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Curt A Rivard Sr Jan 2015
I just want to wake you up
and say I love you again
for wanting to know me.

I just want to wake you up
and say I love you again
for wanting to understand me.

I just want to wake you up
and say I love you again
for wanting to love me.

I just want to wake you up
and say I love you again
for chosing me.

But there you sleep
all quiet and beautiful
so I'll just sneak you a kiss goodnight
and show you just how much I do
in the mornings light.
Curt A Rivard Sr Apr 2015
Have you ever loved an animal so much that it made you cry?
You fight with all your might but still you lose no matter how hard you try.
Many a year spent together, you will be missed
And yes it will take some time before I am better.
I tell myself you went off to a better place
It was a beautiful day and God gave you grace.
Forty pounds of amethyst is now your headstone
I saw the love in your eyes for they told me
I’ll be OK and I’m not alone.


(Curt A. Rivard Sr.)
Curt A Rivard Sr Nov 2013
Silently standing in formation as your feet are hanging overboard
A burial at sea is an honor and now it is your much deserved reward.
USS. Ships slowly coming to a halt many nautical miles off the coast
Today is a beautiful day and you’re the decorated remembered host.
As for him, when his ship rolled up upon Saigon's shore
he received many campaign stars for his chest while serving his tour.
Clanging medals as he still now walks all about and right from the start
He told me he was to fast to get caught and in return,
he smiled at me because he never did receive a purple heart.
The stars and stripes are now starting to swirl into one and another
contorting colors now begin to weep while flying at half-mast
Squeezing triggers the firing party’s rifle’s now begin to blast.
As you’re lying there peacefully and in your "Aurora" stainless steel bed
A special scripture is read and prayers are then said.
Tilting the platform so you slide off and fall into the deep ocean
with twenty holes two inch in diameter
and one hundred and fifty pound bags of sand hidden at your feet
when you get to the bottom, Davy Jones, you will then meet
till then you’re heading to the floor traveling there
like always, in slow motion.

(SirCARSr. 11-30-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr Apr 2013
Living now only on prior imagery I summon them up from their bed
Visions of how they looked to me when they were dead
Thinking of how they must now look their filling my head.

Waiting for the day when I can make my life complete
Exhuming his bones I want the bag back that I put at his feet
Inside you will find trinkets, pictures and also a devil’s treat.

Opening your casket because you’re inside and I want to see
Giving you a fresh breath of air like the times I refilled your A/C
The crypt keeper they say I was dog dollar and you Richie Rich to me.

I remember the song when I was told you died at 45 years of age
To the hospital drinking in the back seat I’m angry and need to rage
Turn up the volume please so I can hear Bob Segar’s Turn The Page.

If I knew then just what it is I know now you brother would be proud
Keeping you alive I tell everyone about you I say it clear and I say loud
I love blending in public places like a chameleon I hide in the crowd.

Happy Birthday, Rest in Peace, See you Soon!

(SirCARSr 4-21-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jan 2013
Let me add a new definition to Bing's Web Dictionary today
let me start it off this way....
Because I saw it all in their faces and I saw it on her burial day.
1. I can feel it coming and many have no clue but by the end of the day
there will be many breaths taken and many minds forever will be blown away.
They all will come to learn the truth in the end, and after your funeral procession.
The private family members only get one chance to make it a lasting impression
scripted actions, looks, and a heavy carrying ****** expression.
This needed to be done no matter how strong there loving depression.
Everyone's jaws dropped to the floor when they saw the truth,
it was a sold out show and there was no ticket you could buy because there is no ticket booth.
Out the chapel, across the street and into the Catholic Church
upon the trucks they placed your casket as if it were on a perch.
Your Mass now comes to an end, I saw it all and now I see a painting right before my eyes
Because if you could see all their eyes as I opened her casket and took out the urn
you would see that, they were all stuck as I carried her through the family crowd
and carried her in my possession,
all you readers should let me rank number one and give me my turn ;)
2. optical illusion: an optical illusion of a sheet of water appearing in the desert or on a hot road, caused by light being distorted by alternate layers of hot and cool air
3. something illusory: something that appears to be real but is unreal or merely imagined
[ Early 19th century. < French < mirer "look at" < Latin mirare "wonder at," variant of mirari (see miracle) ]
Synonyms: hallucination, optical illusion, illusion, vision, delusion, fantasy, figment, imagining, phantasm
Antonyms: reality

(CARSr. 12-31-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr Apr 2014
In the beginning of the college class semester we all were asked to read and inter operate:) a poem and at the end of the semester we were asked to re-inter operate:) it and see how all of our thoughts and feelings were changed after taking a class on Death and Dying. The poem is called “The Angel of Death is Always with me” by Morton Marcus. My thoughts did not change and I took over the class with my interpretation because everyone else said it is something like a reaper knocking at your door ready to take you away.


The Angel of Death is always with me
the hard wild flowers of his teeth,
his body like cigar smoke
swaying through a small town jail.

He is the wind that scrapes through our months,
the train wheels grinding over our syllables.
He is the footstep continually pacing through our
the small wound in the soul,
the meteor puncturing the atmosphere.
And sometimes he is merely a quiet between the start
of an act
and its completion,
a silence so loud
it shakes you like a tree.

It is only then you look up from the wars,
from the kisses,
from the signing of business agreements;
It is only then you observe the dimensions
housed in the air of each day,
each moment;
only then you hear the old caressing the cold rims of
their sleep,
hear the middle-aged women in love with their pillows
weeping into the gray expanse of each dawn,
where young men, dozing in alleys,
envision their loneliness to be a beautiful girl
and do not know they are part of a young girl's dream,
as she does not know that she is a dream in the sleep
of middle-aged women and old men,
and that all are contained in a gray wind
that scrapes through our months.

But soon we forget that the dead sleep in buried
that our hearts contain them in ripe vaults.
We forget that beautiful women dry into parchment
and ball players collapse into ash;
that geography wrinkles and smoothes
like the expressions on a face,
and that not even children
can pick the white fruit from the night sky.

And how could we laugh while looking at the face
that falls apart like wet tobacco?
How could we wake each morning
to hear the muffled gong beating inside us,
our mouths full of shadows,
our rooms filled with a black dust?

it is humiliating to be born a bottle:
to be filled with air, emptied, filled again;
to be filled with water, emptied, filled again;
and, finally, to be filled with earth.

And yet I am glad that The Angel of Death is always
with me:
his footsteps quicken my own,
his silence makes me speak,
his wind freshens the weather of my day.
And it is because of him
I no longer think
that with each beat
my heart
is a planet drowning from within
but an ocean filling for the first time.

And This is What I Told the Class….

Adolf ****** and the **** SS come to mind after reading the clue riddled poem, “The Angel of Death is Always with me”. Hiding between the lines I find there are many reference points to the holocaust and feelings of how it might have felt from a prisoner’s point of view.

If my assumptions are valid with this interpretation as far as the relationship of “death to Life” is concerned, one would think that after witnessing all the atrocities that one saw in those concentration camps, one would almost welcome death as soon as possible as a way to escape from their living nightmare and be welcomed back into being a part of the earth so they no longer have to whisper softly, “We are the dead” and pray that they become a victim of an accident of birth.

