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You and me together we'll be
Falling in love under the
Moonlight watching the stars
Shining so bright holding
Hands growing old every night
And forever we'll be in love you and me.
4h · 39
True Love
You're the reason why I believe
In true love because I love you.
True Love ❀️❀️😘
Stay in my heart with me and
We can be always be together in love
You and me and your so beautiful in life
And your so gentle and caring to and so sweet
And with you my life it's simply complete.
My Life 😍
1d · 42
In the summertime I'm feeling
So fine falling in love in the summertime and
Girls all around are so beautiful and bright
And I'm smiling as bright as the stars tonight
So take my hands and let's dance in the sun light and as
The little birds sing along
To this summertime song
I've a smile on my face and I'm
Having so much fun in the summertime
So let's all sing along to this beautiful
Summertime song.
She's so beautiful in life
And she has an amazing smile
In life and it makes my heart smile
So bright just like the stars shining
In the sky every night.
True Love β€οΈπŸ’•πŸ˜˜
Your so beautiful in life
And your in my heart every day
With me my beautiful sister
In my life and your
Not only my sister but a best friend too
And we share times of laughter and happiness
Together and praying to Lord Jesus Christ too
And you can’t put a price on precious love
And it's a blessing to have you in my life
And a sister's love is unconditional
It's a love that has no end
And my sister's love is in my heart
Forever untill the end.
A Family ❀️πŸ₯°πŸ₯°β€οΈπŸ₯°β€οΈ
She's a lonely girl in life
Trying to pass the day by and
Hiding behind her tears and
Her red hair in life
And she's crying all day and night
But nothing to say but whisper do I love I
You in life?
And maybe she expects too much
From me as I sit and stare
Watching the clock ticking by
And he doesn't see me no more
As I look into the mirror he see's a sad little girl in life
As my tears roll down this invisible ocean
On the ground and
It's so wet and damp this pillow she lays
On crying all thorough the lonely Night.
Life πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯°
3d · 189
True Lover's
All the stars in the nights sky
She shines brighter I can't deny
So beautiful in the nights sky
Watching her twinkling by
With a smile on my face
And as my heart begins to race
I'm listening to the
The angels sing my favorite lullaby
With a smile on my face and
I love you so much with all of my heart
And together forever we'll be and never to part.
True Love β€οΈπŸ’–πŸ˜˜
4d · 58
Our World
They blame Iran every day
And the children slowly dying
In occupied PALESTINE today
But nobody cares about beautiful
PALESTINE and it's sadness in the air
And no more happiness and joy
In Gaza today but the world smiles on
Watching PALESTINE fade away
But every day is a struggle in Gaza
Every day is an other child killed
And the world shows it's true colours
Staying silent every day as war more
Crimes committed today as a lonely tear
Rolls down my face and my heart sweeps
For you I promise you all I'll love and pray
For everyone who's suffering in Beautiful
PALESTINE every day.
The sparkle in her beautiful eyes
And the warmth of her gentle touch
And her soft passionate kiss upon my lips
Sets my soul on fire.
Her Love ❀️
4d · 43
Our Relationship
Between the stories of our happiness and joy
And in the embrace of madness in the bliss
And a soft passionate kiss oh the kiss and
In the embrace of madness melts in the bliss
And the touch so powerful and true
And this love will beat forever between me and you.
Love πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
4d · 414
She's In My Heart
Take my hands
And gaze into my
Eyes and softly
Kiss me and let's
Smile so bright and
Hold hands under the
Under the moonlight
And stay in my arms
With me tonight and you'll stay safe
Forever in my heart
Beating with me.
True Love β€οΈπŸ’—
4d · 32
I Love You
It's so beautiful
Falling in love with you
As I lay a gentle
Kiss on your lips
And the gentle wind
Blows softly through the tonight
And the stars are shining so
Bright and there's silence
In the air it's happiness
All around us and as
I touch you softly you
Close your eyes
And you dream of us
It's true love coming
True because this
Love is so beautiful
Between me and you
And from the moment we touched
All our dreams
Have coming true
So just listen to
My heart it's beating
I love you.
True love makes my heart sing
Her special song and it's
Singing I love you all day long.
Her Song 😍πŸ₯°
4d · 120
True Love
True love

