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HappyHappyHappy May 2017
tick tock tick tock

Time goes flying by

What is this emotion?

Do I want to stop it?

Do I want to let it go?

Mixed emotions fill my empty brain.

tick tock tick tock


12? Already? Am I relieved? Or am I sad?

Have I gone crazy? Why does the clock spin so fast?

My eyes swirl against the misty air
They dart around as if wishing they could stop time, which is impossible.


"Save me"

I don't seems to understand.
wow that was ****** :O
HappyHappyHappy May 2017
Beware humans, you remember
that you have a limit.

Beware you foolish humans, you are crossing a line.
Beware idiot humans, for the shiver up your spine.

I see the ones who cross the line of human
I see the ones who push themselves to inhuman

You! You humans, are you giving me a threat?
I foreshadow your dooms, the money you bet

No creature has gone this far! Aren't you afraid?
Can't you see the destruction you already raid?

Beware! None is perfect! Be the way you are
Press to your skins and feel! The proud white scars

Enough is enough! Now beware you foolish!
Mountains are crumbling, mammals look ghoulish.

Beware you humans, I will repeat!
Until you sob in rubble of the broken streets.

Beware! The perfects who represent your knifes.
You use your brains to spoil your lifes.

Don't you growl at me, you terrible creatures!
You have no one to blame for they are your features!

Beware you humans- I repeat, beware!

**Last time I tell you, no mercy no care!
im sorry that i **** at rhyming. im not very good at expressing thoughts. i know i know the rhyming ***** a lot chill its a free verse (btw it has nothing to do with religion. i was meaning global warming and all that crap)
HappyHappyHappy May 2017
I hate this. I hate everything.

I hate that ideas are leaking out of my brain, I hate that I'm becoming more dumber each second. Is that even a word?

I hate that annoying mouth of mine. I hate it when I spit out a word and I immediately regret it.

I hate it when my emotions take over, and make me drunk of them. I hate it when anger and sadness fight to take over my brain.

I hate it when I can't express my feelings. I hate that I can't explain. I hate that I regret.

I hate randomness. I hate that that site won't let me write stories because my email is wrong or something. I hate that my friend is salty.

I hate that my life isn't going the way I want it to. I hate that no one cares for me. I hate that they lie.

But then again, what can I do? This is life,

And I must learn to love **it.
okay i haven't wrote in a reaaaalllllyyy long time. although i think no one really notices me ill try posting more poems. if u want. which i bet u dont. haha
HappyHappyHappy Apr 2017
"Wanna be my girlfriend?"



Oh oh oh oh oh oh

yes i do
HappyHappyHappy Apr 2017
4 days!!!!!

Are you freaking kidding me???

What kind of weekend is that long?? Why no school on Friday and Monday???

It's hard staying alive 1 second without her- and now I have to wait *4 days

Are you freaking kidding me?!??!?!

I miss her already!!!

But don't worry

1 second with her is like 10 minutes with her

She'll reward me for staying alive for 4 days

Because she likes me now

**Although I'm not sure of it
i like her very much
HappyHappyHappy Apr 2017
"What happened?"* my inner asks me

"I don't know. I'm so confused." I reply.

"She likes you."
"I don't believe it."
".... I don't understand why she would like me. This all seems like a lie. A dream."
"I thought this was what you've always wanted."
"I know! But...... but.."
"I'm so scared that this might be a dream. I'm scared that she'll one day lose interest in me. It's hard to believe."
"This is what you've been always dreaming of!"
"I don't want to love her too much. Because then it'll be more painful when she leaves me."
"I thought you didn't care about pain. You said you didn't care if something hurted you."
"But this is different. It's a different kind of pain. A horrible one. I want to look at her. But when I do, my chest starts hurting so bad. And I want to cry."
"...... so what are you going to do now?"
"I guess...

**I'll love her
shoot im blushing
HappyHappyHappy Apr 2017
I hate myself.
I hate you.

I hate you as much as I hate myself.

**I hate myself for still loving you.
i love her, actually, and hate that
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