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Jan 2014
Forgive me...
I didn't had the strength to write you a letter
Nor the spirit to tell you Goodbye -
I know it would have been better,
But didn't wanted you to see me cry.

You see...
This heart of mine has become bitter,
My senses paralyzed in fear,
They are corpses awakened in harsh winter,
Abandoned entities, but still here.

I'm like a shadow made of steel,
"Harsh and cold"
You ought to say and you mean it -
"Withered mind and heavy soul"
One may add -
The guilt has buried me inside.
I am condemned to stay alive
In a world where I have died.

"How pitiful!" I hear you shout.
"How easily you're giving up!"
These are words of perfect logic,
Yet you cease to understand
We belong to different worlds,
My flesh may be the same as yours -

But can you see
The burdens of being 'me'
The fire I must walk through
The darkness I must go through
The pain of my bare truth
Decomposing my little hopes...

Life is for the living
And yes, I have died -
I never belonged to the light.
These are my last thoughts
My last words addressed to you
Soon I will be a page in your past,
A bitter memory perhaps,
A lost image,
Georgiana S
Written by
Georgiana S  Romania
   Prabhu Iyer, --- and Jonny Angel
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