Will forever

Come true

Because your

Heart is softly beating

Inside my heart and

My heart is

Beating I Love You too..
True Love β€οΈπŸ’“
4d · 35
For Eternity
Softly kissing you and
Holding hands with you
As we listen to our heart's
Beat the sound of true love
Is so beautiful and magical
In life even the little birds sing to
As we fall in love tonight under
The stars shining so bright and
We'll be together in love forever
We'll be forever you and me in eternity.
Love is so beautiful in life
And true love is so sweeter
In life when I'm holding you
In my arms under the moonlight
Every night.
True Love β€οΈπŸ’—
It's time to say goodbye
As I stop and cry
But she still fights on
Looking beautiful all day long
My wife forever in life

The battle was hard
We thought we had won
But the disease eats on
And my loved one
Struggles on

And the happiness we shared together
And you touched my heart so much
And our love will live on forever
As your in my heart all day long

And when you close your eyes
You can see us having so much fun
In that summer sun and
The gentle whisper that echoes your name
Whispering, I love you...
And when we touch each other
Our hearts smile so bright

So I'll listen to the wind whisper
Goodnight my beautiful wife
As a lonely tear rolls down my face
Hoping your in a better place
But apart of me has died to
I'll never forget you because
I'll always love you.
Holding her in my arms
Having falling for my charms
Watching the sunset on a warm
Summer's day as I fell in love today
My heart skipping a beat smiling
So bright and feeling true love
In my life it's so beautiful and
Magical the first kiss sets my soul
On fire and butterflies inside my stomach
I'm truly in love and I'm dancing tonight
Holding hands with my beautiful wife and
It's a magical feeling come true and
I'll never forget the day I first kissed you.
6d · 26
I Truly Love You
Coronavirus every day

And I stop and pray

For the suffering today

And I feel there pain in every way

And there screams of pain today and

It's sadness in the air no more happiness

Or joy anymore it's a world of sadness

And there must be a better way out of here

And to have so much fun so try and smile

Bright like warm summer's sun

And we'll all be singing

And dancing to a happy song in the warm sun

When coronavirus slowly fades away

Listening to the birds sing all day

And there will be healing and happiness

And so much love and joy but we will feel

This hurt will never go away because

Coronavirus has left a stain to stay and

Coming in from the dark today we'll try and smile

So bright and remember the loved ones we lost

Every night and to stop and think you'll be in my heart

Every day and I'll see your beautiful smile

Inside my heart with every heart beat

Draws a lonely tear rolling down my face

And I'll softly whisper I'll always love you sweetheart

And as our children go out and play smiling today

And I'll give you all my love in my life

And to shack hands and hold you

In my arms again and whisper the softly to you the

Fear is over and I'm so happy I can

Love and hold you again so tightly

And I never wanna be without you

Because every day I truly love you.
6d · 158
Love Me
Love me all day
And Night

And I'll love you
For the rest

Of my life.
True Love β€οΈπŸ’–
6d · 49
I'd Die For Her
I'd give you my heart
My beautiful wife
And I'd give you my
Life and soul and the day you'll
Die I'll die for you and you'll be
In my heart day
And night my beautiful wife
And I'd do anything
For you in life I'd even die for you
Because I love you my beautiful wife.
I Love You Sweetheart ❀️❀️❀️
6d · 48
It's Summer Time
The sun is shining bright
And the kids are full of
Happiness and delight
Having so much fun
In the summer sun
Playing all day feeling
The heat today as the sun
Shines so bright and all the children
Are happy and full of delight
Smiling all day laughter all night
We'll sing and dance because there's
No time to wast let's have so much some fun
In the summer sun and
Life is so full of sweet sweet things
And come along and sing this happy summer
Song Hooray Hooray it's a sunny holiday
Beauitful sweet air blows softly scented by sweet cherry blossom in the sky
And the daffodils smile so bright in the summer's warm sun light
And the sound of happiness and joy in the summer time
It's so beautiful and bright and everyone is so happy tonight
And all the women are all so beautiful and
You already know it's summertime in life.
Summer 🌞 Time
7d · 25
It's True Love
Gazing into your bright eyes
And seen her beautiful smile
Makes my heart skip a beat
And it's true love come true.

