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ghalya Sep 21
Do you ever think how different everything would be if i never left?
Would you have still loved me if i stayed, if i told you that you are everything to me?
Do you ever think about the way we kissed, how you’d hold me and i’d never let go?
Maybe if i held you tight enough i never would’ve had to leave and ****, we should’ve stayed like that forever.
Do you realize that it felt so right being with you, touching your hair, us staring at each other forever then couldn’t help but smile?
Before this summer, I have never known what it’s like to be in-love, when our eyes first met, I experienced what it’s like to love someone, to truly want to be with someone, i saw you in my future, hell, we made our future plans together when we were so drunk and couldn’t walk straight, you’d hold me and make sure i got back to my place safely. Do you remember me? Do you remember anything about us?
Love at first sight
ghalya May 29
It's 4 me, 2 let u know
I am so glad that I have u
through all these years
I am so thankful.
now that ive grown
I'll always be
thinkin' of you
w/all the things, you taught
me so, always remember.
I'll be alright, I'll be okay
I will be good ('free'), Learning all the way
all from the heart these things I do
I'll make u proud, bcoz I <3 u
this note is the only thing that keeps me going through rough times.
I am glad you are somewhere, out there happy. Your happiness is my happiness.
ghalya Mar 3
i have been wanting to live a life that’s not supposed to be mine,
i have been wandering aimlessly trying to find myself,
i have been vigorously convincing myself that i am where i need to be,
maybe one day, i will feel like i belong somewhere,
but that day is not today.
ghalya Feb 4
I didn’t think there was a way
To change the way I felt about life.
Everything was perfect.
My heart was the way I thought I wanted.
From morning to night, I thought it was right.
Then you came along and messed everything up.
You sneaked into my heart.
You showed me how I should have been treated.
You showed me how a queen deserved to be loved.
You’ve opened my eyes to see the things
I was making excuses for.
and now I sit here.. hoping you’d miss me as much as I miss you.
If it were different, we would never be where we currently are.
i don’t remember writing this
- an old piece probably
ghalya Feb 4
I feel foolish by the lack of words between us, and yet,
I sit here waiting for some sort of connection to magically happen,
I've never met someone so ruthless and cold,
the silence feels loud when I think of you,
I have expected too much and once again, I end up in agony, although,
your voice is a melody that I can never get enough of,
and when your eyes twinkle like the stars in the sky,
it's because you're so far away in the galaxy and I can't stay,
I will search for the right words to make you come back,
we crossed paths accidentally for a reason, and even though I have never been a believer of coincidences,
I will wait and wait, and maybe if i am lucky enough,
I'll be enough for you.
not the best thing I've written
but I needed an outlet to release my emotions
(oh well)
ghalya Feb 2
Lust is like the beautiful scent of a rose,
alluding you under the false pretense until you lose all your senses,
it will start to slowly linger until the ***** of its thorn becomes visible,
then lust will no longer be something you adore.
ghalya Jan 20
They tell me that one day someone will come into my life and make everything feel right again,
but how can they? I've always longed for things I can't have, people that don't return.
I have never felt the sublimity of anyone's presence like I did with yours, nevertheless, I pushed you away.
I always do this, when I finally find something good worth keeping, the fear of losing it makes me subconsciously push it away.
I let everything get the best of me, not realizing what I'm worth, I never keep what I deserve.
I am brimming with secrecy inside of me, your presence still lingers within me.
The truth was never meant to be seen, only touched and left for eternity to disintegrate.
Even if we were destined to be, I think it's only imaginary.
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