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carolyn Dec 2018
i'm very stable in my choices
i'm not the most stable person but i know how i feel about stuff, i have strong opinions
and i usually feel like i know what i'm doing and i know where i'm headed

but you're making me feel so unstable
and unpredictable
and i can't work around it
it's like the words just blurt out my mouth, i can't control it
carolyn Jan 2018
wow, you are so blue.
blue in the way you talk, move,
fluid in the way you move, like water.

i don't want this to end,
i don't want this to stop
or brake
or halt
or pause

but that's because i'm red,
and blue takes its time.
carolyn Oct 2017
i am finally beginning to discover
the large multitudes of possibility the world has to offer
and i am beginning to realize these firsthand,
eyes blown wide, heartbeat fast, blood coursing through my veins.
there are just so many good things happening right now and i am loving life.
carolyn Jul 2017
It's summer,
the grass is green,
the sky is blue,
and my fingers actually move how I want them to.
that never happens
carolyn Jul 2017
I don't need a label.
I don't need a time or a place,
I don't need faked photos or poses.
I don't need your attention,
I don't need your time,
and I definitely don't need your hand in mine.

But I do need your smile.
I need your laugh, your jokes,
Your silly faces and poses.
I need to hear your great ideas,
I need to be there for you,
and I definitely need you to stay important to me.
just a reaction to a thing that happened, nothing huge, just a thing
carolyn May 2017
passionate, a romantic,
laughing at jokes nobody understands,
fidgeting, sighing too often,
smiling at just the right time,
stretching hands, stretching fingers,
hitting a few notes and falling into the state of mind
where everything is particular
and nothing is planned.

a few wrong notes,
more laughter, more talk,
not forgetting that one chord,
not missing a beat.
shaky hands, racing mind,
heart thudding too loud,
bowing, smiling, talking,
wooing the audience with the stroke of a hand
carolyn May 2017
the quiet footsteps onto the stage,
sitting down, adjusting the bench,
closing your eyes and feeling how you should feel,
the silence before the first note, the final breath.

and then colour, beautiful colour,
a glowing light from the back of the room,
a soft breeze with notes lightly hanging upon it,
a familiar smile in a distant memory.

wrong note. eyes open, breath sharp.
fingers touching the keys, everything feels wrong,
the tantalizing stare of an audience of strangers,
going under, losing control, forgetting why

remembering. relaxing. calm breaths and deep sighs,
the feeling of something washing over you,
lying in a field of flowers as you lift your hands from the keys,
applause. bows. exit offstage.
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