I normally don’t comment on other people’s works in poetry for the simple fact that I try to jump into their shoes and try to understand just what it is the message they are diligently trying to convey to the reader, and in the doing of so, I feel that I might misunderstand just what it is they are trying to tell the world and in the doing of so I would then not be able to make the ranks of a poet with originality.
(SirCARSr. 4-7-14)
Curt A Rivard Sr Dec 2012
Anubis the ruler of the underworld carries vast ancient fame
And today, I’m his next opponent in his weighing game.
Lying spine to spine his prep room table was cold,
made out of a lion's carcass it was formed from pure gold.
I’m in his arena and with a sold out crowd, they are all the God’s, its judgments day for me
I know all the rules; I know how to play and what it is that is expected of thee.
He makes his way into the lecture hall standing so rigid and ever so tall
Scale in one hand, his pure gold scepter staff in the other
Helping him walk so he don't fall because he then would have to drop to all fours and then crawl
Hearing his heavy breathing coming all the more closer
We now meet face to face I’m not afraid I am content in his place
Confident he looks to his audience to the left and to the right
To the balcony he then looks next and then to me suddenly with a death fright
For upon my lifeless body he saw a chain bearing charms in the shape of an urn
Fifty molded in sterling, representing all my subject’s I had to embalm while earning my intern
All around my chain they hung forever I carried them like they were my gang.
Cold wet pressing snout I feel it on my neck looking for my major one he can’t find it, what the heck
The Jackals’ ear is now on my chest he’s not given up just yet for he is no one’s pet
When were are done today he will lick my hands wag his tail and be mine forever, I will bet
No pounding sounds of my drum, he takes his scepter to open my mouth
Then sees verses and powerful words writing on my tongue
Able to speak, breath and eat I offer him everything I learned as a treat
Murmuring and shouting from the belly of Ammit they shout in rage
“Weigh his heart and do your part, you done it to all of us and right from the start”
Under duress he had no choice, then came the cutting open of my chest and out the opening he heard a voice
Eyes were amazed and his canine senses were all in disarray because in my body my heart did not stay
Paws went digging in like looking for his buried bone suddenly he had a much different tone
Because the only thing he found in me was a feather and now he’s wishing he had left me alone
Have no fear; I am just the same, I am here to help avenge that’s how my heart turned into a feather
Because I write with passion I write with respect and I write for the ones you had already met
Upon the scale it is weighed and lighter than thou, this can’t be right he now thinks somehow
A riddle is then placed upon me before forever death is on my lips asking my just how?
I answered him and told him that when I write, I write with a feather, I write from the heart
And in my ink well I put a drop of embalming fluid so forever my words would be preserved
For all the one’s I had already served.
No need for a recalibration I won and then I was then welcomed to a grand celebration.
Given eternal passage to my afterlife he quickly asked me for my parting autograph, and in return he gave me his golden scepter staff!


(SirCARSr 12-12-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr May 2013
Yes, on your right toe

Is where the tag and string go

Cold from no blood flow.

(SirCARSr. 5-06-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr Nov 2012
(Scene 1)

Everything was all in slow motion after getting the call
Preparing myself for what it is I will witness next
Suddenly I find myself slowing my walk to a crawl.
I read it over and over through the graphic text
Precised detailed instructions with vivid accounts
Chapter nineteen was written in words that were perplexed.
In the protective cushion of my mind
A hidden secret that is buried deep starts to come alive
Am I awake or am I am asleep?
So confused for I'm beginning to think,
When I dream is it real and when I'm awake is it a dream?
I now feel something starting to trickle and secrete inside me
In the base of my skull I feel the pain.
A pine cone shaped gland is now convulsing and quivering
It causes me to dream at night and it always showed me the truth
It gave upon me the gift of prophesy
and all the answers to life's many mysteries
also in my transformation it turned me into a clever soothsayer.
Why me, why was I plagued?
I know it will happen for the last time in my life
A pleasant and peaceful journey it will take me
As soon as I give up the fight and race through the dark tunnel heading to the light.
An imaginary horror movie now begins to play
Given me visions of what I will see before the end of the day.
I know where I am going; I know what I am going to pick up
Yes I have a clue on just what I am getting into.
A dog whistles sound I hear the constant ringing in my ears
I always see the vapors around my face
Drifting like smoke in my peripheral sight I see them all dance.
I'm I hearing voices in my head or am I going insane?
In an instant blink I am catapulted into a cold room
Thirty nine bags deep in there frozen slumber they laid
No matching numbers with tags could be found
Through another set of double doors I enter
Exposing another four all sprawled out on silver tables.
My eyes now become fixed on the bizarre hollow sight
Of the one's with the harvest of their spongy matter.
Absorbing all the sights and smells
I now found what I came looking for
In a rush to see what’s in my grab bag
I race now to get him out the door
and to stop stepping on with my new shoes,
All the blood that is upon the floor.

To be continued.......

(SirCARSr. 10-24-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr Nov 2012
(Scene 2, Take 1)

Off their table and into his gurney
Wheeling you out I start you on your next journey.
With a push of a button he unlocked the latch
Slipping you now into the back and through the hatch
Metallic flakes embedded in the darkness
Sporting twenty two inch chrome rims
He earned it, it's his pleasure, and it’s his pride
You were the second to lie in the back and go in his new ride.
Thoughts of what you will look like run through my visions.
I only know your twenty years of age and if you look into my past
And turned back the clock you would see on the top of the page
Where my first son lost his mom only three years older
From the same cause sixteen years before.
Pulling behind to the parlors back door
We slide you out and your wheels landed on the garage floor
Pulling the chain now I lock us all in and with no escape
Through the windows no one can peek, not even through the drape
With a count of three we place you on your next table
Your remains are contained in a white disaster bag
That bears a zipper with your name on the tag.
Ever so slowly pulling it down with eyes closed till the end
I prayed hard with devotion and with pure respect
Once I saw what was inside my screams were muffled by a silent gasp
Eyes were opened to only see I now was just beginning to inspect
Cause I'm now looking hard for something familiar to detect.
Scanning for the cause he made me stop and with it a long pause
Tearing and scaring the ****** flesh of my mind I then felt
Upon the sights, the true power of the reapers claws.
On a new strange quest, I see now, I'm taking a test
Mentor with a grin on his face I can't contest
I don't complain for I watched him get his fill.
Knowing this is the greatest and now to date,
I now only hope when we get done tonight
I'll get an A in the end
On my test.

(To be continued.....)

P.S. Buckle up for Scene 3 Take 1 it's all about sewing him up an putting the pieces back together for casket viewing....

