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Mar 2013
I want to fly
Up to the sky,
The wind is my armour
The moon is my guide,
I want to feel in my soul,
A bit of control
For the power you behold,
Weakens the life in me.

Your breath on my neck,
Makes my lungs neglect,
The tenderness of the air,
My hands wandering in your hair,
It’s where they belong,
It’s where I belong
Between right and wrong,
Above the earth and just below the sky.

You don’t know if you love me,
Or if you hate me.
Take away my breath again and again,
Make me wonder if I can gain
Through so much pain.

This pain... a shadow of the night,
Persecuter of my inner light,
How I long to feel your skin
When it's dark, when it's dim,
A journey I'd have to take
From ashes I will break,
The ice cold glass of unsaid words
Tear brick by brick of these tall walls
And I will see you and you’ll be real,
I forgot to breathe, forgot to feel...
Georgiana S
Written by
Georgiana S  Romania
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