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Sep 2012
In the presence of the penguins and I’m the Emperor
To the left and too the right today
They laid awake but looked asleep
Peeking at their family and loved ones they always do
For I see it always happen
I turn away so they don’t catch me talking
With my darting eyes and slick body moves
Wondering if they can see the slightest movement I see
In their quiet silent flinching veins
I’m now leading them on the way to their temple of worship
For protection they must now enter
Songs of joy, songs of sorrow, wales of tears
Now shatter all my inner fears
Powerful words took my breath away I wanted to be just like thee
So captivating and he took me to a place I will stand
Looking down in the crowds
My voice will be heard even as high as the clouds
Kneeling down for you I then look to the crucifix
Kissing his face I proceed to push your lifeless body out
Behind me they all followed
Lining up family first then friends
Still witnessing tears as they flow blurry vision blinds the sight
Holding back grieving pain with all their might
In a modern day stage coach
Suddenly you and everyone then approach
Your final place of rest
Now comes the faith and the masters test
Elder with dirt in his hand taken from this sacred land
Tosses it in the wind and upon your molded steel it landed
Standing looking at all the sights
Something grabbed a hold of me I then saw the light
Grab some soil and throw it with all my might
My hand made three on top of thee
Forever it will be for all to see.
(CARSr. 9-04-12)
Curt A Rivard Sr
Written by
Curt A Rivard Sr  Connecticut
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