(CARSr. 2012)
Curt A Rivard Sr Nov 2012
Hold hands and march behind me, buckel up this is a new horror,
A living nightmare unlike anything you have ever seen
Looking at your hollowed out corpse over for the very first time
I saw parts Jeffery only wished while committing his crime.
I'm the piper tricking you along the way; I got you in my trap
And there’s now no escape from my funeral pallor.
Quincy, CSI Miami and even Dr. G,
Could have never prepared me with only what they show on TV.
Downed played and minimalized to the max,
Read my works I'll paint for you all the true facts.
First things first I need for you to stop staring at me
With eye caps and a quick squirt of glue I broke the trance
Good, now I can begin the process and start this slow dance.
Like always I shake their hand and tell them my name
This time was different I got my first squeeze back
For on your right forearm was stained in ink
The first two verses of Psalms one hundred and forty four
After I finished reading I had to get back on track
With an instant snip a stitch is then cut apart
Adding another three ***** to your collection
Pulling them apart I go in first reaching for the clear viscera bag
Holding it up I fondled it all around in the bright light
Looking for the brain I felt it and then saw it come into my sight
Laying out all the puzzle pieces I start with the center first.
So smooth and slick the inside walls of your cage
Everywhere else looked like a time bomb burst.
Feeling all about searching for your iliac artery
Once found you’re now connected to the vat
Using sufficient pressure filling your tissues to full capacity
Injecting first your lower extremities I now see the veins swell
After a six point fill you should look like you’re getting well.
From under the flap and at the root of your neck
I reached in your head and into the hollow space
Because it is now time to try and firm up your mortal face.
With a pair of clamps I kinked your spinal cords fountain flow
Massaging your headless face and then the head *****
All the fluid went right where it had to go
After the fill you looked like you had a new mothers glow.
Now the suction of the liquid residue that smelled fowl
Then came the pressing of a paper towel
Very pleasant smell of wintergreen candy in my nose cause the
Shaking of the can of Bex embalming powder was now to follow.
Pressing here, pressing there, trust it was becoming a pest
Trying to tuck the bag with all your innards back into your chest
Putting the sternum back on top proved it was a perfect cut.
Folding down the three ***** to the point of origin
Was like folding a piece of paper into a paper airplane.
Almost at the home stretch we took turns closing you
And with it a perfect baseball stich and with it a coat of sealer.
Trying hard to keep a secret from for your heads crown
There is no way to do it I can't play it down
Holding the pieces of your skull in my hands
Starring where it has to go back now and back together with no glands
Looking just like what is, "Sweeter than honey and stronger than a lion?"
Me and my youngest son solved Samson's riddle in the Bible,
A seven letter word now needs to be added into the book of Judges because
Together we saw the answer written from a vision in the deserts sand.
Pulling down your face and all the way down to your chin
I lost sight of your eyes I only can see their other side
I now see a notch and the groove where this piece has to go
Gluing it in place I gave back to you your forehead
Tucking and packing cotton towels is your makeshift brain now
With a round file I score four half-moons in the thin bone
So the skull clamps can hold it together and hold it in place forever.
Pulling and stretching your face it was sewed together and with no space.
Now that it's complete you’re ready for a military examination
After getting the green light it's time for the fitting of your uniform
in your aurora steel casket you played in there
looking like the sailor on a ******* jack box.
one last trick to go; have to pull fibers out from the bottom
so your weightless head will look and sink naturally into your pillow.
out the back of a coach with plates that say livery
and into the belly of a plane your shipping container was stamped
Special Delivery.....

(CARSr. 10-24-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jun 2012
Try this one on for size,
Go to the twenty or less register at your local Wal-Mart
With hunger pains growling, its lunch time,
And all you got is a fresh salad and vitamin water in your cart.
Add this one to the list also,
A Safety orange colored truck circling around
Up and down the street
Looking for that next parking lot to tar
Or driveway to seal
That would be his next treat.
Waving hi to me every time they pass me by
I just play it off and wear my ear buds playing my own beat.
I know them both and I know them very well
Only if they knew, please GOD, I hope nobody will ever tell.
They think I just manicure the lawn
But truly, in reality for now, I’m just a pawn.
Carried their family flowers
Put them on easels’ and my O’ my
How they looked like the twin towers.
In front of them
I centered his remains
And then suddenly it hit me like a million trains.
Two prior works I wrote before and they were for him,
They were called,
“Ice Fishing” and “Positive I.D”
Yes, those were the name.
And writing them, believe me they were no game.
Yeah Hello Poetry Poets you all might know now
On whom I am and what I’m learning to do,
But forever, I’ll never even give them a clue.
What would you do?

(CARSr. 6-9-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jun 2012
Enter through the double doors and it will hit you
A one of a kind, nothing like you ever smelled before
You will know where you are even if you’re blind.
Plug in air fresheners filling all the outlets through out
With a fragrance of fresh cut nectar filled flowers.
Masking now the true scent of the repulsive chemicals
That fill your body and flush you till you run clear.
Stronger the smell, stronger my fear
The closer I come to the lower room
The deeper I inhale.
Expanding my lungs to capacity and hold as long as I can
Setting up my writing room next to the dead is my plan.
Nickel silver oil lamps eight feet tall
And a matching tear soaked blue velvet prayer alter
Worn out from carrying all the weight from the mourners
Will be my only light and seat as I sit and write.
Thumbing now through a hard cover book
That sat in there for many years
Eyes closed and close to my nose
I fan the pages as fast as I can go.
Polo, Taylor, and Calvin Klein,
They used to be a favorite
Pores now sweat a strange new lovely kind.

Curt A Rivard Sr Apr 2017
Beatrice was the object of all his desire
Immortalized by Dante to love forever
She stole his eyes and now he walks through fire.

To see her again, he now must be clever
Overcoming obstacles along his path.              
Save me from crawling, give me wings of feather.

Nine circles this pit, I see the devil's math
Show me now, will I ever be free from here
Why this inferno, why this God burning wrath?

The sight of his love is now close, it's now near
Walking through the valley, the shadow of death
He's on a hero's journey, he has no fear.

Smitten with her beauty pure as baby's breath
He's walking all about in a flame filled haze
Remembering his vow, to love her till death.

Dragging my left hand on the wall of the maze
Can sins be forgiven, how long must I burn?
I have been on fire now for two long day's.

Tell me Lord all the things you want me to learn
Whisper to me so I will never get lost
After this quest, give her back, let her return.

So lonely, upon the flames my dreams are tossed
Shrouded in mystery she makes my heart pound
Let me, I'll care for her no matter the cost.

My hearts screaming out to her, it's screaming loud
A lifetime long ago we made a promise
From high up above she's ridding on a cloud.

Never be apart, we sealed it with a kiss
Free me from all this torment, come break the chain
Am I dreaming, how did it come to all this?

A work in progress  by Curt A. Rivard Sr.
Curt A Rivard Sr Nov 2013
I have this list and every morning I generate a report
they are all my pre paid funeral contracts.
When my need to touch the dead go unfulfilled
I then turn to black magic as a last resort.
Washing my hands with aloes, myrrh and frankincense
I’m now lighting candles and burning sweet smelling incense.
Hidden within a handmade miniature coffin
My voodoo doll does doth hide,
It’s hiding in my desks draw buried deep inside.
Exposing now a needle filled body and face
Telling the story of how many I had cursed and sent into space.
As I am pushing that pin through it's chest and out it’s back
Someone on my list is in front of their family,
Having a massive heart attack.

