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1d · 46
Our Future
Hand in hand
Watching the

With the women
I truly love,

We watched our future
Together as the stars
Shine from above.....
Our Happiness
1d · 56
True Love
True love is your
Beating Heart
It can be broken
And saddened,
Too truly love is to understand
The meaning of true love....
True Love
1d · 36
She's My World
I knew I was in love,
When I seen her,
She was beautiful
when I seen
You in life
You took my breath away
And gazing into your eyes,
I seen my whole life and
My world
Through your
Beautiful eyes...
Love Her
1d · 40
Our Love
Having her heart
Beating inside my heart
Feeling her warmth
Inside my heart
Smiling at each other
Forever feeling
True Love inside
Each other's hearts
Is truly beautiful...
Love Her
2d · 41
My Wife
My wife is sweet, delicate
And truly beautiful
She's Truly from
Above she's
The women...

I truly love...
Love Her
2d · 41
True Love
True love is a perfect moment
Will last forever Inside
Your heart,
Never forget the feeling
Of true love that was once
Beating Inside your heart....
True Love
2d · 29
My Dancing Heart
Walking in the winter breeze
As fires begin to burn,
Watching the bird sing it's music to my ears
The power of love beating
Inside my dancing heart,

I'm so in LOVE...

No anger inside us anymore
I love her so much
More than life itself,
Nothing will ever tare us apart...
But the power of love will
Forever beat smiling
Inside my dancing heart...
Smiling Heart ❤️
I dreamt of you last night
but thats nothing new
In my life sweetheart,
I was thinking
Of you yesterday so much
and the day before
Holding you in my arms
And softly kissing you everyday I think about you,
You bring a smile to my heart Your in my heart always,
Your right now with me
I feel you beating with me
Your forever in my heart
today, tomorrow, always
In my heart...
I love you and
I will never stop dreaming about you...
True Love
Close your eyes

As I Softly kiss your lips

Each time I kiss you,

You take my breath away

Everytime I gaze into

Your beautiful bright eyes

I fall in love with you...

I want to hold you in my

Arms forever sweetheart

I'll promise I'll love you

Forever my beautiful sweetheart....
Forever Love
3d · 60
I've Found You
Two Heart's beating

Forever Feeling love

It's a perfect vibe

Between me and you

Our love will survive

Till death do us part,

I'm glad I've found you

Baby I only wanna

Be with you....
Love Her
3d · 56
I Truly Love You
Come into my arms
Coming into my heart
As I Whisper into your ear

I love you....

You bring passion and zest
Into my life,

I think about you more
Than my own life,

Beyond you sweetheart,

Nothing more I can say but??

I truly love you this day.....
True Lover's
3d · 136
She Loves Me
Whenever you whisper

To me

You love me


You take my breath away

When you say you love me

It really completes my perfect day...
Love You
Your voice is so sweet
Your touch so warm
It warms my beating heart
Your beautiful bright eyes
Shining so bright
You make my heart beat
I love you so much
And always will love you
Your my Forever
Beautiful sweetheart.
Love You
3d · 45
I Love You
Feeling your love
Inside my heart
Is an instant connection
Feeling true love,
Between me and you
True Love is beautiful
Holding you in my arms
And telling you
I Love You.....
Love You
4d · 36
The Women I Love
Her eyes so bright
Her heart so pure
I'm lost in her eyes
I could never love
Anyone else but you
The way you look at me
The twinkle in your eye
I've falling in love
Watching the birds sing
From above
I love you so much and
When you whisper my name
I smile so much,
When she takes my hands
And kisses me softly
As the birds stop to watch
Her touch so warm
It warms my heart
I could never love another
The way I love you,
Your beautiful bright smile
Your shining bright eyes
Your heart so pure
I could never find an other
Love the way
I Love You.....
Love Her
5d · 51
I Love You
I've always loved you

Beautiful sweetheart

I told you I did,

I love you today and

Tomorrow, forever I've

Always loved you

And always will love you...
Love You
5d · 37
My Special One
This poem is written for you
For everything you’ve
Ever done for me
In my lifetime,
And I hope you understand
Me sweetheart
Your the only one your
My special little one...
I think about
You every day
How much our love has grown
Since we first met
Your perfect smile
Your kind heart,
Your warm hugs and gentel
Kiss warms my heart
You have made me happier than I have ever known.

