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Georgiana S Oct 2014
When our eyes met
The skies united -
Your black pupils,
Of dark clouds scent,
Have been rained on
By tears
Mechanically aligned -
All these years.

When our palms matched
Distant lands collided -
Prolific earthquakes
Of feelings anew
And valleys of senses
Descended from you.

The highest mountains
Are poor and shattered -
Meaningless, little stones
At our feet...
The days go darker
As the two antithetic poles
Magnetically align -
A sole heartbeat.
Georgiana S Oct 2014
There are rows of black birds
flying above us,
my love...
Away to foreign warm places
leaving no memories or traces -
There are rows of black birds above.

There is a strong, cold wind
howling and rowing ahead us,
my love...
The echo of a new harsh winter
like an unseen bitter creature
filling the gaps between us -
There is a strong cold wind ahead.

Am I entitled call you 'my love'?
This autumn feels too cold,
too empty to bare
this bare emptiness -
These gaps between us
like black doves
too bold and unreal to hold.

There are rows of black birds above.
They shall never see each other's faces
as they fly to foreign warm places,
While Autumn and Winter align,
without any traces
of you
Georgiana S Jan 2014
It's dawn again -
The new born sun is foul.

Little golden rays strike my soul,
The copper warmth soaks
My inner blackness
And earthy veins come to life
In a body of a lifeless.

The cold mist has vanished away
Like a ghost wandering around
Alone, cold and grey...
I could taste its icy bound -
Bitter shivers on my skin,
Smoked melancholy fragrance
All around the sleeping hills.

Life was getting back
What was originally "Her's".
A naive restless wind
Swirled my hair
Into brown little rivers...
It's not a dream
Yet this reality feels surreal.

There's no point in finding meanings
In my fears, my dreams, my feelings.
Time has gone away too fast, it seems -
And I have stood still, near its footprints.

I shall close my eyes
before this magic breaks
the new born foul hopes...
Georgiana S Jan 2014
Forgive me...
I didn't had the strength to write you a letter
Nor the spirit to tell you Goodbye -
I know it would have been better,
But didn't wanted you to see me cry.

You see...
This heart of mine has become bitter,
My senses paralyzed in fear,
They are corpses awakened in harsh winter,
Abandoned entities, but still here.

I'm like a shadow made of steel,
"Harsh and cold"
You ought to say and you mean it -
"Withered mind and heavy soul"
One may add -
The guilt has buried me inside.
I am condemned to stay alive
In a world where I have died.

"How pitiful!" I hear you shout.
"How easily you're giving up!"
These are words of perfect logic,
Yet you cease to understand
We belong to different worlds,
My flesh may be the same as yours -

But can you see
The burdens of being 'me'
The fire I must walk through
The darkness I must go through
The pain of my bare truth
Decomposing my little hopes...

Life is for the living
And yes, I have died -
I never belonged to the light.
These are my last thoughts
My last words addressed to you
Soon I will be a page in your past,
A bitter memory perhaps,
A lost image,
Georgiana S Mar 2013
Slowly dancing
Upon the ceiling
My hopes swam into grave deception,
Erasing their colours
and embracing the lust of redemption.

With my head on the ground
and burying my feet in the sky,
I leave my conscience shatter all around,
While my sins lie in a silence so profound...
Forever, in dust they lie.

Thoughts fade my body in that lost corner,
Unto grace the prays grimy shout over
The infected ceiling, where helpless desires once became dew.
Voices write about how those opaque aspirations flew
To the coal ending called sky,
Beside a summer of memories, broke lively into a lie.

Black birds with no shape
Levitate, levitate...
On the astral hue
Where a chromate rounded eye
Cram, vanquish and deny
Icarus wings forgotten truth.

Truth confesses...
Clouds have this delussional construction.
They look heavy, but dive easily in the highest skies.
They seem consistent, but you'll find emptiness in their insides.
They shine with passion, when Sun comfort their dark sides,
but their core scream shallow vowels, when the rays candlelight dies.

They are made of marvelous shell and promises.
Now their true face ran out of disguises,
Now their lies taste like a cruel truth,
Destroying wordless ponds of my silent youth.

They are made of failed hopes,
Long invoked by a half living corpse.
They quickly vanished away, ashamed of their fail
Scattering a nest, while thoughts crave for their trail.

Once lucid and life giving,
ensuring a world painted in more than one colour.
There they that soft looking terror,
While, on a flooded carpet, a life was painfully sinking.

Where should my mind find peace?
When will my life start over? When?
It's too late, the rain has started now...
One hope, after another..I could feel them- they're fierce.
They've been abandoned, somehow...
They will rise again, falling on the dust's grease.

Georgiana S Mar 2013
I heard a heart beat
When I crossed the street,
And  I saw a face,
Who longed for an embrace.

A strange entity
Unknown identity
Traveller of infinity
Some sorth of divinity,
Spoke to me the unspoken.

A silent word
Sharp as a sword,
Threw his heart on a sward
Of human sins stored
Like prayers to the Lord -
Words of the silent.

And so his skin
Brilliant, pure, porcelain
Will fade between
The heartaches all around,
Not one tender look is found
Beneath feelings without a sound.

A whisper on his ear,
Surrounded by the fear,
A heavy cold atmosphere
Like a deep pierced spear
Hurting words of someone dear.

He stops and stares breathlessly,
Cries and shouts painfully:
*“The world has changed so dreadfully!
The hearts can no longer bend
Shards and pieces fall endlessly
All there's left in this tranquility
Is the Hopeless, the Unspoken, the Condemned …”
Georgiana S Mar 2013
I want to fly
Up to the sky,
The wind is my armour
The moon is my guide,
I want to feel in my soul,
A bit of control
For the power you behold,
Weakens the life in me.

Your breath on my neck,
Makes my lungs neglect,
The tenderness of the air,
My hands wandering in your hair,
It’s where they belong,
It’s where I belong
Between right and wrong,
Above the earth and just below the sky.

You don’t know if you love me,
Or if you hate me.
Take away my breath again and again,
Make me wonder if I can gain
Through so much pain.

This pain... a shadow of the night,
Persecuter of my inner light,
How I long to feel your skin
When it's dark, when it's dim,
A journey I'd have to take
From ashes I will break,
The ice cold glass of unsaid words
Tear brick by brick of these tall walls
And I will see you and you’ll be real,
I forgot to breathe, forgot to feel...
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