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Aug 2016 · 1.1k
Oh My Sweet Love
DiamondGirl Aug 2016
You fill my heart
And other things
And make me feel
Like I have wings
And when you spin me around on the dance floor
I fly
Nov 2015 · 571
DiamondGirl Nov 2015
I am on the couch
I am without you and
My heart aches
Aug 2015 · 395
I don't Mind 10w
DiamondGirl Aug 2015
Fantasies be real or untrue
They all begin with you...
Aug 2015 · 418
DiamondGirl Aug 2015
Your messages are like the sweetest candy
I can't wait to unwrap them and taste each one
Aug 2015 · 476
DiamondGirl Aug 2015
Saw a shooting star today
It assured me my wish is on the way!
Aug 2015 · 383
DiamondGirl Aug 2015
You have hypnotized me
And set me free
Allowed me to be all the things
I wanted to be-

With lace so soft
And the shine of silver
And gifts so beautiful
Your hands did deliver

truly the sweetest combination
Of friendship and lust!
Aug 2015 · 559
DiamondGirl Aug 2015
And sleeping in
And yoga
And the river
And the echo in the woods
And the red or the black
And the arrow
And the Russian ballerina
And the mariachi
And the flowers
And the couch

And you
And you
And you
Aug 2015 · 703
The Waiting
DiamondGirl Aug 2015
I'm dreaming of the day
when our time is not rushed by a timer or a certain number of days,
when I can place kisses when and where I want
Without watching my back

I wanna call your name loudly in the street and when you turn to me and smile I will run to you jump up and wrap myself around you and kiss you passionately

I will not care who sees or knows
I'm dreaming of loving you freely and it is the sweetest dream ever
Jul 2015 · 467
The Perfect Amount
DiamondGirl Jul 2015
What are the perfect amount of kisses 
To show how much I want you
one good one,
I wonder...
Lets experiment play a game and find out 
What the right amount of kisses are...
So I can show you how much
I want you
And then...
I will give you ten more
Jul 2015 · 470
My Heart is Like Chocolate
DiamondGirl Jul 2015
My tempered heart
beats steadily for you.
It melts from your heat
And cools in your absence.
The final product deliciously appealing to the eye
Tastier and smoother than at first
But oh-
How painful the process.
Jul 2015 · 417
Through the back gate
DiamondGirl Jul 2015
I am missing you and I'm suffering the consequences of days and nights without you
I would like to hop on the next dream and ride that swirling cloud
Open the gate, and pass through...

The room is in a mist of TV blue.
And there you are sweetly silent-
Looking vulnerable and mmmmmmm.
I put my wicked hands, throbbing with want  genlty on to your ankles,
And my finger tips tingle.

Smoothly up to your milky thighs
Eying every bit of prize,
Avoiding what I really want.
My mouth begins to water.

Sliding up your chest
Trying to control my heavy breath
Til you open your eyes.

And you see me and smile
With curls a blaze in a strangely wicked haze
My eyes meet yours in a shade of black

And I whisper gently in your ear
I want you
I want you so my dear
And then attack

And we kiss and role and intertwine
Until I am yours
And you are mine
for a time
In my wildest dreams
Jul 2015 · 353
Wondering why
DiamondGirl Jul 2015
And he said (I'm sure regrettably)"He must be big, and handsome, and young"
And I bit my lip and said " He is...he is all of those things"
And then I thought-
Lucky lucky me!
I love you
I have no regrets
Jul 2015 · 1.0k
Insight 10w
DiamondGirl Jul 2015
You see things
that others don't see-
you see me.
Jul 2015 · 317
Summer day
DiamondGirl Jul 2015
As I float through the day uninspired
I find my mind wandering to thoughts of you and what you'll do to me...
I swim away the heat
the want, the longing
And missing!
Jul 2015 · 439
Fuck it
DiamondGirl Jul 2015
My eyes are swollen shut
I could never spell anyway
So I will just write the blurry words
Pushing their way out
Out of me

