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Annabel Aug 2011
hey dollface.
I don't think you know
how truly
you really are
Annabel Aug 2011
I hate spending time with you.
I hate seeing your sparkling eyes.

I hate having to hear that voice that used to calm me down,
When all it does now is rile me up.

I hate seeing perfect you.
When I know all I can be is me.
Annabel Jul 2011
I said no more fighting tonight,
but I know I'll call you back when I find out.

How am I supposed to feel?

Don't try to call me;
Don't try to text me.

This is just a warning,
because after
4 missed calls,
and 3 ignored texts,

You still slept with my best friend.
Annabel Jul 2011
Say my name
And her name
in the same breath.

I dare you to say they taste the same.
Annabel Jul 2011
I'm a sucker for nylons
And cherry red lipstick.

She wears them,
and it sends me reeling.

She doesn't know how I love her still.
She smells like the Chanel I gave her.

But she left me out here in the cold,
a million miles from our home.
for the challenge: other side of the coin.
Annabel Jul 2011
If hate is what's inside us,
then hate is what defines us.

We are ******.
We are taught to love everyone.
even our enemies.
what value does that put on love?

There is a war inside us.
We are the lost.
The sick.
The broken.
Annabel Jul 2011
clouds fill with rain and thunder.
thoughts of you only drift you further.
hopes for sweetness only make me bitter.
my heart is useless when I'm only clutching onto nothing.
dark rings circling my eyes, full of tears.
longing and waiting, but your promise never appeared.
promises made up of empty words.
trust betrayed by lines and verses.
horrible moments can't be reversed.
am I stuck in a never-ending curse?
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