This love between me and you
And holding you in my arms every night
And let these feelings I have
All come true because I love you.

And getting lost in my dreams holding you
It's where I wanna be holding hands
And falling in love with you
A future forever together me and you.

So I leave my arms open for you
And I'll wish and pray
Hoping that you'll stay in my heart
With me for just one more day.
True Love 😘❀️😘
Feb 25 · 134
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Every Thumb up Goes To Saving A PALESTINIAN.
Feb 23 · 161
A Beautiful Wife
I can't wait to hold you
In my arms and feel
You touching my heart
And softly kiss you
And whisper your
Truly beautiful in life
And I'll always love you
My beautiful wife.
True Love β€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’–
Feb 23 · 45
She's Safe In My Arm's
Your my beautiful girlfriend and we'll
Be together falling in love
Forever and our love is so beautiful
And true I'm crazy in love with you
And we'll love each other every day in life
And our love is a gift from heaven above
So just take my hands and let me
Softly kiss you smiling at you
Watching you smile at me too and
In my arms you'll be forever safe
And warm with me.
True Love ❀️😘
Feb 22 · 165
I Love You
My love for you is blowing so strong and
So powerful and deep it will forever beat on
Through hail rain and snow storms and
It will withstand every pain in our life
Because I love you so much my beautiful wife
So take hands and stay with me forever
Because our hearts are so pure and warm in life and I'll
I love you forevermore with every heartbeat in my life.
True Love ❀️😘
Feb 21 · 149
I Love You
I smile every time I
See you and I was just thinking
To myself I was just
Smiling because I love you.
πŸ’• love
Feb 21 · 212
Dreams Come True
You make my dreams come true
Because every night I fall in love with you.
Lover's β€οΈπŸ’•πŸ˜
Feb 21 · 123
My Peace And Love
The day I met you I found my
Peace and love because I love you.
Lover's ❣️
Feb 21 · 47
Falling In Love
Falling in love with you is
So beautiful and true and I
Love every second of it
Because I love you.
Love You πŸ’–
Feb 21 · 110
My Heart Beats For You
Take my hands and take
My heart to and let's grow
Old together and listen to
My heart beat it will forever
Beat I love you.
Feb 21 · 110
She's Magical
She takes my breath away
And I'm in love with you
Every day.
Love ❣️
Feb 21 · 87
Love Is So Sweet
Love is so sweet in life
And love is sweeter when
I have you as my beautiful wife.
Feb 21 · 91
My Life
I have the perfect life
And I'm in love with my
Beauitful wife.
True Love β€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’•
Feb 21 · 83
My Heart Beat
I love you so much in life
And loving you makes my
Heart skip a beat every day in life.
True Love ❀️😘
Feb 21 · 79
Shea Love's Me Too
A soft kiss and a warm night
And a fuzzy feeling full of happiness
And so much delight and it’s so beautiful
Tonight and a big HUG from me to you
And I'm so happy you love me too.
True Love ❀️😘
Feb 21 · 83
I Love You
I’m sitting here watching the
Stars shining so bright and I'm
Thinking about you tonight as I
Fall in love with you and sweetheart
I just wanted to tell you that I love you.
Love ❀️😘😘
I'll love you
Every day,

And your my heart
To stay,

So just keep smiling
Every day,

And our love is so beautiful
And I feel the warmth of her touch
And her beauty is truly magical in life
And a passionate kiss soft and warm
Falling in love under the moonlight,

