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  Oct 2016 Eden Tucay
Arlo Disarray
We can't always be strong

even the toughest
and largest things
on this earth
get worn down a little
here and there

I have strength
and courage inside me

it yearns to come out
while the tears fall down my cheeks
and erode the skin
on my face

I'm not gone, yet

only small pieces
have been chipped away

I'll be okay

here I am,
I'm still standing

I may not be what I used to be
but maybe there is a new beauty
to be found
from what I have become
There's a picture that goes with this:
Eden Tucay Sep 2016
People who lies to save their self is more understandable than to receive a lie from a friend just to devastate you.
Eden Tucay Sep 2016
Don't magnify your weaknesses.
  Sep 2016 Eden Tucay
I bet the sun comes up
take the points and scatter
it's been eons since
light years
and it goes on
coming up
every morn'
no matter
of false prophets
it always will
at least for
a few more
of my
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