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4.4k · Sep 2014
DiamondGirl Sep 2014
You breathe love into my heart and soul making me whole
And the more you do
The more I see I can't live without you
4.1k · Jul 2014
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
You are in my thoughts and in my dreams. You are part of my ideas and the decisions I make. You are so inside me that you are naturally in the steps I take. You are far away but I can feel you, soulmate.
1.8k · Oct 2014
DiamondGirl Oct 2014
My son caught me crying today
It happened in the most
unexpected way
He said mommy are you sad
                         And I lied
I lied
and said no
But I am
because I want you
and miss you more
than you'll ever know
1.8k · Sep 2014
DiamondGirl Sep 2014
D Disturbed by the reality
I I'm not there... I guess
P Painful reality of it being her not me
1.3k · Aug 2014
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
Tied it up
so you could
untie it,
sweet face!
1.1k · Jan 2015
Broken Hearted from Birth
DiamondGirl Jan 2015
Kisses to my fathers cold, emotionless cheek
Makes the future of my self confidence very bleak
1.1k · Aug 2016
Oh My Sweet Love
DiamondGirl Aug 2016
You fill my heart
And other things
And make me feel
Like I have wings
And when you spin me around on the dance floor
I fly
1.1k · Jul 2015
DiamondGirl Jul 2015
I'm ready
Thoughts swirling
Like the red lipstick on my lips
And lotion that I applied to my hips
I'm ready
White wine swirling starting to work
Thinking of how I will show you
How much I miss the taste and
Touch of your lips
I'm ready
Click click click
1.0k · Jul 2015
Insight 10w
DiamondGirl Jul 2015
You see things
that others don't see-
you see me.
961 · Jun 2015
The Met
DiamondGirl Jun 2015
Stolen kisses between pyramid walls
Secret hand holding in darkened halls
Surrounded by people and paint
Oh! What a beautiful love we create
864 · Aug 2014
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
I am not that far
Put on your play list
Open a coke
And Voila!
835 · Jul 2014
Hell On Heels
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
Heels high,
Lights low,
Clothing entirely optional.

Thoughts wet,
And lips wicked,
Sturdy up against the wall.
799 · Nov 2014
DiamondGirl Nov 2014
My mind swirling with passion
Body aching with need
Absolutely under your spell my love
You'd  better take heed
786 · Nov 2014
DiamondGirl Nov 2014
I can still feel them
Warm sweet kisses on my
bare shoulder
Gentle and passionate
I could feel and others could see
How much you love me
775 · Sep 2014
Sweet or Nasty
DiamondGirl Sep 2014
The sweet things you do
Make me do nasty things to you!
So shower me with sweetness
And I'll continue to...
750 · Dec 2014
Black Boots
DiamondGirl Dec 2014
Had to polish my old boots today
Because I gifted my last dollars away
Ah the novelty of poverty,
Short lived I'm sure
740 · Jul 2014
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
We are at the top of a walk up somewhere. There is a skylight above us and the sunlight washes over us, it is so bright that it is hard to see. Your in a sleeveless T shirt and I'm in some hippy dress. We are both laughing and someone calls to us... We look up and smile...It's the same smile, the same face, we are one!

"My face in thine eye, thine in mine appears" (Tristan& Isolde)

703 · Aug 2015
The Waiting
DiamondGirl Aug 2015
I'm dreaming of the day
when our time is not rushed by a timer or a certain number of days,
when I can place kisses when and where I want
Without watching my back

I wanna call your name loudly in the street and when you turn to me and smile I will run to you jump up and wrap myself around you and kiss you passionately

I will not care who sees or knows
I'm dreaming of loving you freely and it is the sweetest dream ever
702 · Oct 2014
DiamondGirl Oct 2014
I love the way-
You light up the world for me!
I love the way
You make things easier for me.
I love the way
You play my favorite songs
I love the love you give me
It's the greatest I've ever know
702 · Mar 2015
Familar and Intense
DiamondGirl Mar 2015
Your love so intense
I have only to shut my eyes
To feel your presence
I can feel your hands on my body
I can taste the sweetness of your mouth
I can smell that smell of lust
That I once warned you about
Oh you are the kind of lover
I will never forget
So strange it is to me
knowing you all these years
Yet we have just really met.
650 · Nov 2014
DiamondGirl Nov 2014
I falling in so deep
It's probably something like death by chocolate!
645 · Aug 2014
The witch said...
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
The shark in dark waters
The cutting of hair
Tell the tale of transformation
And it's you, who guides me there

She says it's typical of you
to tear down and rebuild
And funny that it appeared to be
an accident- not willed

I don't believe that-
Oh no, an accident we're not!
For you are the lid, and
I am the ***

So as we toil and trouble
Bubble and burn
It is simply transparent
For (only) each other we yearn

Mixing and swirling,  feeling the heat
Seeing only our future around each turn we meet.

