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DiamondGirl Nov 2014
Predictable? *******!
Your reassuring actions are never taken for granted, they bind me tightly to you.
And this pressure seems to create a lust, a desire for more.
And builds in me a loyalty that I'm sure you appreciate.

Oh darlin,
In this unstable sometimes scary world knowing you might come back helps me get through each day.

My sweetest of faces-
I never "know it"
only "hope it"
Only pray that you'll always return!
DiamondGirl Aug 2015
And sleeping in
And yoga
And the river
And the echo in the woods
And the red or the black
And the arrow
And the Russian ballerina
And the mariachi
And the flowers
And the couch

And you
And you
And you
DiamondGirl Jan 2015
You are a gift from above
A vision of love
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
Your 10w's ****** me in 5-
I love your words!
DiamondGirl Aug 2015
You have hypnotized me
And set me free
Allowed me to be all the things
I wanted to be-

With lace so soft
And the shine of silver
And gifts so beautiful
Your hands did deliver

truly the sweetest combination
Of friendship and lust!
DiamondGirl Nov 2014
The 200-
My ride to love
my ride to ecstasy
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
Our passion must have boundaries, I fear.
In order to be successful, my dear!

Ah- but matters of the heart,
Very rarely get
A pragmatic start!
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
I miss you
Like cigarettes
DiamondGirl Oct 2014
How can it be (that)
That powerful shot of vitamin G
Works every time
DiamondGirl Jan 2015
I want you with me
When I'm happy
When I'm sad
Whenever wherever whatever
I want you with me
You make everything better
DiamondGirl Oct 2014
Wants and needs do matter
Because prayers answered
Are different from idle chatter.
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
In the dream I wish I was having
There are pancakes
And a pink shirt
And your warm healing touch

Inked biceps that embrace me
and your juicy lips taste me
And devour all that is mine

A powerful stare
And electrical kisses
You fulfill all my wishes

But alas I fall asleep
and dream of washing dishes
DiamondGirl Sep 2014
The up and the down of it!
The in and the out of it!
The dark and the light of it!

I want it all...all of a life of you and me.

Because I know when I'm in it,
It's you who pulls me out.

And when I'm down,
It's you who lifts me up.

And sometimes as alike as we seem
My darkness needs the balance of
Your light.
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
I always loved the sand and surf
But today it is one of the most beautiful places in the world!
DiamondGirl Sep 2014
Just the other day an older lady asked me-
How do you do it?
Look that way!
I smiled humbly and said it's Love.

The sweet and powerful love you give me
Is my beauty elixir
It's no secret to those who know

The way you love me,grab me, touch me
Injects my body with a serum that creates a passionate glow

Your caring actions
are the balm that smooths over
A once ashy soul

You my darling sweet face
Are my beauty elixir
And I want the world to know
DiamondGirl Dec 2014
Seriously Santa...
You slay me!
DiamondGirl Feb 2015
Oh my darlin sweet face
It's your kisses I long to taste
I want to feel them on my neck
Then my shoulder
Then my....
Oh sweet face you better hurry on over!
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
Summers over
But I thought I might find
Some sweet sticky breadcrumbs
Of your love
Left behind
I long for a message
A surprise verse to soothe my heart
Just one or two more lines dear
Schools about to start
DiamondGirl Dec 2014
Had to polish my old boots today
Because I gifted my last dollars away
Ah the novelty of poverty,
Short lived I'm sure
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
My eyes are not a beautiful blue
Or cat like and ****
They have a sorta sad browness about them
They are not often complimented by strangers,and fade away in pictures.

But if your close enough (to my heart) you might see the wild yet sweet look in them.
They have been described as the color of coffee candies
And once in a while someone says that there beautiful
When I look I see them as sad brown Italian like eyes
And once in a while I see them as beautiful too
Because they are filled with love, compassion, experience, and a lust for life!
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
I could feel it, before I was it
I could see it ,before I became it
Before it was a goal,
It was a dream
That's how it came to be
The artist in me!
DiamondGirl Sep 2014
You probably can imagine,
But you'll never really know,
How deeply those roses touch my soul.
And the message they send
Keeps me hopeful and willing
To take this as far as it will go.
DiamondGirl Jan 2015
Kisses to my fathers cold, emotionless cheek
Makes the future of my self confidence very bleak
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
Along each mile,
Inside every hour,
Around each turn,
Oh, closer to me!
DiamondGirl Oct 2014
Sooooo loved your sermon today-
You've renewed my faith,
In  a celestial way.
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
Oh boy!
The waiting is hard,
Like watching paint dry!
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
You are the key,
I am the lock,
Open me!
DiamondGirl Sep 2014
A week with love and lust
And twists and turns.
A week filled with promises and secrets is left behind.
Scene after scene skips through
my mind.
A year from now -You can see,
But right now my heart is recovering
From just a week
Of you and me.
DiamondGirl Oct 2014
The words I was writing are gone,slipped away
But the feeling has not-
DiamondGirl Jan 2015
And the words burn
And so do the tears they have inspired
My heart breaks like the first time
Every time his mouth spits fire
DiamondGirl Aug 2015
Your messages are like the sweetest candy
I can't wait to unwrap them and taste each one
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
I'm disastrously in love with...
Your eyes
Your touch
Your smile
Your smell
Your hands
Your taste
Your embrace
Your company
Your thoughtfulness
I'm disastrously in love with all of you!
DiamondGirl Sep 2014
I look forward to days at home
With nothing to do
But you!
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
I am
I am
Missing all parts of you!
I am!

