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divya chauhan Jul 11
Let's discuss what's on your mind
If you're feeling happy
Even if you're feeling low
Even if we never really had one
Even if we both stopped
Even if we had both have a different lens to see those things
You can't simply close the door that leads to heart
Sometimes I wish "Let's talk!!!"
divya chauhan Jun 20
Everyone hurts sometimes,
So it's not your fault too,
But the broken memories in my mind,
Keeps flashing again & again,
As it just happened yesterday,
Which feels so fresh leaving me dumbstruck always,
SO like always I try to run to leave everything,
And I find myself where I begin.
The feeling when hurt by someone close. :(
divya chauhan May 20
Sparks liting up
Flooding my brain
Hold on, I said
I need to justify you
Before you implement
I want to transform you
For the better
So you make little change
That will spark the world

— The End —