I'll hold on tight as this brew is fixed
Because no one or nothing is
as sweet on my lips.
621 · Jul 2014
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
Are you really like me
Up,when asleep you should be

Are you really like me
With people projects and an open heart

Are you really like me
Seen by some as a teaser, when you only think of yourself as a pleaser.

You are!
You're  really like me-
Up all night, loving a challenge,
A people pleaser.
621 · Jan 2015
Happy Birthday
DiamondGirl Jan 2015
Just can't  wait-
Can't get it out of my head!
Can't wait til you throw me down
On the bed!

Happy Birthday Baby
618 · Aug 2014
I've Noticed
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
Travelers are interesting creatures-
They carry with them a worldly vibe

Wearing bits and pieces
of the places they've been
And usually have a
Open minded grin

Oh a traveler is surely
A particular type
Who wants to see more
And enjoys the hype

With some earth shoes
and comfortable pants in a
breathable material-
The traveler is off
whenever they are able!
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
Be mindful of your words,
do your part.
Remember all of this
is expression of ones heart...
The ego has a way of tainting
even the most beautiful art...

One man's trash is
another Woman's treasure!

585 · Nov 2014
DiamondGirl Nov 2014
Predictable? *******!
Your reassuring actions are never taken for granted, they bind me tightly to you.
And this pressure seems to create a lust, a desire for more.
And builds in me a loyalty that I'm sure you appreciate.

Oh darlin,
In this unstable sometimes scary world knowing you might come back helps me get through each day.

My sweetest of faces-
I never "know it"
only "hope it"
Only pray that you'll always return!
571 · Nov 2015
DiamondGirl Nov 2015
I am on the couch
I am without you and
My heart aches
566 · Oct 2014
DiamondGirl Oct 2014
The words I was writing are gone,slipped away
But the feeling has not-
559 · Aug 2015
DiamondGirl Aug 2015
And sleeping in
And yoga
And the river
And the echo in the woods
And the red or the black
And the arrow
And the Russian ballerina
And the mariachi
And the flowers
And the couch

And you
And you
And you
545 · Aug 2014
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
Write me a poem please
I miss your sweet sticky words!
They warm my heart
Feed my soul!
Keep me hopeful...
And so much more.
532 · Oct 2014
Don't Stop
DiamondGirl Oct 2014
I'm sorry about my shyness.
I want to accept your words  
Because I know they are the sweet blessings of love...  

Please don't stop
Please don't ever stop.
Because I've come so far
And you must have seen the
By the way I look in your eyes
When you're on top.
531 · Aug 2014
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
Pushed up and together
Leopard straps and string
(And some tan lines)
Two pieces of sin...
521 · Jun 2015
Thank you
DiamondGirl Jun 2015
Thank you for the shiny things
Long beautiful gowns
bejeweled gold rings

Thank you for a home cooked breakfast
Scantly clad,
I must say, you've got some of the sweetest juice I've ever had

And thank  you for taking care of my head and heart
Love and lust
Sweet G&H;

Thank you sweet face
for giving me your love
I could never
thank you enough!
503 · Oct 2014
Soon Swoon
DiamondGirl Oct 2014
I look forward to tonight with you  
To doing everything wrong
Not right with you
492 · Sep 2014
Beauty Elixir
DiamondGirl Sep 2014
Just the other day an older lady asked me-
How do you do it?
Look that way!
I smiled humbly and said it's Love.

The sweet and powerful love you give me
Is my beauty elixir
It's no secret to those who know

The way you love me,grab me, touch me
Injects my body with a serum that creates a passionate glow

Your caring actions
are the balm that smooths over
A once ashy soul

You my darling sweet face
Are my beauty elixir
And I want the world to know
490 · Jul 2014
Sweet Surprise
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
I couldn't leave
I couldn't go
Without letting you know
I love you so!