Inspired by Dr Seuss lol!
DiamondGirl Oct 2014
I'm sorry about my shyness.
I want to accept your words  
Because I know they are the sweet blessings of love...  

Please don't stop
Please don't ever stop.
Because I've come so far
And you must have seen the
By the way I look in your eyes
When you're on top.
DiamondGirl Aug 2014
The feeling of you seems like a dream
Far away and hazy
The missing you catches my heart by surprise and makes it skip beats
The longing hurts deep down and yet
Makes my wrists numb
-I miss you terribly
DiamondGirl Sep 2014
You are the man of my sweet and nasty dreams!
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
I cannot understand
Why the wild, bad ,and just wrong
Entice me.
Seem to make me feel free.
Oh-the naive Eve I am,
Ever-ready to bite!
DiamondGirl Sep 2014
Closing my eyes I can see your beautiful sweet face looking at me like I'm a bird with a broken wing.
Your mouth whispering words sweeter than honey that are meant to heal me.
I can feel your warm and firm touch as your hands draw out the pain from my aching body.
You give me all that you are-
And it is everything I need.
Thank you my sweet, sweet love.
DiamondGirl Oct 2014
( I am this way)
Why do I write poetry
Because sometimes my emotions get the best of me
And conversations with others don't satisfy
Why do I paint and cut and color
Because sometimes the visions are so vivid they force themselves out
Why do I dance
Because theres no choice my crazy energy must be released
People call me lunatic and crazy or wild
I'm sometimes hurt by this-
But this is the way I was made
I can't fight it
And I don't want to change
I have many other responsibilities
But these passions "cut the line"
Others don't seen to understand
Lord knows I've tried to explain
Those days of explaining are now over
This is who I am
DiamondGirl Mar 2015
Your love so intense
I have only to shut my eyes
To feel your presence
I can feel your hands on my body
I can taste the sweetness of your mouth
I can smell that smell of lust
That I once warned you about
Oh you are the kind of lover
I will never forget
So strange it is to me
knowing you all these years
Yet we have just really met.
DiamondGirl May 2015
Oh baby
I love you so much
Cause you kiss me like
I'm the Stanley Cup
DiamondGirl Sep 2014
I creep down the stairs to the basement
In only heels on the linoleum floor.
Step up behind the lazy boy
Slide my hand down your chest and more.....
Kiss your head and then ear and then neck-
Slowly I circle around to face you
The desire is consuming for,
I fear I'm lost in the moment can't get out I want more
A bit dizzy and out of breath
I drop down to my knees
Only really to say without words
How much I truly love to please you
DiamondGirl May 2015
You are far and away from me now
But I can still see you
Bite the inside of your cheek as you read the paper
I can still see your
Devilish  smile as you check to see the message I sent

You are never far and  away from my heart because my daydreams keep you close
The time we spend is powerful and these vivid memories allow me to transcend the space between us.

This carries me through the days without you.
You are the love of my life GCN
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
I loose my head sometimes
I listen to my heart.
And many times the beat
has been off and
it has it been ripped apart.
Too many times I fear,
for another start.
This old heart.

This feeling old is gray in color
Imprisoning me,
Holding me back from another.
I deserve to be free of this!
I deserve to forget!
To take a chance
Place another bet.
But I can't find my rabbits foot or
My four leaf clover.
Today my hormonal head
is in charge
But this I assure you this is not over!
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
I want a lifetime of you!
I'm ready for a lifetime of you!
I can handle a lifetime of you!
Just wanted you
and the world to know!
A lifetime of your sweet words.
And your sweet smile,
Your sweet touch...
Oh I want it all for a lifetime!
DiamondGirl Sep 2014
I dream of the fire you'll make for me
Crackling orange beneath the fall sky
I imagine the kisses you'll give me
They feel like a carnival ride
I see your sweet smile turn primal
and hazel eyes turn black
I feel you push your weight on me
As the flames  snap and crack....
Thank you for promises of firelight
I dream of it all the time
DiamondGirl Jul 2014
Fly to you

The combination of your love and our lust
Makes me feel like I could fly!
The power of your divineLoving words,
Gives me the confidence I need to-
into the night sky and
Fly to you
Not to wake you,only to tell you
Of my love and devotion...
DiamondGirl Feb 2015
Anticipation of our next time together
Has me wildly restless
DiamondGirl Oct 2014
I feel like we were cut short last night
Like a really good meal
where you left the last bite
And you find yourself dreaming of it during the night
There was so much more I wanted to do and to say
It feels as if I were ripped away
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