(SirCARSr. 11-27-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jun 2013
The smoke signals are rising higher and higher
Spelling out the truth after you had lit the fire
now your spirit soars high above the funeral pyre
And In a matter of split seconds you’ll be living out all your heart’s desire.
Looking for why screams fill the night and how the madness steals the light
Because when you close your eyes your seeing floating smiling skulls and with no death fright
No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you know you have seen them all before
Faces in morgue room when they were gone asking them why did they not put up a fight and decide to go into the light?
Was I marked before and just didn’t know it then? But it’s now seen on my right hand
I’m an aimlessly wondering nomad who can see everything I even see the Promised Land
Standing looking deep inside, holding a black mirror to a silver mirror forever I will walk that pathway
A path I know I can control with the slightest turn of my hands and I can never look behind
When the smoke came billowing out I felt that I now have a new passion for life and that’s now where I want to always stay.
A secret hiding in the jungle rainforest is buried deep away from the sun’s rays, it’s under the dirt
Put negative thoughts aside, your life is not broken and you’re not going to lose your mind
Focus on what you really want and know your only a one of a kind, trust me, believe me, it won’t hurt.
A foul smell is in the air, a pungent taste is on your tongue, snowflakes are forming inside the glass as you chase the holy smoke
Never felt this way ever before, so fast it rushed up apon me I closed my eyes tight but why  can I still see?
Now I know another one of his magic tricks and also how he made the blind once again see.
Prisms of colors in a kaleidoscope,  laser precision lines atop of pyramids  
The truth to what Stonehenge really is, the asteroid belt being formed right before me
Easter Island being nothing more than just the people who were turned to salt for looking back
It gave upon me the gift of prophesy, the answer to Samson’s riddle and it also showed myself being conceived, what more will it show me?
The greatest euphoria I now have felt to date, it’s in my system, it’s in me, its in you, is my brain having  another overload dumping or
am I having a DMT hallucination?
Please someone hurry and please tell me.
(SirCARSr 6-12-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr Apr 2013
Dusty, tattered and some pages are torn
Reading their names and how old they all were
I can see babies died, on the day, they were born
Reveling information on a grand scale
Thousands of names and all age’s as well
Written in proper grammar words
Adding their names to this book after they fell
Out on the hunt the book dates back to World War I
I’m in the cemetery’s looking for a matching stone
This is the best, when I find one it becomes fun
You all look the same, the rich and the poor,
Lying upon the morgue room table
After you came through the back door

(SirCARSr 4-21-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jan 2015
They were first used by the Aborigines who lived in the outback
Made out of a hard wood, if it is thrown just right it will return, come right back.
When molded out of plastic it then takes on the shape of a playful toy
Being a witness and unto all it's magic, children in amazement are now filled with joy.
As for me, I make mine out of a three by seven inch prison commissary envelope. I throw with all my might- praying that you receive all my beautiful heart felt words that are written, that's all I hope.
Envelopes soaring high and into the heavenly sky I want you to know, no longer will they ever have to take me again away and nor no longer will you ever have to cry.
Thank you so much for filling me with your loving hope,
owe it all to you-because, you threw back to me a love filled boomerang envelope.
Curt A Rivard Sr May 2012
Fearless he is, fearless he was, fearless forever now.
Less than half my age my first time he is
Painted planks first for the centurion Baptist Church
Promised to go fossil and crystal hunting when done as a reward
Beads of salty sweat drenching the tiny brow now
Arms sore and tired from the heavy coating
Minutes finally now of sunshine now squint your eyes
Rounding the corner can tell a new cut is due
Without a second thought found delight it the next chore
With passion, with precision, with intimacy it must be done
Doors unlocked shoeless we enter never wanting to desecrate
Hand in tiny hand he pulls me in all the quicker
Unfamiliar smells puts riddles ends mark on his face
Like a brave warrior he marches down to his own beat fearing nothing
Finds himself a level lower looking at all the music boxes
Sleeping boxes he calls them “They shine don't they daddy!” yes son they are
Questions of why no sight of little sleeping boxes now shatters my drums
Instructor confirms of such a thing then comforts his unbroken spirit
Like praying to his God saying “Those are the sad ones”
Opening another door closer he wins with me with his sincerity
One in the lock the other same one on the ring he sees’, unaware of the other side
I know what lies behind the other side of the keys hole
With uncontrollable anticipation I reach and grasp his hand to spin around
Eye to eye we lock in with one and another like looking in a mirror we are
Nothing can be heard no other sites can be seen as if we are one
“No need to be afraid Son, I am here with you hold my hand”
Double door swings open now exposing a lovely dress and shoes
Can tell she’s deeply loved and will be terribly missed
By seeing Saturn twice side by side
Looks of wisdom, in the gene pool,
By the tale, of having such silver hair
Delight in the sight I get my fill turn my eyes and saw him standing still
No fear in his face I knew he could do it, hoping now his Mommy won’t have a fit
Feelings of tremendous love rush through me like a raging torrent
Hugged my side and look, he never even cried
I’m getting my rhythm I’m getting my flow and look I still have room to grow
Took charge without even a prompt pushed the music box to where it should go
That’s my boy that’s my Son; even a stronger bond has now begun!

(CARSr. 5-12-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr Feb 2013
My Son JOSHUA still 2 this day...
shows me the right way!!!
Stronger then thee
He will always be....
Love u kido:)
Hope u will see this someday
And then u will c, I loved....
U, more and more each & everyday!
Love, Dad...
(SirCARSr 2-7-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jan 2013
A silk and cotton stuffed pillow is now on my bed,
I use it at night to rest my tired and weary head.
How strange it feels lying awake upon it,
Inner laced fingers on my chest, hand on heart,
And then, my all-time favorite…
I fold my arms into the shape of the letter X.
I fantasize I am dead every night and I do it for just a bit,
The only part I do not like is…
Is when I fall asleep in the middle of doing it.
Fluffing it here and fluffing it there,
I try and give it much respect
Rapid eye movement sleeping eyes do detect
Daily nightmare’s approaching and one’s that just don’t care
Forever now on my mattress you will find it there….

