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Jun 2019 · 87
ty Jun 2019
looking at your blueberry eyes
underneath the cotton candy skies
listening to the world crash down
around us

yet there were no sounds
only your fake bounds
that brought us to our sadness

so we danced the night away
as the skies turned to grey
that was the day
i was no longer astounded
uhh?? im not. good a t writing haha have a nice day
Mar 2019 · 381
my gum
ty Mar 2019
i'm feeling dead
my heart's full of dread
my body aches
my hands shake
my mind's numb
i'll just keep chewing my gum
to stay attached
to this world that's come
and torn me apart
just how i'm feeling i guess.

p.s please critique i'm bad at poetry and i'd love your feedback

— The End —