And her heart touches mine
When she smiles so bright

And I will never leave you ever in life and
You're my one and only beautiful sweetheart
Forever in life.
Feb 21 · 68
I Love Her Every Day
Her smile so beautiful and bright
And her lips so soft and tasty and
The thought of kissing you is stuck in my mind
I'm smiling because I'm in love with you andΒ Β 
Your beauty is so passionate and true
And her soft kiss and I'm truly in love with you
And her eyes sparkle like the stars shining every night
And we dance under the moonlight
And when I stare into your eyes I feel love at first sight
And my love for you is beautiful and true and
I'll never stop loving you because every day I'm so in love with you and just listen to my heart beating it's beating I love you
And it makes me so proud in my life to tell you I love you every day and I'll love you forever my beautiful wife.
True Love ❀️😘
Feb 20 · 55
My True Lover
Something about her
Attracts me like no other lover
And the way she smiled at me today
Something in the way she woos me
And I feel her love touching my heart every day
And the way her hair blows gently in the wind
And her smile so bright like the stars at night
And I don't need no other lover but her in my life
And her style is so beautiful in life
And I just wanna hold her every night and
Fall in love under the beautiful moonlight
And she knows I truly love her so much
And our will truly grow and
The way I feel about you sweetheart I
Can't truly explain it but
Want the whole wide world to know
I truly love you every day in my life.
She's my beautiful wife
So take my hands and
Take my whole life too
Because I've fallen in love with you
And my sweetheart I have to say
I'm so in love with you
Kissing you under the stars at night
Oh darling place your head on my beating heart
Because I can't stop thinking about you
Oh sweetheart I'm truly in love with you
And I've found the perfect soulmate in you and
It's true love coming true just listen to the
Beautiful birds sing for me and you
And this love is so beautiful in life and
I'm so glad we've made it come true and
Look how far we've come my beautiful sweetheart
And your eyes are the sweetest I've ever seen in my life
And the storms are raging and the wind is
Still blowing strong and forever our love
Will always love on.
True Love ❀️
A famous singer wants to buy this off me
I've the email he sent me
Feb 20 · 128
Her Smile
She's in my heart
Beating away and just
Watch her smile
So bright every day.
Our world has changed
Like never before
And our lives have changed to
And so many families suffering
Every day and this virus is here to stay
And we where all caught and unaware and it's sadness
In the air and Isolated from family and friends
And there's know happiness or joy today
It's just an other loved one who's passed away
And coronavirus walks among us every day
And we try our best to struggle through
This horrible coronavirus storm
And the hurt and pain it's brought us and
There's nothing much to gain and our
Peace and love has all gone away
And it's silent tears all day and I've been
Crying on the inside so you can't see
And all the pain running though me
Coronavirus coronavirus when will you ever
Go away and I cry for the loved ones who have
Passed away and so if you listen you may hear my silent tears
Every day and I'm lost without you in my life and
The world has changed so much
Coronavirus is not going away
And the darkness surrounds the world today
And it's so cold and painful every day and
I feel the chill up and down my spine every day
And our warm hugs and soft kisses
Have just all faded away and
Just like our loved ones today
And nobody to hold at night
And nobody to whisper I love you goodnight
And as a lonely tear rolls down my face
I try to smile and remember her beautiful face
But I promise you all I'll love
And pray for everyone
Who's been suffering from coronavirus
Every day.

David P Carroll.
Feb 19 · 60
Love Me Too
Oh baby what can I do because
I'm so in love with you
So baby please take my hands
And tell me you love me too.
Love πŸ’ŸπŸ˜˜
Feb 18 · 447
I Love You
I'm married to you

And she knows

It's true because

Every day I tell

You, I love you.
True Love πŸ˜˜πŸ’˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’˜
Feb 18 · 63
David P Carroll's Life
She's so beautiful in life
And I'd do anything for you
And I'll wait forever to hold hands and
To fall in love with you
And feeling my heart smile in life
And then her eyes shine so bright
And there's no other woman
In my life who could touch my heart
They way you truly do every day in life
And now sweetheart everything I do in my life
It's because every day I love you
And I'm here to stay loving you forever
Until my dying day.
True Love ❀️😘😘
Feb 18 · 82
Lord Jesus Christ
Dear Lord Jesus Christ, My savour in life and
You give me nothing but goodness in my life
And I thank you every day and I cherish in my heart today
And your the best gift to me in my life and I've your blessings
And peace and love you share with me and I'm truly grateful
For you in my life and forever smiling in my heart with me
Lord Jesus Christ.
I was asked to write this by a person on Hello Poetry who's been sick get well soon. ❀️
I stop and stare at
You under the beautiful
Sun light and she's so beautiful
In the sun light and
No doubt you look so fine and
Girl I truly wanna make you mine
And I wanna hold you oh so tight and
Make love under the moonlight
As th stars shine so bright
No doubt I'm the only man
Who can love you like I can
So just take my hands and we'll
Sail away together you and me
Loving each other for eternity.
Love πŸ’–
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