I Love You my
Special sweetheart....
Love You
5d · 28
My Love
It's​ so hard to describe my feelings for you,
My heart skips a beat
Loving you,
Falling in love with you
Holding hands
Watching the birds
Sing from above
These are the special
feelings I get when I'm holding you....
True Love
6d · 39
Goodnight my
I'm dreaming of you,
A dream so true,
It's about you,

Watching you in the clouds above
Your beautiful bright face I hope to see smiling back at me....
Night Dreams
6d · 172
I'm Loving You
Dreaming about you

Falling in love with you

As my lips softly
Kissing you,

I feel your love inside
My beating heart....

Oh sweetheart I
Love you,

So kind and warm

I'm lost in your eye's

So bright and blue

My heart beating faster

Truly loving you....
My Love
6d · 30
Our Love Forever
Holding hands
Side by side
Walking along
The sea side,
Watching the
Waves crashing
Upon the rocks
Listening to
Our heart's beating
Filled with
Happiness and joy
Filling our hearts
A warm kiss a
Caring touch
A gentle kiss.
I Love You....
Watching the birds
Singing from above
Gazing into your blue
Ocean eye's softly
Kissing your sweet lips
Holding you in my arms
Forever... Softly kissing you


I Love You......
True Love
I love you forever,
It's true love sweetheart,
You and me together
Our heart's beating
Forever in
Perfect harmony.....
Forever Love
6d · 42
I Truly Love You
Your my true love forever
In life, slowly kissing you
Holding you,
It's me and only you,
my beautiful sweetheart..

I Truly Love You....
True Love
6d · 49
I Love You
As I hold you tightly and

Forever in my arms

And in my heart sweetheart

I Whisper
Close your eyes

I softly kiss you slowly

And Whisper..

I Love You.....
True Love
6d · 38
My Heart
Your my special love,
I knew from the start
I was suddenly in love,
You put a smile on my face
And you always lighten up my heart.
My Heart
6d · 39
Love Of My Life
Your the sunshine of my life
You shine bright as the sun,
You twinkle like the stars at night,
Your the air that I breathe in life,
Your the beat to my heart,

And your the love of my life.....
Love, Life
Your sweet honey voice is playing music to my ears,
Oh sweetheart I'm in love..
Your bright eyes puts a smile upon my heart, Oh sweetheart I'm in love...
Your soft lips so tasty they set my soul on fire, I'm in love..
Your most beautiful woman in the world you have touched my heart,
And I'm forever in love.....
In Love
Feb 16 · 31
My Beauitful Valentine
Valentines Day
Happiness and love
Holding hands
Watching the birds​ singing,
From above.

With you in my life
And in my heart,
Loving You so much
Your forever my Valentine...
My Valentine
Feb 16 · 79
Forever Together
My beating heart,
The blue sky
Watching the
Birds fly,
Being With You
Is So true,

I Love You...

A Day Of Love And Happiness
As The Children play
On this day
At The Beach
As we walk by
Hand In Hand,

A soft kiss today....

Down At The Beach
Enjoying The View
While I'm Holding You....

It's All About
Happiness and love it's
You and Me Forever In
Eternity my sweetheart....
True Love
Feb 16 · 29
I Love You
I can't stop thinking
About you sweetheart
How much
I Love You.....
How much I need you
In my life and heart,
No matter what I do
I can never stop loving you.....
Love You
Feb 16 · 32
Good Night
Goodnight​ sweet dreams
My beautiful sweetheart

Kissing you softly

You shine bright
Like the stars twinkling in
The sky tonight....
Night Time
Feb 16 · 47
In My Heart
With you in my life
And forever in my
Heart I've nothing
To fear wherever I go
You will always be near....
In His Heart
Feb 15 · 46
In Love Every Day
Holding you in
My arms
Every day
Smiling at you,
Every day,
Gazing into your
Bright eyes
Falling in love
With you,
Kissing your lips
Softly every day
Telling you
I love you every day.....
True Love
Feb 15 · 43
Love You In Life
Having you in
My life is a beautiful
Gift you make me
Feel special every day
Warm In your arms
With your warm
Touch it brightens my
Heart feeling your love...

Kissing you slowly....

