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Harley Oliver Aug 2018
i can't stop thinking about you
what is it about you
that leaves this lingering effect?
i don’t want this
i keep dreaming of you
its always the same.
and sometimes i get aroused
at just the sound of your name
in my dreams you are chaos,
always unfurling in your beauty.
you are indescribable to me
for words are just letters working together to be beautiful, and you are more beautiful than any group of words can ever hope to be
in my dreams you drench me knee deep
in your wit and soundness
you fill my head with such tender words.
i wish i could let you know how much
i love to watch you sparkle in wisdom.
how can i explain to you
that when i feel myself awake
i try not to blink an eye
so that i could live off your touch
for the rest of my life.
as crazy as it sounds,
not even in my dreams
have i ever dreamt
of a girl as perfect as you
and though i continue to dream in fear
i think we both know
i have secretly loved you for so many years
Harley Oliver Jun 2015
she wears merry janes
and tap dances
around a maple tree
she dances with fire
she swings to the
beat of piano strings
she pirouettes to
a lovers cravings
and lyrical sonnets
reciting poems of honey
while each fouette
reflects the moving sky
as i watch the hand
on time tick by
Harley Oliver Jun 2015
i look at you
and i forget i'm human
and when i'm lost in thought
you hangout in my dreams
you live inside me
corrupting my essence;
expending my vibrance
and if you could have my last breath
you'd take that too
Harley Oliver Jun 2015
i wondered about a kiss
the way it would taste
like tahaitian vanilla
and your sunday coffee
down by greenwich village
where we saw all the worlds stage
through a rose colored glass
and those heavy eyes
when the grass was greener
and you left me there to die
Harley Oliver Feb 2015
her lips, lavished and flamed
like a scarlet glow cocktail
ready to thread up a missile
and paint the town red
to stain it with hue
and tint it with ginger
confessing a ripened echo
that makes for a pillow shaped edge
and a cranberry smile
ready to string up an arrow
and taint the world black
into a cesspool of shirley
where a myriad of tempt
and heartaches transpire
just to taste her inducing lips
under an abstract hex
where she practiced sangria
Harley Oliver Feb 2015
a piece of art you are
in your worn out sleeves  
and heart shaped eyes
laid out in a bed of cherries
and a field of tulips to share with me
your ocean view windows
that streak the black sea
into a shift of sheer white pearls
that melt onto me
like chocolate fondue
warm and sweet
you are the taste, the mouthful
of words that sit on my tongue
get along with your truffle kisses
and your red wine lips
begging for the chateau
to soak in the void
and with a mind shining thought
you traced my back
with the stem of a flower
that went on and on
for the next half hour
Harley Oliver Feb 2015
the days draw soon
and it seems like
every second i see you now
is worth swallowing my pride
so i let it overwhelm me
and put it on my dress,
on the sleeping hill
where the butterflies i ate
ensembled me as whole.
where the distance kept growing
and the mind kept flowing
telling us there is no such thing
as steering the uncompromising
hand on time, for i never believed
all the greatest ecstasy in life
could exist in one single moment
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