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Temitope Popoola Apr 2018
Drowning in a sea of confusion, gulping the air of profanity.
No water of relief can flood this pain. Blink your tears of frustration away.
Temitope Popoola Feb 2017
Dear baby, your mother is a drunk.
I have tried in every way possible to show your mother what good lies in drinking water
But she prefers to take drinks that can make everyone responsible end up in a gutter
I have also tried to make her understand that both of you are like bread and butter
But safety is a word that makes her blood boil hotter.
Dear baby, your mother is a drunk
The nasty smell I have to put up with is worse than that of a skunk
But to get a chance to feel you move within her, I'd stay with her in a dunk
This is evident with the way I sleep on the top bunk
I have tried severally to tell her that drinking with you inside is wrong
But I honestly can't tell if the love she has for you is strong
As perturbed as I am, please note that I have enough love for you at the long run
Even though I pray for her to get rid of this thorn
Dear baby, I have a little favor to ask of you
Is it possible you pinch your mother a little whenever she takes that slow poison?
Just so she knows what danger she puts herself in
Do not forget to hold on tight if the alcohol ever tries to melt you,
I only hope you will not develop strong affinity for it that you would beg to have your first bottle filled with it.
But in all sincerity baby, your mother is a drunk.
Temitope Popoola May 2015
For those days I was cold and annoying,
For those nights I turned my back on you,
For moments when you saw different shades of me
For times you begged me to drop poetic lines
What you really value is what you lose, not what you have
Who would have known we would be over this soon?
I hate that you nurse ill thoughts towards me
I pray we both find peace as we go on in life.
Temitope Popoola May 2015
I've been living my life like I'm on edge
Being on the verge of tears every single day
With this darkness around my heart how could I feel the day's ray?
I feel broken and empty, lost and dejected.
How could I give up something so real and beautiful?
Allowing sentiments and "what ifs" to define me
I found love when I least expected it
**** happened, it left me and I became wrecked.
Depressed and miserable! The tears stopped flowing.
I took a bolder step and immersed myself in alcohol.
Not even alcohol could knock out the pain gripping my heart.
Or this constant pang of guilt that I couldn't fight for this love.
Family is important. I lost this fight to them.
But in the process, they threw me to the wolves.
For the warmth and love I used to get from them grew cold
As my heart stopped beating when they made me quit.
Vengeance. To hurt them i'll hurt myself first,
Don't get it twisted I'm not suicidal,
Though it's become really hard living without him.
No words of comfort can mend the walls of my broken heart.
Some broken hearts, Don Williams said never mend.
And as the moonlight came closer
You and I saw us sitting by the sea-side
And as our hearts drew nearer
You and I saw lips that never lied
As I listened to your sweet rhymes
Your tongue moved a thousand times

Between us the birds dropped their feathers
Whispering to themselves about you and me
On the coastal trees heard we their twitters
Hitting everywhere and thus rolling the sea
Your eyes were raptured looking into mine
And I became sure our affection was divine

As we heard the murmurs of the breeze
And the songs of the fronds around the air
I cuddled you and your hairs would freeze
You felt relieved and away ran your fear
Sea-side love seemed like earthly paradise
And its reflection emanated from your eyes

Bolatito, wherever you may be today
I wish you recall us and what we share
Remember how we use to love and play
And how my touch once killed your malaria
I can't wait to see you and repeat a walk
And do again our sea-side twilight talk
By Dr Oasis.
Temitope Popoola Aug 2014
I can't believe it took us 6 months to be here
After the talks and moments of laying bare
We wrecked each other emotionally
Just leave already.
I'm not going to cry or croon
Neither would I play Adele's "Someone like you"
I'm going to get over this like it never happened.
Temitope Popoola May 2014
Death is inevitable,
Your passing isn't something I like,
Your writings filled me with inspiration
Your works simply intimidates me
And thank God I had the opportunity of reading your work here on Hellopoetry
I really can't explain how it made me feel to know you once shared this platform with us
And it's really sad to lose a writer and poet
She was exceptionally good, such a rare and talented writer
She was simply phenomenal
May God rest her soul
She would live on in our hearts
Adieu Maya Angelou.
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