(SirCARSr. 1-14-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr Mar 2013
In my pursuit of a higher education
I am now starting to study the process of human decomposition
And how strange we all rot away like road **** and plant vegetation.
I see the word Casper and my memory takes me back to when I was a child
Remembering he was a sad and lonely invisible cartoon character.
I am now reading it is a proven scientific law, that after you pass
And you give up your ghost, your body then becomes
A breeding ground and you are the decaying host.
Trying to hide the evidence you’re now digging a shallow grave
Don’t do that because it takes eight times longer
Thinking about submerging in water? Yes, it’s a little quicker
But if someone did you seriously wrong and unfair
The quickest way to decompose them is,
Just leave them hiding under some brush and in the summer open air
So then the flies, insects and bee's’ can make a home in their hair.
Sir Isaac Newton told the world how gravity should behave
And now a modern man proved it is no longer so
I can see now, Newton is raging hard and deep inside his grave.
I have not a single fear the only thing that scares me is,
I know without any doubt now that I am insanely brave
Trust me I’ll drag your corpse also and hide it in my make shift grave.
I’m out on a night prowl to change Casper’s law
And prove to you all that it was really only just a theory
Reading books about death gives me a thrill,
Better pray and hope I don’t someday become terminally ill
Everything I do stems from my madness and with it,
Premeditated thoughts and also a great conspiracy.
 (SirCARSr. 3-2-2013)
Curt A Rivard Sr Oct 2013
Blessed with children I was asked to be there protector
On a loan and watching my every move
You are looking, for you’re the sole investor.
At a breaking point and thinking all about fleeing
I try and tell myself I can get through this
But why does it seem there’s no end to what I am seeing?
I was wishing and I was wanting, I just wanted it all to stop
Because I was tired of drowning and I wanted to get back to the top.
experiencing torrents of emotions crashing wave upon wave
I can't seem to see any way out and now all I want is to be in a grave.
In this darkness and with no light I'm praying to you please let me win this fight.
You turned my eyes to your words once again
And look there it was, the chapter title all in yellow
Hiding deep within the scriptures that are written
Suddenly right before my eyes I saw the pages turn into a mirror
As the goosebumps all started to rise, I then saw, I was him, I was that fellow.
Starring at myself in the reflection
I then heard a voice telling me to have trust
And throw all my worries over to him
And if I did, I’ll be on my way again to perfection.
Thank you lord for spiting me out back on solid land,
I could have never did it,
Without your loving helping hand.
(SirCARSr 10-18-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr Sep 2012
In the presence of the penguins and I’m the Emperor
To the left and too the right today
They laid awake but looked asleep
Peeking at their family and loved ones they always do
For I see it always happen
I turn away so they don’t catch me talking
With my darting eyes and slick body moves
Wondering if they can see the slightest movement I see
In their quiet silent flinching veins
I’m now leading them on the way to their temple of worship
For protection they must now enter
Songs of joy, songs of sorrow, wales of tears
Now shatter all my inner fears
Powerful words took my breath away I wanted to be just like thee
So captivating and he took me to a place I will stand
Looking down in the crowds
My voice will be heard even as high as the clouds
Kneeling down for you I then look to the crucifix
Kissing his face I proceed to push your lifeless body out
Behind me they all followed
Lining up family first then friends
Still witnessing tears as they flow blurry vision blinds the sight
Holding back grieving pain with all their might
In a modern day stage coach
Suddenly you and everyone then approach
Your final place of rest
Now comes the faith and the masters test
Elder with dirt in his hand taken from this sacred land
Tosses it in the wind and upon your molded steel it landed
Standing looking at all the sights
Something grabbed a hold of me I then saw the light
Grab some soil and throw it with all my might
My hand made three on top of thee
Forever it will be for all to see.
(CARSr. 9-04-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jan 2015
My love, your love is a drug
that I will forever crave
I always will and even in my grave.
Searching for your angel's face,
my body is now craving for you
and even from behind these concrete walls.
Sleepless nights from tossing and turning
I'm suffering through all the withdrawals.
It's in times like these,
that you feel the addiction all the most
it hurts so much, that it makes you wish that you could just die and just give up the ghost.
Life is full of stumbling blocks, snares, obstacles and O' so many traps...
Please my love, I'll give my all to you
for your love is worth the greatest relapses.
Through all the trials and all the tribulations
we are still one I do see!
The Lord helped keep us together and for it a reason,
so now lets give thanks and work on our relationship recovery.
Six new moons have came and gone
since we held each other ever ever so close
Two more to go, I can't wait,
so I can then live on,
my choice of drug,
your love.
So now when I return to you
give me a love overdose.
Curt A Rivard Sr Sep 2013
Subliminal messages they all give to thee
Telling me to reveal to their family
All the things they said to me.
Out there mouths the tales are told
After the casketing the letter X
With their arms I do fold.
Penning these words a gift I have been given
I write for the dead and I write for the still living.
Many a story, many a tale
Before it is to late there’s a special one
That I need to write that is in brail.
It’s time to lock your music box now
Locking you in forever your helping me on my quest
I hope to see you again someday soon
Till then have a good rest.
(SirCARSr. 9-04-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jul 2012
As I sit in pure delight
At my mentors desk I write.
Haven’t had but a handful of words
Together we shared in the past few weeks.
I been afraid I had rubbed his feathers the wrong way
But today I found out everything is ok
Because he asked me to stay
Looking out from the office and through the hall
I peer out the front double door.
Getting a true sense of what my life
Can become if I stay on the path
And I follow the heavenly one.
Patiently I wait left all alone
Waiting for the lady to make her rounds with the green slips
And to show her face, the one with the butterfly
On the nap of her neck she will bring two slips today.
In this motel today we have two new guests
They slept together in there cold room all weekend long
One zipped shut in a bag, the other wrapped up
In a ***** fitted sheet wearing a hospital gown
How sad it looked as it was stretched over his face and then his feet
Exposing his left hand and his lower legs like being in a cotton canoe
This was the second time I saw two at once
My first guest I got to meet had an odd name
And today there’s another with just the same
On a first name basis I want to know them all
These works are for them when they fall.
How honored I feel sitting in this home
As if it were one of my own
I love the trust for I feel I am a lucky one
I am learning things faster than the speed of light
And I’ll always carry them all long into the night
After the final exam and a node of the head it is check out time.
Tonight I will make myself a cotton canoe

(CARSr. 7-02-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jun 2012
I wish I were a Pharaoh, and you were my Queen
So we then can live in a pyramid together when we pass on.
When our bodies lie stretched out in sleep,
Upon the walls is sketched-
The last appointment our patient souls must keep.
Like mummies that have been wrapped ever so tight
I wish we would never be disturbed
Not ever by a beam of light.
I’d be sure that the hieroglyphics’ would say
That we be wrapped tightly together,
And all my worldly possessions be left behind to our children
For the only thing I would need in my afterlife is…
“My Precious 1”

(CARSr. 2001)
Curt A Rivard Sr Oct 2013
Here we are once again...
time now makes me reflect
we are within the first forty eight
and now all I want to do is just celebrate.
was it  your time to pay for what you had done?
with hatred in my heart, my prayers are,
I hope it hurt and it wasn't done quickly with a gun..
did you think you could replace me with everything for my 1st son.
Years now have passed and still you hide
day by day your turning to rust and to me it is so much fun.
it was such a shame when you decided to play the that game.
when you looked  in the eyes,
my only hope is.......
you'll remember my name:)

(SirCARSr 10-24-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jan 2014
It is year two thousand and fourteen
Reformatting my brain I’m dripping Dimethyltryptamine
Revelations is now here for I had a vision I had seen.
So many experiences now under my belt
Unexplainable sights overcoming I had seen
Smelling something like moth ***** is all I smelt.
I’m setting the stage, I am setting the scene.
Actions with matching words having ultimate precision
Three times is truly the lucky charm
Traveling to a brave new unseen world
Is this heaven, is this hell
Or am I stuck somewhere in-between?
Stepping outside myself I now watch and see
Confusing images revealing, turning me inside out
Suffocating my mind how is this happening to me?
High pitched frequency dialing in my ears are now ringing
Disconnected words lost why is he now not singing?
Honing on each and every instrument in his band
Everything that is happening to me is because
I had again awaking my pineal gland.
(SirCARSr. 1-8-14)
Curt A Rivard Sr Apr 2013
Gazing with both eyes geared to the day time sky
Written in cosmic dust made from raw diamonds
My blueprint plans are up there rolled out before me
Revealing a path I must follow with dangers that await me
Snatching pieces to the puzzle all along my journey
Shuffling with my hands I put them in the right place
I see a picture slowly start to come into my site
It’s always like a faerie tale everything that I do
Come gather around and cast upon me all your pain
A subject that has been injected into their world
I see nothing like ever before and there giving me a treat
Bit by bit they add more looking for a breaking point
Never will they find it for I get stronger everyday
More and more
(SirCARSr 4-25-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr Apr 2014
“Death Talk”

A. Language: The use of euphemism or metaphors to communicate a subtler or deeper meaning than those associated with a planner speech. Example, It Was Curtains- Which in one’s mind could mean, after they log the minute and tag your right toe; then then cover your peaceful corpse with clean white linen concealing your body from all the others until only the powerful certain selected one’s can watch your private encore show.