I am confused
Do rhe right thing be ignored
Do the wrong thing
Get his attention but he'll call you a *****
Cook and clean and be ready for love
It's simply not enough
Give less
give it to someone else
All his "feelings" come up
What the ****
I give up
Jul 2015 · 1.1k
DiamondGirl Jul 2015
I'm ready
Thoughts swirling
Like the red lipstick on my lips
And lotion that I applied to my hips
I'm ready
White wine swirling starting to work
Thinking of how I will show you
How much I miss the taste and
Touch of your lips
I'm ready
Click click click
Jun 2015 · 431
Written with love
DiamondGirl Jun 2015
Not that I've ever been empty
But you fill me
You fill me with more lust
And more love
And it feels like a gift from above

You fill me with more warmth
and more desire
That I'm in flames with fire

You fill  me with more passion and a considerable amount of speed
Which makes me confident
That I'm everything that you need

I am
I'm filled
With you
Drunk dangerous
Jun 2015 · 349
DiamondGirl Jun 2015
...My eyes are closing
Your gently breathing
Our skin is touching
I must be dreaming...
Jun 2015 · 521
Thank you
DiamondGirl Jun 2015
Thank you for the shiny things
Long beautiful gowns
bejeweled gold rings

Thank you for a home cooked breakfast
Scantly clad,
I must say, you've got some of the sweetest juice I've ever had

And thank  you for taking care of my head and heart
Love and lust
Sweet G&H;

Thank you sweet face
for giving me your love
I could never
thank you enough!
Jun 2015 · 961
The Met
DiamondGirl Jun 2015
Stolen kisses between pyramid walls
Secret hand holding in darkened halls
Surrounded by people and paint
Oh! What a beautiful love we create
May 2015 · 399
DiamondGirl May 2015
Oh baby
I love you so much
Cause you kiss me like
I'm the Stanley Cup
May 2015 · 323
DiamondGirl May 2015
A leopard may try to change his spots
Scrubbing and rubbing them
to come off
But they will not
And this damages and confuses
The one he thought might have forgot
About the type of behavior
that caused the romance to rot
May 2015 · 483
DiamondGirl May 2015
Our love
So complicated, so contrived
We try so hard to keep it alive
When we are face to face
           breathing eachother in
You lips on mine
The weight of you on me.
An understanding of
how we are with our generosity
The sight of you
Allergy medicine in hand
Bottled water
And a full take of gas.
Especially watching you try things
Eating a garbanzo bean,
Painting a mural.
I know,
I know deep down
That you are the only one for me
You have as much as I can give
And in time
I know there is more
More from me,
More for us
I love you
May 2015 · 312
Far and Away
DiamondGirl May 2015
You are far and away from me now
But I can still see you
Bite the inside of your cheek as you read the paper
I can still see your
Devilish  smile as you check to see the message I sent

You are never far and  away from my heart because my daydreams keep you close
The time we spend is powerful and these vivid memories allow me to transcend the space between us.

This carries me through the days without you.
You are the love of my life GCN
Apr 2015 · 315
The Ring
DiamondGirl Apr 2015
I switched the silvery winged band
From right to left hand
Daydreaming tonight of the time
When you are all mine
Apr 2015 · 220
The Ring
DiamondGirl Apr 2015
I switched the silvery winged band from right to left hand
Daydreaming tonight of the time
When you will be all mine
Mar 2015 · 287
DiamondGirl Mar 2015
"I love being with you" she said
Even without an air mattress
Or a bed
Mar 2015 · 266
In dreams...
DiamondGirl Mar 2015
Sometimes I have this wonderful dream-
You and I go out to dinner,
Then go home and make love...
Mar 2015 · 702
Familar and Intense
DiamondGirl Mar 2015
Your love so intense
I have only to shut my eyes
To feel your presence
I can feel your hands on my body
I can taste the sweetness of your mouth
I can smell that smell of lust
That I once warned you about
Oh you are the kind of lover
I will never forget
So strange it is to me
knowing you all these years
Yet we have just really met.
Feb 2015 · 246
DiamondGirl Feb 2015
Isn't it amazing how the truth flies out
Especially when it's to save another
No doubt
Feb 2015 · 293
Oh Yes
DiamondGirl Feb 2015
And oh yes
I am
I am yearning for you touch
Craving your taste
Searching for your smell
I am
I am missing you so much
Feb 2015 · 221
For Days
DiamondGirl Feb 2015
Anticipation of our next time together
Has me wildly restless
Feb 2015 · 257
DiamondGirl Feb 2015
You make
Feb 2015 · 299
Be Mine
DiamondGirl Feb 2015
Oh my darlin sweet face
It's your kisses I long to taste
I want to feel them on my neck
Then my shoulder
Then my....
Oh sweet face you better hurry on over!
Feb 2015 · 262
Just a magazine?
DiamondGirl Feb 2015
I  started to read the Architectual Digest you gave me. Funny thing happened, as I turned each page, every single one said I love you...
Feb 2015 · 331
DiamondGirl Feb 2015
Right before your very eyes
Lemme whip you up
A little poem surprise!

