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 Aug 2015 Damian
On the dampest days,

I miss you enough to fabricate you.

Years worth of my heart’s energy invested into the study of making matter,

Of bringing it across an ocean

to reassemble near the maples and the bush

and on paper and cards, across a board of letters we catch up and play and paint,

just the same.
 Aug 2015 Damian
sabrina paesler
i wrote a poem
on the walls of the school house
cursing the subjects with math
that I didn’t do good at.
i lit it on fire
watched it
and I can’t remember what holiday it is
but these fireworks look perfect
i guess this
is the metaphorical
teenage rebellion
of an arts student.
 May 2015 Damian
Kimberly Rose
my eyes were more blue
but you never did tell me
you liked green seas too
 May 2015 Damian
sabrina paesler
until the artist
has created evolution
from solid marble
do not disagree
that you are the prized exhibit
of your own museum.
"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."
- Michelangelo
 May 2015 Damian
sabrina paesler
you told me to be levelheaded
because symmetry is what makes a beautiful face.

I will touch my stomach
to the bottom of the pool
so you can’t examine me
without being as low as I am.

if you still want to see,
meet me in the deep end—
we can have a toxic tea party
just you and I.

when I finally float to the top
you’ll say
my sense of foolishness
is what you’ve always
 May 2015 Damian
sabrina paesler
build a chapel
with her bedroom’s burnt floor
and mourn every February
for her.

I can see the shadow
from her window
reflecting in your eyes and
the matches she lit
in your therapy.

has the ash on her body
from that night
come off your fingers yet?

I will continue to shed skin
until I remind you
nothing of her.
context: my father is a firefighter, and the heartbreak that first responders face affects families.
 Sep 2011 Damian
Say my name
And her name
in the same breath.

I dare you to say they taste the same.
 Sep 2011 Damian
hey dollface.
I don't think you know
how truly
you really are

— The End —