B. Music: Themes of loss and death are heard in all the musical styles. It has been suggested that death imagery rock music helped break the taboo against public mention of death. Music artists also use their talents to send out a message that somehow we all can one way or another understand and relate to.

C. In literature: The meaning of death is often explored as it relates to society as well as the individual in the form of a poem or novel. Jahan Ramazani says, “The poetry of mourning for the dead assumes in the modern period an extraordinary diversity and range, incorporating more anger and skepticism, more conflict and anxiety than ever before”. It is also how I have a safety valve after everything that I take part in. Yes some of my written works are insane but I also have a deep feeling of respect and honor along with dignity when preparing a passed loved one onto there next journey.

2. “Theoretical Perspectives”

A. Structural Functionalism- Society controls individuals through physical and material restraints, but its true power derives from moral authority. Moral authority is experienced as an external force, which takes on a sacred quality because it is experienced as unlike ordinary forces and objects. Religion arises out of ritual. It is in religious rituals that society’s moral power is most clearly felt and where moral and social sentiments’ are strengthened and renewed. All death rituals, irrespective of their substance, operate to sustain common sentiments.

B. Symbolic Interaction- is how people learn in a society to continue to and carry their specific customs and beliefs, through interactions with other members within their society by learning the practice they were taught, grew accustomed and to witness growing up.

C. Social Learning- When it comes to the topic of death along with the feelings of grief and loss, there is no singular way that an individual copes with the emotions that persist. Death is a very difficult topic to deal with, and at best we can really only hope to learn all about it. Understanding it is an undertaking all by itself, and becoming an expert on such a topic is not something that many people can say is an easy topic to talk all about. One learns social learning through demonstrations, verbal instructions and through symbolic witnessing by means of movies, television, internet, literature, and radio through music.

3. “Subcultural differences in Death Customs”

When thinking of some different subcultural differences in death customs the Asian’s African. Hawaiian an Native Indian population come to mind because although in each geographical area they all may look the same, they are actually differ in their customs because there unique tradition. Say where one group may only bury as to where the next group close only by cremation and etc… One could also think that it could be both sides of the coin when you think as to the point of it being either a comforting experience or an anxiety producing event. In my opinion it all depends all upon the individual.

4. “Myself vs. Students (quoted on taking Death and Dying Class)

After reading the students comments from taking the course on Death and Dying, I would have to agree with the consensus that I believe that a greater majority of students would have a total different way of thinking and would seek a greater outlook on their own lives along with having a better appreciation of live in general upon completing such a course.

I also think that taking a course on Death and Dying as possibly a requirement for a consideration on an early discharge from the Correctional System could lead to positive results and crime rates would then drop. Statics prove that within the prison population there are a vast number of inmates who suffer from depression of a loss of some kind that spans all crimes that are committed and is a contributing factor to their actions.

As for me, the new values that could be obtained after taking such a course were already instilled within me for many years and until recently those values have then manifested themselves and then slowly then came into true contrast.

Within the endeavors I am now slowly undertaking pursuing a degree in Mortuary Science and in the process after witnessing all that is truly entailed, I often ponder and think to myself, what is it that I can do different so I don’t meet my time anytime soon, and how can I also have many more memorable moments with my children? Because, all the gifts I have already have received now makes me wonder how many more rewards now wait around the next corner. I feel that the life I now feel I must live one should be able to be able to enjoy a comfortable one that I now dream of and if pursued diligently with a positive outlook one can harness such a life and I truly feel it is now finally, at my fingertips

Thank You for your time reading. I put a lot into this assignment.

(SirCARSr. 4-3-14)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jan 2015
I was in prison and protected by his loving will
as if in a trance, I visioned I was taking a test.
Studying his words so I can live out a much better life
I now see , I had to live out a predestined quest.

Reading from his book of instructions
I see I was in so many a story
(a)which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption, unto praise of his glory.

Day after day, minute by minute and hour hour by hour
everyday you shown me your forgiving love and I felt your Holy Power.Turning the pages for I can't help but to take a look,
I wash my hands with myrrh and every-time before I pick up your Holy Book.

Cross referencing the scriptures, the New with the Old
it's the source of my power behold, look at the energy I now hold.
Completing the circuit the electricity now begins to flow
It gives me the daily volts I need and through my faith, I now glow.

Never had I cried unto you when I found that my back was up against the wall and I know that is why I get through to you every-time, when I call. You've shown me countless signs and many marvelous wonders all along my path, if I turn my sights and away from you now, I know I can expect to feel your whirlwind wrath.

The Lord had taught me hard, but yet he taught me well and for that, this is the story to my children I will forever tell.

(a) Ephesians 1:14 KJV
Curt A Rivard Sr Feb 2013
Dear Mentor Hyde:

Upon the morgue room table he looked like he had some Frankenstein fame
Like a two sided ten thousand piece puzzle, we started with his fragile frame
Racing to find the four corners I found three shaped, kinda like the same
Good, now he knows, when were done today we will win this insane game
On a first name basis I want to know them all, and by it their first name
Witnessing weeping children gets me every time I get all sensitive like a dame
It makes me happy to know I’m tucking you in and you’re not going to the flame
Sewing him back together he couldn’t move for he had a case of being lame
When he comes back to life he will forever be our friend and also be very tame
From far off distance places they all will come and from far they all came
Looking to see how we done, I’ll admit it for I have no shame
If anything goes wrong, look to me and I will take the total blame.


