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isabella de angelis
Vanessa Gatley
23/F    share some of my work, if you like FOLLOW BACK love ya keep writing rock on Message lot of people who have seen my work ...
katlyn suzanne
chicago    to become that which you were before you were, with the memory and understanding of what you had become
Mikayla White
seventeen / @mikayiwhite (twitter)
Salil Jha - Naked Soul
Boston, MA    I invite you to join me: undress and be naked with your heart’s truth. It’s the only way to uncover what resonates with your own ...
Just Melz
Rome, Ga with DaSH    Message me anytime to chat or collab :) ~27~MADLY IN LOVE WITH DASH ❤❤❤❤ mother~writer~reader~lover~fighter~dreamer~15 years experience~grammar nazi~hilarious~silly~modest~sarcastic~POET ~caring~speed reader~excessive follower~Johnny Depp Fan~long hair~tall~bbw~artist~aspiring photographer~smoker~loyal~honest ...
Giuseppi Martino Buonaiuto
Florida; Italy    Giuseppi Buonaiuto is a former commissioned officer and veteran; employed later by one of the more obscure government clandestine services. He holds numerous graduate degrees ...
South Africa    I never understood why i fell in love so easily and experienced pain so often and so deeply. I do now. For the poetry.
Debbie Jean Embrey
Kentucky    I've written poetry since age 19. It was the very day my youngest child was born. She was my little angel, and the first several ...
Hannah Turner
Texas    Christ follower. Dreamer. Struggler. Fighter. Attempting to make beauty out of my ugliness, and sunlight shine through my scars. . You can find me at ...
19/united kingdom    rise and fall like feathers and dust
"What will your verse be?"
Matthew Walker
I'm just a boy with too many thoughts.
Mariève D
Found myself loving poetry... And I guess I kinda fell for it. A bit too much.
Jekk Mickale H Paderes
Philippines    He is the poet. By the way, I am just His writer. —-██—— Put this on —-██—— your profile ██████—if you’re not -—██—— embarrassed —-██—— ...
holly roberts
ma    i love Jesus with all my heart and i write poems about what i feel so they probably make no sense?????? idk sorry
Lena Nickel
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