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Temitope Popoola
Lagos State    Is a Nigerian, a writer and the author of the play Love will surely make a way. She loves to travel and is also an ...
Raphael Uzor
Lagos, Nigeria    @ralphyloo
Neva Flores Varga Smith
53/F/Rochester NY    I have walked in the darkness of I can’t feel because I choose not to. Fell face down and bumped my head on every feeling ...
Don Bouchard
63/M/Minnesota    Married 42 years (& counting) to the one love of my life
Kelly O'Connor
flaming arrow    “The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.” ― Roosevelt / If you could time-travel to a moment in ...
My name is Andrew Dexter, I come from the former mining town of Bargoed which is in the south Wales valleys. When I left school ...
Samuel Famobio
An accountant by profession, an artist and a musician. I write spiritual songs and edifying poems.
Life is beautiful. Don't take it for granted.
Darbi Alise Howe
Berkeley, CA    "Words, like glass, darken whatever they do not help us to see" -Joseph Joubert
F/India    I am just a gal with dreamy eyes,with varied interest and loads of hope...My poems are the words that come from the deeper, more sub-conscious ...
Sebastian Perez
Bakersfield, Ca    I'm a 54 yrs old male, retired and love to write. I'm American born and live in California.
Roger Turner - Poet
Writer in Actually, just someone who started writing for fun and enjoyment. I now have one book in three languages, and colouring book form. ...
John F McCullagh
63/M/NY    I am a narrative poet. I follow past poets like Robert Service, Robert Browning and Edgar Allan Poe. The roots of poetry are in story ...
Keirra Eddins
Tamareana Brittain
i live in a tiny town called Saginaw,Michigan. i was born January 31st 1997.i was once tooken away from my mother at the age of ...
Raymond Walker
Raymond Walker is the author of five novels, two compendiums of short stories and a book of poetry. He was born in 1962 and raised ...
Rachel Thompson
I decide to give my poems a place to run outside of the walls of my purple journal. So here you go. I am young, ...
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