was lurking in my heart all these times,
You told me, I was in dire need of salvation

It was our untimely meeting I ever pondered,
In my dreams, there an angel stood by my side,
The sunlight shone her beautiful eyes,
An ecclesiastical angel, who was sent by heaven prevailed.

Time has become our prime our greatest companion,
It has witnessed all the stories the stories our lives have written,
As each day that passed by, I spent to know who you are,
And for some inexplicable reason, you knew me

I grew to love an angel whom I thought I could never own,
It was the blazing eloquence you have shared with me,
You spoke of the words of heaven, which I deared most,
What you uttered silenced the demon in me

What I loved the most was how you basked in sunshine,
The sunlight glared through your eyes and I saw love,
In your arms, I felt the security you gave,
As if you embraced all my flaws and imperfections

As the feast of starlight brought enormous joy,
Everyone danced along to its melody,
We sat right next to each other, hands fit perfectly
Your lips pressed upon mine beneath the moonless sky

You shed your angelic wings and became a mortal;
You chose to stay with me here in my world
For years that has been our setting,
It paved way for us to prosper

But there came a day when you received a calling,
By your will, you chose to take up your seat and to regain your wings
You bid me goodbye with a kiss under the stars
And told me that you would be one of them

You now walk in starlight in another world,
In a world so vast and beyond what mankind could fathom
You left me a feather of your wings, to serve as a reminder
That once in our lives the impossible comes to life.
Thank you for all your memories and goodbye.
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