486 · Aug 2014
Passion Brew
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
So soon it seems
I will step out of my dreams

Out of my poems
And into your arms

And once again
Fall victim to your charms

And sweetly,  my dear
I'll surrender...

But first I will wrap your arms-
Then your legs
And tease you so badly
Make you beg

For a taste,
Or a touch,
Oooooooooo I love you so much!
484 · Jul 2014
You Are The One
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
Open Expressions of...
(Vegetables in a plastic bag and a smile,
Poetry read aloud in the lunch room,
Saving stamped messages
to my sweet surprise,
Loving me so well-
that there are no words
Only actions to show
what those things mean)

484 · Aug 2014
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
I always loved the sand and surf
But today it is one of the most beautiful places in the world!
483 · May 2015
DiamondGirl May 2015
Our love
So complicated, so contrived
We try so hard to keep it alive
When we are face to face
           breathing eachother in
You lips on mine
The weight of you on me.
An understanding of
how we are with our generosity
The sight of you
Allergy medicine in hand
Bottled water
And a full take of gas.
Especially watching you try things
Eating a garbanzo bean,
Painting a mural.
I know,
I know deep down
That you are the only one for me
You have as much as I can give
And in time
I know there is more
More from me,
More for us
I love you
476 · Aug 2015
DiamondGirl Aug 2015
Saw a shooting star today
It assured me my wish is on the way!
470 · Jul 2015
My Heart is Like Chocolate
DiamondGirl Jul 2015
My tempered heart
beats steadily for you.
It melts from your heat
And cools in your absence.
The final product deliciously appealing to the eye
Tastier and smoother than at first
But oh-
How painful the process.
469 · Jul 2014
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
Are you my lover?Are you my friend?
The devil says the friendship matters in the end.
So are you my friend
Do you like what I like? Got my back?
Want to dance all night?
Friendships the foundation of forever my sweet, so it must be a bonus that the passion runs deep!
467 · Jul 2015
The Perfect Amount
DiamondGirl Jul 2015
What are the perfect amount of kisses 
To show how much I want you
one good one,
I wonder...
Lets experiment play a game and find out 
What the right amount of kisses are...
So I can show you how much
I want you
And then...
I will give you ten more
462 · Jul 2014
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
I loose my head sometimes
I listen to my heart.
And many times the beat
has been off and
it has it been ripped apart.
Too many times I fear,
for another start.
This old heart.

This feeling old is gray in color
Imprisoning me,
Holding me back from another.
I deserve to be free of this!
I deserve to forget!
To take a chance
Place another bet.
But I can't find my rabbits foot or
My four leaf clover.
Today my hormonal head
is in charge
But this I assure you this is not over!
461 · Jul 2014
Bad poem
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
In the dream I wish I was having
There are pancakes
And a pink shirt
And your warm healing touch

Inked biceps that embrace me
and your juicy lips taste me
And devour all that is mine

A powerful stare
And electrical kisses
You fulfill all my wishes

But alas I fall asleep
and dream of washing dishes
461 · Dec 2014
DiamondGirl Dec 2014
I am not the diamond girl,
That is, I am not strong for compassion often overrules
I am not clear it is quite difficult for me to express my self on the first try
and hard no I'm soft a mush...
Although sometimes I wish I was strong, clear, and hard

But maybe I am the diamond girl
The diamond girl who emerged from a blackness-
That is prismatic
Ha! a piñata at times,
Shiny(glitter tactlessly applied),
With many faces, hmmm
Who am I tonight-

That is I!
That is the diamond girl
I am!
******* :)))
457 · Jul 2014
Let It Out
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
Sometimes I want to be alone
Away from the others
With their judge mental eyes
Or tendency to smother

I want to be different
To stand out or apart
I want to express all that's in this foolish heart

Don't care for approval
Want to stir things up
Make them think or wonder
What the ....
446 · Aug 2014
Love Letter (sorry HP)
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
Oh Sweet Face,
the feeling of being wrapped up in your milky biceps is amazing!
Baby-you and your touch are two things I simply can't live without!
(Ain't nothing like the real thing baby!)
I love you!
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