Dr. Jackal

(SirCARSr 2-3-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jun 2013
The Lord is my shepherd he knows what I want
Because I ask him every morning and I ask him every night
He knows I don’t ask for too much and he gives it all in return
After I receive and see the conformation, it’s once again my turn
To prove I can be humble and to prove I can still be one of his chosen one's
Blessing me with a sacred gift, a special one I can never abuse, and the best is,
He lets me filter out the burning rays so I can see right through the sun
Exposing to me a tiny hole in the sky and a bright light flickering on the other side
Many a time my hair stands on its end and I can feel it from head to toe
A light bulb it is for I was told giving fuzzy felling’s it’s all warm when it starts to glow
A mere child I once used to be, watch what it is next now that it is to become of thee
Given me chances I know the risk that is at hand setting up to be a failure is not my plan
There is nothing that I cannot do because I follow all my dreams
and all my visions like they are a perfect blue print plan that has been layed out before me.
(SirCARSr 6-03-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jul 2012
Beside the tree of life I sit alone and write
So many pieces of broken headstones
Wedged in the valley of the branches
Each one stolen from the field behind
Placed into the bark in hopes to show that they were kind
Hard to comprehend the fact I am taken on a higher education
Today is day one and the only crime is my age
I am an old dog who still can learn new tricks
Like a red alert or white meteor flares on a dark night
My Friendly Ghost ring tone wale’s out my phone.
I know it’s time to put all personal feelings and thoughts aside
Without any delay I respond
Heading back to the maze again and so soon
No dragging left hand on wall I know my way out this time
Into the chiller once again and there he laid near another
Pushing you out I’m taking you to a better place
And In matter of minutes I will see your face
Out your zippered pouch you emerged
Onto to the table in the preparation room I laid you
After a detailed look over I then prayed for thee
For I know what is I think to come next
I was given vivid words in complete details prior
Numbed with fear I wanted to see more
Laying out all the instruments and many odd shapes they all were
Saw so much before with the others but this time I’m given a blue apron
Step one was to first watch and then I must do just the same
Tan eye cap with thorns go in and grab hold of the velvet underside
So clear the color blue I saw the lost Atlantis water in you
Mouth now opened and rivets with wire are shot into your firm gums
He held your chin up and I twisted it shut
To a perfect gap I took you so thin the entrance was
In earlier times a silver dollars was the rule
And in your mouth it went to pay the ferry man
Breaking the rigor in the arms is next to follow
Scalpel in his right hand and the neck in the left
Feeling around for the perfect spot of execution
He Suddenly then makes a quick and clean cut
Sinking hooks went in he exposed and pulled out your major one
Then came the elevation and he held it with a stainless steel handle
Strings now are cut and perfect lengths yes they were
Under the massive one I reached in with the angled tweezers
Spun threads I pulled and through the opening underneath
Like tying a child’s shoe he did the first loops
Next came a tiny snip with the special scissors
Then after a wiggling push the valve was in its sheath
Now the torquing of the strings to hold them tight like acting as a hose clamp
Same now is done to the second biggest one
A Thick rubber hose now finds its way and attaches itself to the port of entry
After the precise ratio customized to your specks
The proper mix of a liquid concoction and concentration of flesh color rejuvenator
Now join forces together inside the tornado simulator vat
Dials are set and switches are then flicked to power it up and power it on
Spinning like a sky high typhoon the raging torrent in its attempt
To slow down the decomposing process now only scares your soul away
Clinging for dear life was still no match, many clots there were and many I saw
I had my hand in the helping of you so you could be set free
Out you escaped you’re now free and all the rest I washed away
Like magic right before my eyes
Your pale color is now taking on a new tone
To help the proper flow and to stop things that might grow
Dampened sponges now massage your face and arms
When it came to your hands I shook it first and then told you my name
Blended mix is coming to its end what is then next
Knots are released and oozing they were
A quick packing of gauze slows the red sea’s waves
Drying salts and a squirt of super glue then arrest the flow
Hosing all the magenta away jelly suds are then applied
Washing your strands and then your frail brows
In-between my fingers bubbles did appear
Like a new born infant I treated thee
In hopes that someday that’s how they will treat me
Warming the flow to a comfort zone I gave a quick rinse
Foaming growing lather now upon your face
A five bladed razor in his hand he gave you the perfect shave
My hands are now dunked into the soothing cream
On your smooth as a babies bottom grin it is rubbed
That is all for today lets wrap him up and yes I did tuck him in.

(CARSr. 7-10-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr Mar 2013
Today’s key stroke painted tale started a few short days ago
When his father found him on the bathroom floor and with no blood flow
Why are your lips blue and why is that belt again wrapped around your arm?
O’ My God son, look at what you now have really done
You just got out of jail days ago, I been all alone and it wasn’t fun
You promised me you would clean up and stop all that body harm
You’re gone now and with no return, who’s going to help me now run the farm?
An old street friend years ago, he was someone very well, I used to also know
I had to give up that life because I have a much better place I now want to go
Earlier today before I got done slowly processing you, my second ever autopsy case
I vowed to your father, he made me promise and say I would bring you back home safe
And to your brother I’d play all your favorite songs at the start on the ride back
You are now back in your town and inside the best ever made Funeral Parlor
I unzipped your bag so I could see you one last time; I was the last to ever see your face
I then put a letter in your hand so you can take it with you forever into space
Last night after I talked with your Dad and Lil’ J all about your stories
While sipping on Don Julio Tequila I also sniped and saved till today,
And in your other hand you also hold, a piece of the family cactus a rare peddled flower
Slated plan Monday morning is, I’m taking you to your next process
After that, because you were a surfer in CA. growing up as a kid, Lil’ J
Is flying back with your ashes in his arms and then strapping you down onto
Like a surfboard he's helping let you ride the waves in the Pacific Ocean
And that is what you will be doing forever and ever more,
As you always requested, your special never ending moving motion.

R.I.P M S, 2013

(SirCARSr. 3-23-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jan 2015
Heed these words, write them upon the tablet of your mind for I have returned.

When you finally come to the point in your life and comprehend that the dreams with which you have been bestowed are to be used as a blueprint, you then and only then will win remarkable success in what ever calling that you adopt. You will begin to visualize things with a much greater understanding and you will experience sights stranger than you have ever seen before. You will know that these new visions are all true, for you will see that you have been given the ability to pick out and notice clusters of confirmations and on an imaginary scale. The fear of premonitions and ignoring notable occurrences by dismaying them all off as if they are just figments of your imagination is to be avoided. It is not out of random chance, the thought that things are bound to line up from time to time and for no apparent reason or that evolution had a major impact on us to evolve into begins to recognize pattern recognition, but rather, it is to be construed as if you have been blessed with the gift of foresight and you will notice that you are able to think and speak things into existence. Never again will you live with the fear of the unknown for you will know all. The truth of all things will manifest themselves and be disclosed to you in a vivid clear contrast. There will be many people who will find it extremely difficult to interpret what is being explained to them and in the process they will then start to display that they are trapped within there own gridlocked mind and be confused with just your mere presence. You will find that people who do not understand you will then try to get you to conform to what they see, ignore them. Life is but an enigma, one that is full of complex-ed riddles, when you accept to follow your dreams and with an open objective you will then have the opportunity to harness all its power and in return all the pieces of the puzzle will be spread out for you for your taking. Once you find the first piece, you then will be given the license required to take part of this phenomenon so you can complete life's grander picture found outside the ivory tower. You will know with all certainty that you are not dreaming and that what you are witnessing is not a mirage, that is until, the silver cord be loosed, after that, when death finds its way to sting and the grave can then claim its victory, welcome and accept a Re"quies'cat In Pa'ce.

As always, Welcome to the show!
Curt A Rivard Sr Dec 2012

(CARSr. 12-23-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr May 2012
The sound of a voice shouting out a distinct color,
Comes over the intercom.
Orderlies rushing all about in frenzy.
A screen that should look like an 8.9 earthquake happening,
Now only shows a razors edge thin line.
Compression thrusts must now begin
Once started you cannot stop.
Paddles please now to the chest, crackling static zaps,
Body thrashing about like a fish out of its safety zone
Log the minute, pull the drapes and tag the toe.
It’s a private encore just for me now
******* on her wrist and then on her neck
Still not any kind of clue, one last chance,
I reach again into my bag of effects and grab
Like having a last trick up my sleeve.
A Mirror in my clutch is unseen from her eyes
Placed now upon her lips as I look for something like a morning dew
Nothing so sweet can be found.
Her eighty sixth was the last time for candles that could be blown out.
Wrapping her now I try to keep her warm
Then slowly I help place her in her eternal slumber bed to rest
Now I’m given a key, O’ boy here we go
I know what time it is. I find comfort telling myself I’m just winding up a clock
I blow a breath and a last kiss; my eyes were the last to see.
If know body ever remembers, I will never forget!                            