It may not be what I do best
But taste it atleast
It may just pass the test

Poems of love
And of  lust
I hate to beg but
You simply must
Try my poem surprise!
Oh so silly sometimes
Feb 2015 · 252
Our Time
DiamondGirl Feb 2015
I really enjoy all time with you
The work time
The play time
The let's figure it out time
Because no matter what
It's ours
Intimate messy passionate love
Feb 2015 · 223
DiamondGirl Feb 2015
I'm in love with you
And saying no to you is
The hardest thing I ever have do
Feb 2015 · 304
DiamondGirl Feb 2015
You are my medicine
Like a shot of jack on Friday
A great grimy dance floor on Tuesday
Off on a Monday
Feb 2015 · 372
Love is...
DiamondGirl Feb 2015
De-iced side view mirrors
A full tank of gas
New ridiculous socks
The moms room
I just wanted to write to help me remember(as if I will ever forget)
All the things touchable and not
That have showed me so vividly
What good love is...

You make me so happy sweet face
Your love is like no other!
Jan 2015 · 269
DiamondGirl Jan 2015
And the words burn
And so do the tears they have inspired
My heart breaks like the first time
Every time his mouth spits fire
Jan 2015 · 284
Snow Day
DiamondGirl Jan 2015
At home today
In the sweatshirt you gave me
Missing you like crazy, baby
Jan 2015 · 244
DiamondGirl Jan 2015
I want you with me
When I'm happy
When I'm sad
Whenever wherever whatever
I want you with me
You make everything better
Jan 2015 · 621
Happy Birthday
DiamondGirl Jan 2015
Just can't  wait-
Can't get it out of my head!
Can't wait til you throw me down
On the bed!

Happy Birthday Baby
Jan 2015 · 307
Red Faced
DiamondGirl Jan 2015
I love the way you love me up,
I simply just can't get enough!
Jan 2015 · 388
DiamondGirl Jan 2015
I love your skin
The feel of it against mine.
Running my eager hands up and down your sides, it's just the right amount of roughness, masculine and sublime.
The color of your skin
The smell of it
The weight of it
Since last we met
I just can't get it out of my head.
Jan 2015 · 285
(Stolen from Girls)10w :)
DiamondGirl Jan 2015
When you see me I want you to think
Jan 2015 · 225
DiamondGirl Jan 2015
You are a gift from above
A vision of love
Jan 2015 · 274
DiamondGirl Jan 2015
I'm lying in my bed late afternoon
I'm thinking about my life
The messiness that it is...
And suddenly a vision of you appears in the door way
Your looking at me
With you head down but eyes up
Hands in your jeans
And chewing on your lip that way you do and all I can think is...
Oh I'm so glad it's you!
Jan 2015 · 390
Insatiable ;
DiamondGirl Jan 2015
The way you talk
about our love
It's incredible.
The words you used to describe
your feelings are
So powerful.
And with each and every breath
I want you more and more
This desire is
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