Your the one
I truly love,
No matter what
Happens in life
My sweetheart
I'll always love you
Forever In life.....
True Love
Feb 14 · 47
Always Love You
My love for you is true
My beautiful sweetheart,
An unbreakable bond
Together till the end,
Our hearts beating forever
I'll always love you, here and beyond forever your
In my beating heart....
True Love
Feb 13 · 33
Love Inside My Heart
True love will
Always be
dancing to the
Rhythm of the song
Beating inside my heart....
True Love
Feb 13 · 94
My Wife
Love is truly beautiful
She's a true beauty of life,
She's like the sun rising in the morning so bright and beautiful...

Kissing her softly whispering
She's beauitful and forever will be my beautiful wife.....
Love Her
Feb 11 · 260
Our Heart's
Two Heart's
Beating as one
Hands held
Two minds
Forever as one,
Our lips gently
Kissing softly
A bright smile,
Upon her beauitful face,
The sun is shining,
Two Heart's beating,
One soul.
Our Happiness
As one,
Our Heart's
Forever beating
Two the sound
Of love our Heart's
Will always be Forever
Beating as one...
Our Heart's
Feb 9 · 134
Truly Beauitful
Your soft lips so tasty
And sweet
Your eyes so bright
Shining in the sky tonight,
Your touch so gentel
And warm it warms my heart...
Your like a work of art
Truly Beauitful,
Your the most beautiful woman  
In the world
And I'll be forever in
Love with you.....
She's Beautiful
Feb 8 · 40
I Love You
Sitting holding hands
Gazing at the stars
In the night sky,
There shining brightly
bright like your beauitful eyes,
As I hold you in my arms
Feeling our heart's beating
In perfect harmony

Laughter and joy
Cherishing you forever
Softly kissing you
A gentle Whisper,

I Love You.....
Love You
Feb 7 · 63
Fell In Love
I never knew what
True Love felt like,
I never thought dreams
Could come true,
I never understood
True Love,
Until I finally
Fell in love with you...
In Love
Feb 7 · 43
I Love You
The sun shining bright
Over the garden hill
As we sit together
Hand in hand
Gazing into your
Beautiful eye's
I kiss you,
And Whisper
I Love You....
Feb 7 · 45
Always Love You
Kissing your soft lips
Tasting so sweet
Smiling at you
Holding hands
As you softly kiss me
My beautiful sweetheart...
I never knew
Loving you could be so
I'll always Love You.....
True Love
Feb 6 · 48
My Beating Heart
Loving her is my whole life,
when she,


I love you too...

My heart will forever
Beat loving you.....
My Heart
Feb 6 · 39
My Special Love
A gentel whisper in the wind
She gives me her heart,
Her touch so warm
It touched my heart
Falling in love.....
Her passionate kiss
Soft and gentle....

Whispeing... I Love You...
Your the beat Inside My Heart

Beating true love
My life is truly complete
Our Happiness has begun,

Whispeing Softly,

Your forever my special one...
My Love
Feb 6 · 38
The Wind Whisper's
As the wind blows sweetheart

I'm​ holding​ you in my arms tightly

Feeling true love together

A passionate kiss a gentel touch,

The beating of two heart's...

Falling In Love,

Your soft touch

Warms my beating heart,

I'm smiling feeling your love,

I kiss your lips softly and slowly,

Gazing into your bright eyes

I'm lost for words,

The sound of our hearts beating to the rhythm of love

I've fallen in love with you

As the wind blows,

It soft whisper's

I love you forever

My beautiful sweetheart.....
Love You
Feb 4 · 53
As the sun shines

Brightly​ in the blue

Sky this morning,

I'm smiling hold you

A gentle kiss
A soft Whisper

Its truly beautiful


So are you my sweetheart.....
Sun shining
Feb 3 · 43
Forever Love You
The sun shines
Brightly in the
Blue sky I'm
Watching the bird's
Sing a beautiful song
Holding her hands
A gentel kiss
On your lips my

True Love is so beautiful,
It's in my heart to stay,
for this love is true
I'll Forever​ Love You....
Love You
Feb 2 · 65
I Love You
A morning kiss
A soft whisper,


A Moment of love,

Touching my heart,

A true feeling
Of love inside my heart,
Take my hands
As our
Heart's beat softly,

Our lips touching
Our hearts beating
To the rhythm of true love,

Cherished memories
Forever with you
A soft Whisper...
Kissing you

Love You
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