(CARSr. 4-24 -12)
Curt A Rivard Sr Nov 2013
Shouts of a distinct color there screaming a code blue
You can’t be saved because the reaper has his claws
deep inside and there is nothing now a Dr. can do.
Pull the drapes, log the minute and tag the toe
To the hospital’s basement you now must go.
It’s a private encore only my eyes can see
I’m watching you laying there on the prep room table
Can you get up or are you not able?
******* on your wrist and I’m sniffing at your neck
No heartbeat, no pulse only Rigor Mortis
slowly setting in is the only thing I can detect.
Placing my vintage sterling pocket hand mirror in your clutch
Lifting it up for you, to your frigid blue lips it must touch.
Looking for something like fog or the morning dew
Nope it’s not there so now it’s time to
Embalm You!
(SirCARSr. 11-02-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr Nov 2013
Are there secrets that you do keep?
Or do you reveal them all to him before you go to sleep?
Begging him for forgiveness because you don’t want to sin no more
Asking him over and over to just take them all away
Please sweep them all out my heart, out my mind and throw them out the door.
Promises that were given like it shalt never again flood
And if we accept him, were protected by his Son's ransom blood.
I can see it in all their eyes and it happens every time I look about
Can you hear his angels whisper and sing or does he need to scream and shout?
Whatever God you know, he knows you better than you do think.
When they found him, bound him and crucified him
And he died up upon that old cross,
I don’t know about you all,
But I know,
I mourn everyday his loss.
(SirCARSr. 11-16-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr May 2012
It’s High noon in a tumble **** town
And everyone’s running for cover,
Shops are turning their open signs around
The saloons piano player is now frozen with fright
All is quiet like a cold winter’s night.
Back to back ten paces forward
Counting in your head the jingles in the others spurs
Turn and draw
Be quick or be dead
Shots ring out like thunder
One grazed the other not so lucky
Town’s people wrap you up like a caterpillar in its cocoon
Slumped is your body over the back of the horse
Now is trotting you to your resting place.
The piano man is now unfrozen.

Curt A Rivard Sr Dec 2019
The song of the swallow is heard, I listen as the angel sings. Pleading for love from thee, please no more, don't cut my wings.

Words of love are written you are the author, it is your inner voice. The lessons in life you taught me, now makes my heart rejoice.

All your dreams I'll give unto you, each and everyone. You are now free to fly. Follow your heart, chase the setting sun.

If you should ever get lost along the way and later find your way back to me, it will only prove to thee... Yes, we were always meant to be.

(Curt A. Rivard Sr. 2014)
Curt A Rivard Sr Dec 2012
To the south slowly creeping up behind me
In the frozen darkness a sliver of light that controls
Our mother earth’s tide.

Tonight I am a puppeteer and out your dark
And lonely silk lined beds I want you to arise
Trust me; I’m all alone please do not hide.

Arms stretched out spanning this sacred ground
I use my shadows to knock on all your grave stones
For I want to wake you all up because I need to dance
Long into the night and dance with your decaying bones.

Moon beams shining so bright wake up so you can
See my face start to come into your sight
Shed your skins, take my hand, and leave your never-ending
Nightmares behind and dance with me tonight.

(CARSr. 12-04-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jun 2012
Sipping from the goblet, green leafs they are
Infused with a fruit that bares billions of seeds within
Lying stretched out now with feathers covering me all about
Pewter on thy chest, and steam billowing from within
A glance to the footboard tells of a new tale to bring back to life
Like a pouch that’s placed inside I’ve placed two now, O’ how I can’t forget
Submerged in steaming water, submerged in a bed of silk there almost the same
Vision of a string and tag now hangs on my jars side
Bee line strait to my right toe that’s where my eyes go
Like a sick joke it reminded me again of another tag I can’t erase from my mind
Soaking in lining, soaking in a mixture of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen
Ever so carful while pressing the bag to get the remaining flavor
Trying not to rip for fear of a foul taste
Like a pouch that’s placed in its chalice with a soul still attached
Body has been brewing all the same told maybe not to rip that bag
For things might not look so good, no fear here I had to see the face
Eyes were closed and red lines running from the corners of her mouth and her nose
With a blink of my eyes I took a picture as if she had posed.

(CARSr. 5-17-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jun 2012
The anger from having to clean up a clumsy child’s mess
The sudden sound of rubber being laid on the tar
Quick snap of the head to the right
Sight of an undercarriage fly’s past you
Mind could not comprehend such a vision was like in slow motion
Telling yourself just had one sip this can’t be true
Crash, bang, boom is what I heard a cold dark winter’s night it was
Hoping what I always said won’t be true
Now sprinting around the corner Come around the bend
Eyes open to only confirm something here is not right
What’s inside man, woman, children cannot see in because tint was so dark
Rushing to your rescue I struggle to see within
Can tell you are a carpenter by your lumber scattered all around
After not being able to open your door
Grab a piece and take out your back window
Shattered into a millions pieces it went
Letting me see the truth within
Hanging like a pendulum in a clock
No swing was this to mark the time in suspension you hung
Was suppose to save your life now takes it your last breath away
Hey buddy I am here for you There on the way
Traffic built up now and a voice you knew Shouts out just let him be
If it were him what would he say then?
On the scene now they come
Spotted a blue glove on her hand Tore it off like a thief
Grasping at the **** that was too slippery lonely moments before
Step aside sir let me see A quick reach in was all it took
Shook her head over and over to the left and to the right
My precious 1 was also by his side with hidden eyes that were welled up and burning
When she heard what was said
Blinked and a dam broke loose down her face it flooded
Shouts of fury I shattered crystal for miles around.

(CARSr. 5-4-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr Mar 2013
Dear Hello Poetry Poets World Wide,
From the bottom of my heart
That is where all my poems start.
To all of my every poem reader
I hope you enjoy all my tales
Cause if you see what I see
You all then would become a believer.
(SirCARSr 3-21-13)

P.S. Don't forget about poem in your pocket day:)
Curt A Rivard Sr Jun 2013
The Lord is my Shepherd and now I have not a single need
An infinite given gift given to me for everything that I ever did was a good deed.
So warm the beautiful glow upon my new complexion
As I walked into his crimson fortress I can see all his creations
And they were done to complete perfection.
Following the beams as they all converged into one and another
There showing me the way to my new home
Please mourn and weep no more because I am not alone
In my left hand I hold the Lords hand and in the right is son Jesus.
Walking hand in hand in this heavenly bliss I am again with the ones I did miss
With all the wonderful things that are up here to do,
Always know that I am looking down upon you.
When you see not a cloud in the sky and you feel the rush of wind come upon you
Fear not for it is me wrapping my arms all around you.
Until we can meet once again, rejoice in knowing that I now sit and eat at the Lords table
And at night he rocks me to sleep in his pure white arms
As if I’m his new born baby in his loving cradle.
(SirCARSr 10-03-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr Oct 2015
Performing autopsy's and at free will,
as I look all around, I'm very satisfied with my new thrill.

Chosen for my talents because I'm cunning with the knife, till I find the cause of all this death, in my hands, I hold, my own life.

Separated from all that I know and all that I love, all I have now is, my pet raven who follows me from high up above.

Decomposing bodies of every size and every age, to ward off the stench of death, I pack my beak with savory spices and on my hip, a bag of sage.

From the mouths of the rats the curse is told, blessing me the plague doctor with all the power I behold.

Curt A. Rivard Sr.
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