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  Sep 2014 Lena Nickel
Matthew Walker
The way she underlines
her favorite parts in this book
says more than words could.

She never draws straight,
but scribbles little lines
that connect the syllables
in the same way
she etches her little things
one by one, piece by piece
into something worth reading.

I want to highlight
each beautiful characteristic,
underline with sharpie
so her imprint is permanent,
write notes in the margin
to ensure I never forget.

Lena Nickel Sep 2014
I reflect
I analyze each step,
and every word
I make
and say
to find the mistakes
the mistakes,
I always make.

But by you and with you
I do not reflect
or analyze
no step
and no word
I made
and said,
and even though I’ve made ​​mistakes,
the mistakes,
I always make,
I do not care.

Because when I’m with you,
walking with you
and talking to you,
I don’t have to
worry about my mistakes,
the mistakes,
I always make,
because you make me feel
like having no mistakes.

And I’m happy
happy as long time
no more.

— The End —