Harsha Vytla Aug 2016

Such a big sin
Ripping the skin
A surreptitious act
Skinning the carcass

Religion for humanity
Turned into others insanity

Harsha Vytla Aug 2016

The chat box I open
again and again
To read our conversation
from beginning to end
The lies we’ve told to look cool?
Should have rather played 8 – ball pool.
And now,
It’s not you in my notifications
but some silly candy crush invitations
We’ve been 'friends for five years'
Still your voice could never echo through my ears
At the internet cafe,
The 20 bucks I’ve spent on you?
Should have rather played Dota 2.

Harsha Vytla Aug 2016

The roads are covered with drain
How would one take pleasure in you, dear rain?
Everyone's exasperated by you; can't you see?
I presume:
They're afraid of being late
But you're the faultless pretext to be made
Sometimes flood, sometimes drought
You're a perilous proffer to be brought.

— The End —